24 April 2015

The 'Mixed Thoughts' Cleansing Oil. My Verdict?

When it comes to budget cleansers of the oil kind, nothing can come close to my much loved Una Brennan Renew Cleansing Oil, but then came the discovery of another which appeared all too similar in terms of price, plant-based ingredients and popularity. The contender in question? The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil. It landed a mixed bag of reviews, and when reviews are good, they're really good but every now and then I come across a write-up on, again how beautiful this oil seriously is, but with some not-so-great results - I put it to the test and my verdict is in...

23 April 2015

The Perfectors

Perfect(ing): adjective /ˈpəːfɪkt/ 1.) Make a complexion completely free from blemishes and defects for a flawless finish. That's right, note the running theme with the products that feature as part of today's post, just as I did when I was having a standard raid of my makeup drawers. This lot have a little something in common when it comes to a certain word which promises nothing but the good results we all buff in to achieve - meet 'The Perfectors'...

22 April 2015

The Week #15

Say hello to edition number fifteen of The Week, aka the one where things get more food centric than ever before as I show you a healthier fried-breakfast-like option, how I throw together my hummus and falafels, the all-good chocolate milkshake that follows for dessert and come 1am, you can find me eating a whole bowl of homemade popcorn. Before all of that however, some good news makes the day and I take you through a kitchenware haul of a few bits we picked up for the new place. Wild, I'm telling you, WILD...

20 April 2015

Majolica Majorca Lash King

One member of my mascara drawer has hung around longer than the rest - fear not, it's not off, it's just gone unopened since it landed in my hands and if you've just cast your minds back to my Best Asian Beauty Buys post, you might have an idea on what this is about. The Majolica Majorca Lash King gets nothing but good reviews and since it's not readily available out this way, I'd refrained from starting on it as hopes were high and I knew if I were to fall in love, the struggle would be real to get hold of another. Alas, the time came and I recently swept it on for the first time ever and I can say that the wait was worth it...

19 April 2015

Top 10 MAC Makeup Favourites

Reminiscing on the good ol' times - where, come pay-day, I'd be heading straight in the direction of my local MAC counter to blow the majority of my packet on new eyeshadows to build-up my palette or another lipstick shade to match that weekends going-out attire - as I talk you through my top 10 makeup favourites from the brand in question. One that I hope will be helpful if you're new to the line or if you're simply wanted to welcome a few new bits to your collection. Expect to see my most-loved concealer, shadows and brushes... 

17 April 2015

The Week #14

Excitement levels get high in my fourteenth (already? how? what?) edition of The Week as the postman delivers a new food processor, followed by a juicer, which were both ripped open, assembled together and instantly used to whip up a soup, green juice and my favourite smoothie recipe. Come the weekend, the flat hunting continued, but not for long as viewing number three was a winner and meant contracts were signed there and then - this allows for two weeks to get prepped; time I'll use wisely to, well, buy everything from Zara Home...

16 April 2015

How to Perfect the Matte Pout & Lipstick Favourites

You won't often catch me modelling a matte-in-finish lip, when if you do, it'll be any hue of plum, red or pink. Basically - if you're going to go gloss-free, said shades are best and anything neutral doesn't quite have the same appeal about it (think concealer-esque lips). Pulling off a matte pout takes a few more steps prior to slicking-on than you may think, but all hope is not lost as a longer-lasting, flake free, non-drying finish will result from it, so I'm here to talk you through my go-to how-to and I've lobbed some of my top matte lip product picks in for good measure...

15 April 2015

My Lighter Base Wardrobe

If you want to chat bases, I'm all about the lighter offerings - and although it might then mean that a little help from my concealer is needed in all the right places, I'm okay with that because a second-skin base is the best kind of base. I've already walked you through my foundation wardrobe,  but now we're talking the lighter than light options; the BB's, the CC's and the tinted moisturiser creams and since spring has officially sprung, that's all you're going to see me applying - I think now is a better time than ever to give you a tour of this drawers' contents... 

14 April 2015

My 'Behind the Scenes' Beauty Routine

Topics here on the blog and mentioned in my videos usually involve lipstick, lacquer and everything else in-between, but not all steps of beautifying are oh-so-glam and since we're all in the same boat here, and you know me pretty well as it is, I have no problem bringing up my 'behind the scenes' beauty routine into conversation. Expect to see razors, body brushes and foot files (though I promise I don't wave that one around too much) as I talk through the primping and preening us gals have to up-keep, such as hair removal, cellulite and 'bacne' - yep, it's all there and it might get TMI, but don't say you haven't been warned...

