A vegan take on a non-vegan curry classic made with baked tofu 'chickn' pieces in a rich and creamy coconut Korma sauce, served on a fluffy bed of basmati. Enjoy with my simple Pickled Red Onion topping and refreshing Indian-style Tomato & Cucumber Salad on the side!

Crisp cucumber, juicy baby plum tomatoes, pickled red onion and a kick of green chilli in a zesty, lightly-spiced dressing makes for this fresh and crunchy simple side salad which beautifully accompanies any kind of homemade Indian curry, such as my Creamy Tofu 'Chickn' Korma!
With Mr Organic's Dairy-Free Creamy Parmigiana Sauce | AD

with Kestrel's Vegan-friendly Premium Lager | AD

A next-level take on basic beans on toast; spicy homemade baked-beans and wilted spinach on rye toast spread with hummus, topped with crunchy pumpkin seeds, tangy, creamy vegan 'veta' cheeze and a chilli-flake kick, then a side of oven-garlic-roasted juicy tomatoes-on-the-vine.
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