28 September 2015

My Concert Makeup

My last experience at a concert wasn't a very cool one - I was hit with sunstroke and spent the most part rolling around in a ball at peoples feet and my face was a sweaty, melted mess as a result of it. Awkward. I hoped that my panda-eye history wouldn't repeat itself on Saturday night as I had the evening lined up at London's O2 with the four beautiful faces that make up One Direction. My SOS kit was packed for my fear of heights (we were literally seated on the ceiling) and my makeup planned out, for a show that I like to think of as one big par-tay, so I busted out the smudge-proof, stay-in-place picks with a little shimmer thrown into the mix...

23 September 2015

Cruelty Free Beauty & Favourites

The video version of my most recent announcement should of just landed in your subscription boxes and here is where I run you through a few of my cruelty favourite brands and some of my top products from them to give you a bit of an idea as to why not all too much is going to change around here, but just that I'll be focusing on brands such as these from now on. As always, your support has been awesome, a big thanks for such lovely comments and it's put a pretty large smile on my face hearing how many of you are also making the switch over to cruelty free beauty. Expect to see some of my all time favourites - I'm aware a lot are from the higher-end of the scale but I'm working on discovering all things new and budget friendly too...

22 September 2015

My First Taste of Sigma Makeup

I think I've made it quite clear around here how I feel about their latest and greatest 3DHD brushes (FYI, the obsession is real) and with the first thought being 'tools' when they come to mind, I definitely needed reminding that Sigma even did makeup. Allow me to introduce a few of the best, if like me, you've been all too unfamiliar as I've recently took something each from eyes, lips and cheeks on a road test and after a fair bit of wear, I can conclude that we have two likes and one love...

21 September 2015

My Autumn Skincare Wardrobe

Well all things autumn themed are most definitely taking off around these parts and as I'd booked off an entire afternoon this week to reorganise the organised mess that is my skincare cupboard, it got me thinking which products I'd be reaching most for now that the new season is just about upon us - because y'know, as a skincare lover, that's what I spend the majority of the time pondering about. In terms of my complexion, things have been pretty well behaved as of late, but I'm beginning to notice the odd patch of dryness and a handful of dehydration lines in retaliation to the weather change. Here's what I've got lined up to keep at dry zones bay and hydration levels high...

20 September 2015

What's in My Online Sephora Basket?

Since shouting from every social media rooftop possible that from now on my reviews will be of cruelty free products only, I'm both excited to feel I'm doing my good deed, but also for the fact that I can support cruelty free brands by having a bit of a shopping spree to replace the old with the new, starting with a Sephora online order. It's worth noting that the contents of my virtual basket change on a near-weekly basis (and the page that's screenshot above is actually my 'Sephora Love's', but y'know, it was prettier than the checkout page), especially with the flurry of new things regularly coming in, but since this lots have been non-movers for a good while, I've got a feeling it won't be long until I'm having them shipped in my direction...

19 September 2015

Skin Food: Coconut Overnight Oats

Here's one recipe that took a heck of a lot of courage for me to pluck up and try - I mean, we're basically talking cold porridge and even hot porridge is something I have to be in the right mood for. Overnight oats, it is what you think it is, a bowl of soaked flakes that are left to do their thing while you snooze and come morning you're greeted with something a bit more solid. Cold porridge thoughts aside, I enjoyed it a whole lot more than I thought I would and now make a regular thing of it - same goes for chia pots too, recipe for that anyone?...

18 September 2015

My Fitness Kit

As far as fitness and I go, it's only ever really been yoga that's been a workout I've enjoyed. It all started way back at high school, when my friend and I joined our local yoga club for one night a week to ease exam result stress and I always got geared up for it (almost like when Rachel discovered how happy and free it was to jog Pheobe's way). I got out of the habit for a while, but it now makes up a large portion of my morning routine and I really miss it when I get out of sync. So with my exercise routine being pretty laid back, my fitness kit isn't really all that but I thought I'd run (or down-dog) you through the contents that make it up...

