5 May 2015

The Makeup That Does More

Attempting to downsize my makeup stash is a task I've since come to realise is easier said than done - let's just say I'm not the best at parting ways. Nevertheless, makeup that offers so much more than what you'd expect a quick glance at the packaging would suggest is definitely going to help the situation since so many products are rolled into one; I'm talking bases that bring all the skincare benefits, eye primers that double-up as dark circle concealers and lip colour that nourishes nicely meaning no need for an extra balmy something...

3 May 2015

The Essie Shades That Come out This Time of Year, Every Year

I can count on one hand the Essie nail shades that come into play around this time of year, every year and nothing much has changed ever since the ol' straight, thin and flimsy brush days. They're pretty much put on rotation from then on until, let's say, the moment Autumn hits - a new colour slap-dashed on each week over the space of a couple of months with the odd non-Essie paint job thrown in, but since this budget-but-not-so-budget brand has got it down when it comes to their little bottles of lovely lacquer, their stand is the one direction I head in. I've got a thing for pretty pastels and vibrant brights, and those definitely feature within these five most-painted...
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