10 May 2016

Vegan Designer Fashion Picks

Vegan-friendly fashion is not all too hard to come by on the high street, with many brands and stores offering affordable, synthetic clothing and accessories, but coming across a designer replacement for my past leather handbag favourite has been more of a challenge. There are a number of high fashion brands committed to producing cruelty-free, sustainable items and there are even fewer others, who may not be known for having a full line of faux-leather goods, but just so happen to offer the odd few which get the vegan stamp of approval, though hunting them down can be the long, drawn-out and difficult part. I've had a good virtual shop about, not only for options to rebuild my own wardrobe, but also because I get asked for vegan designer fashion recommendations regularly - from left to right, top, middle and bottom, here's what I've unearthed so far...

6 May 2016

Elemis BIOTEC Skincare System Range at John Lewis

As a previous spa-therapist, Elemis is one brand that I'm all too familiar with and with every new and exciting launch comes an extension to my shopping list. Their latest, the BIOTEC range, is available at John Lewis and is made up of three products: the Skin Energising Cleanser, Skin Energising Day Cream and Skin Energising Night Cream. I'll be giving the said trio a real road test over the next month so all eyes peeled for my final thoughts to come, but until then, here's the need-know on all skin things BIOTEC...
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