17 September 2015

Five Autumn Makeup Musts

Whilst sit and partake in a self-debate about what my favourite season out of the four really is, I have to say I'm not-so-secretly looking forward to all the hot water bottles/wooly hats/lighting every candle etc etc. that'll see me few the next couple of months. That said, there's also the even better side of things - I'm talking makeup and nails, the bold and berries and I've raided my makeup stash to pick out five of the best that are musts for me each and every autumn...

16 September 2015

How to Prolong the Summer Glow

With my summer colour slowly fading, I'm on the race against time of being back to lily-white to keep my healthy-looking hue topped up for a little while longer yet and I've got my fair share of head-to-toe bronzers, highlighters and instant glow-givers to get me there. For the time being, I'm enjoying my natural tan whilst I can before I have to go back to reaching for the 9/10 foundations from my collection that are every pale girl's problem of being the lightest shade from each range. Let me run you through, but just expect to hear 'shimmer', 'bronzed' and 'sheen' amongst the most used words below...

15 September 2015

Glossier in the UK?

As much as I urge you to stay cool, calm and collected with this piece of beauty news, I almost want to get up and run around, arms flapping about the place myself - and so it would appear that the rumours are true, after much speculation regarding US brand Glossier reaching international shores, I just so happened to scroll across what could be the start of something whilst having my standard Sunday browse over on Net-A-Porter's beauty category. Since launching last year, it's been a long time coming lust for many of us fans outside of the States and whilst it's currently very much early days, there's still hope to hold out for...

14 September 2015

I'm Going Cruelty Free!

With Monday in mind, I feel now's better day than any out of the week to share a pretty exciting change that's going to be happening (new week, new start and all that). Following up my vegan story-come-chat back in an August vlog, I received a flurry of questions regarding if I would be using more cruelty free brands across both my blog and YouTube channel. I figured one step at a time, it's something I've pondered over for a good while, glued to my laptop spending hours researching, but with the 6 month diet-change milestone around the corner and it being the best decision made, I feel I'm ready to take on the next and so as of today, I'm happy to report that you'll only be seeing CF reviews and recommendations from me from now on...

13 September 2015

Get Ready With Me: Birthday Edition

A few weeks back I was whisked away to spend my Birthday weekend in a pretty amazing cave hotel and upon our arrival, a free room upgrade was thrown into our stay for good measure - I mean, they must of known I was celebrating my halfway-to-fifty mark or something. Included in our upgrade was a jacuzzi tub, where I spent the majority of the weekend since my tiny flat only has space for a shower and so it felt completely necessary on the day in question to shower, bathe and bathe again after a meal out consisting of Meze and wine, my dream night FYI, none of those party antics - ain't no one got energy for that. So without sounding too weird, here's your personal invite to come and get ready with me, hair, makeup, outfit, the lot, for my pretty low key Birthday evening out...

Perfect Limbs with Prtty Peaushun

If we're going talking body lotion, well, you won't have heard all that much from my side of things around these parts because in all honestly I'm pretty lazy when it comes to the applying it, but there has one brand that's been alerting my beauty radar long enough for two pouches of the stuff to turn up at once. The brand in question? Prtty Peaushun (pronounced 'Pretty Potion', FYI) and their Skin Tight Body Lotion - think makeup for your legs, but with a whole load of other bonuses thrown in for good measure - let me do the explaining...

12 September 2015

Skin Food: Vegetable Thai Green Curry

I'm welcoming back my 'Skin Food' posts with open arms - a new recipe, savoury or sweet, every single Saturday - kicking off with no other than my favourite dish of them all, Thai Green Curry *stomach growls*. Throwback to my first job when I worked for a Thai lady, serving up these curries most evenings and I honestly thought it was the best thing I'd smelt. Ever. That said, I only tried my first a few years ago, yet it tasted as good as all the dreamy, nostalgic smells and it's been my most ordered meal since..

11 September 2015

Sigma's 3DHD Flawless Face Brush Duo

It's been a good while since my brush collection has seen any new Sigma additions - back in the day the F80 Flat Top Kabuki was my first purchase from the range and even now still makes regular outings to lend a hand in achieving that flawless base. Well used, washed and abused it most definitely is, but for now has been pushed to the back of the pot as there's a new-in brush duo in town and you got a brief viewing in Monday's post, so here it is as promised - say hello to the Sigmax 3DHD multifunctional, perfecting pair...

10 September 2015

August Favourites

My product love round-up for the month of August is probably my bulkiest yet and I'm guessing that's down to two things, A) the fact that there was nothing in the way of a July favourites, and B) that I've been daily vlogging for the past two months with not a lot of beauty chat in-between - let's just say it's been building up. Big time. I was up and at 'em, filming this video at 9am, that's excitement right there. As always, there's a little bit of everything and whilst there's no mention of skincare for a change, you can expect to see brushes, bronzers and body lotions (I think that's a first). P.s there's some products missing from the picture - take a watch to see the full favourites line-up...

#TBT Beauty Boxes Make a Comeback

#ThrowbackThursday circa 2011 when beauty boxes took over as the next biggest craze; a selection of samples both luxury and little that felt like Christmas had come early each and every month - you know the drill - and whilst they never really went anywhere, my subscriptions slowly fizzled out and my once-monthly gift-to-self stopped dropping in on my doorstep. I'd seen reviews for another beauty box on the block, Love Me Beauty, floating about here and there, and true say, I couldn't wait to get my hands on my very first delivery which only brought back all the nostalgic feels when it landed through my letterbox...

9 September 2015

What's by My Sink Side?

Whilst I'm prone to walking around my flat dousing every fabric item in sight with their Perfect Linen Refresh Spray, I was yet to try any other scents across The White Company's fragrance board from candles to body care - who knew there were 25 aroma options in total? Mind blown. Knowing one of few stores to find me in on a shopping trip out, my parents gifted me with a product pairing for my Bday from TWC line which just so happens to compliment my new bathroom rather nicely...

8 September 2015

Topshop Makeup Haul & First Impressions

Though the majority of my clothing items (and shoes, boots, accessories etc., etc.) are tagged with their labels, my first taste of Topshop makeup has only taken me 5 years too long and that same amount of time to openly admit to it, with flushed cheeks of course. It's a shocker, I know, but with their High Summer '15 collection recently released, I was able to get my hands on a few limited edition numbers to try out, plus a few members from their main line and in order to give you my very first thoughts, I applied them to my face as part of a put-together-as-I-went makeup tutorial, giving you my initial impressions along the way. The verdict? You'll have to watch and see, but the results are all kinds of glowy, bronzed, and neutrally natural, and you know that's my kinda thing...

Brows, Lids & Lashes from Eye of Horus

Wave hello to the latest lid, lash and brow centric, cruelty free brand on the block that is Eye of Horus - maybe one you've heard about through the beauty grapevines before but it's all new to me. I've been road testing four products from the range, at times put together to muster up one sultry, smoky eye or individually in favour of what I'd usually reach for. You may remember spotting them way back in my March Makeup Edit and I've since had the chance to use them on a regular basis and my overall results are in...

7 September 2015

My Top 5 Sigma Brushes & 20% Off

My brush pots are made up of an absolute mixture; some rotated on a daily basis whilst others have found their way to the back of the pack and aren't pulled out so regularly, but one thing I can vouch for is that a Sigma stamped number is whipped out each and every time I rustle something up on my face. So, just in time for their Labor Day discount, I've gathered up my top five for a rundown on where to use your 20% off should you wish to have a but of a splurge...

6 September 2015

I'm Back & Blogging!

If you haven't cottoned on to my daily vlogs over the last two months then you probably won't have heard a lot from my end since, well, let's say April and I can only apologise for being so MIA ever since. Wind back almost 5 months to when we moved flats, something that, as a major life goal for my guy and I, there was so much excitement for, but if I could see then what was around the corner up until now, I would have stayed put, well and truly. From our first month without a working hot tap, to a total of five without real water and electric supplies, or an internet connection - if you've seen the vlogs, I apologise if droning is repeating itself - it's fair to say our first move has been a pretty hellish one. Before you ask why and how we've stuck it out for so long without finding another pad, it's definitely easier said (and dreamt about) than done - let's face it, moving again after building seven items of Ikea furniture is not such a fun experience after all, amiright?!...
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