12 April 2015

Sarah Chapman Morning Facial

My first taste of Sarah Chapman skincare came via her daily essentials starter pouch housing four decent sized samples, one of those being her infamous Overnight Facial - a sleep-in face oil that works wonders as you snooze and since it became such a best selling number the daytime offering, Morning Facial followed in its footsteps. My skin loved the latter, drank the stuff right up, so I opted for a full-sizer of her latest offering and being the kind of gal who indulges in as many makeup-free days as possible to simply slather my face in skincare goodness, it seemed that this one would fit the bill for said situations rather nicely...

10 April 2015

Top 3 Clean Eating Blogs

Recently if you've needed me, I can be found with my head nestled into a cook book or scouring blogs for recipes in hope for some inspiration for that nights dinner - if anything, I now spend more time researching food than I do beauty. Say what?! My clean eating journey is definitely a slow progressing one and I have better days than others, so if in need of a few pick-me-ups, I can easily think of three blogs where I'll head to for starters (mains, desserts and all), all of which got this whole eating-way-of-lifestyle on a roll in the first place. Need a little motivation yourself? Look no further...

9 April 2015

The Week #13

Say hello to that time of The Week again where in this edition our Saturday turns out to be a bit of a flop after falling into a pastry coma when too many were consumed come brunch. All was not wasted of a beautiful day however, as we did end up spending the afternoon with friends cuddling four little bundles of fluff - enough to turn any weekend frown upside-down. Come Sunday, the flat-hunting kicked off, though not to a good start and we returned home sans a food processor which really was what we'd set out for in the first place - we all have these days though, amiright?...

Cleansers of the Different Kinds

Out of all the cleanser kinds, my collection currently consists of five different sorts - three of which are applied, kneaded in and washed away on a daily basis. Like anything within my beauty stash, I enjoy having a good selection, even if it means some options get a whole lot more love than any others, but since I have, at one point, had every kind of cleanser going, with them all getting well circulated, I thought I'd go through each type with a brief run-down, skin types they're best suited to and my favourite picks of the bunch (note: I've skipped on 'waters' - I can't justify them as a proper cleanser), for those new to cleansing or if you're wanting to expand the contents of your bathroom cupboards - ain't nothing wrong with that...

7 April 2015

My Top 5 Foundations

It's time to talk all things foundations and I'm coming at you with my top five favourites of all time. With that said, I'm always on the listen out for the next base that's better than the rest but for now, things don't get anymore perfecting than this handful. You might feel it's worth noting that I've got a thing for coverages that are light to medium with a very dewy, natural kind of finish - don't say I didn't warn you, but that's all you're gonna see here. Plus, when it comes to spending on makeup, bases are where it's at for me so expect to see four high-end picks and one from the drugstore that delivers results that are just as good of a quality as the aforementioned... 

6 April 2015

Sweeping on Shades of Khaki

What started off as a bit of a shadow experiment has suddenly snowballed in to a regularly sported thing on my lids - never did I imagine that sweeping on an actual colour would override my usual bronze-toned application. Said colour in question is khaki, a shade that still appears relatively neutral if brown undertones or gold shimmer is involved, but hey, it falls under the green-hued category and I'm pretty chuffed that I've been able to blend on a little something that's out of my standard shadow comfort zone...

3 April 2015

My March Makeup Edit & First Impressions

Whilst I had a number of makeup favourites that featured in my roundup for the month of March, I've also got my hands on a few new things recently that have since remained boxed and untouched, and figured I could fill the gaps with a couple of first impression reviews for my makeup edit of the month. Base wise, things are pretty Bourjois heavy as I apply three never tried-before-by-me products, eyes include a mix of well-loved and newly discovered numbers and lips are made up with my all-time favourite nude combo which I've raved about non-stop but hadn't yet featured in a tutorial...

A Bourjois Base Haul

Shopping whilst on my short trip to the UK didn't really go down as such - #handluggageonlyproblems - I did however, stay faithful to my favourite drugstore and took advantage of the 3-for-2 offer that was on to try out a few things new from my most-loved brand. Now these three aren't all that new to the line as such, but they are to me and have been sat at the top of my wish list for a good while, and seeing as it's one brand well-out of my reach where I'm at, it felt like now was a better time than ever...

2 April 2015

March Favourites

The month of spring has sprung - it couldn't have come sooner and to celebrate, I've rounded up the beauty bits I've been loving over the past few weeks to talk you through. Expect to see the selected eyeshadow shades I've swept on daily, the exfoliator that's delivers results that are smoother than them all and the nail polish that has adorned my nails for pretty much the entire month of March. This has stepped in to replace what would have been the upload of my weekly vlog, but I figured you'd much rather this than seeing 10 minutes of me and my weekend spent on the sofa with food and a few movies - am I right?...

What's in My Not-So-Neutral MAC Eyeshadow Palette?

My all-neutral MAC customised eyeshadow palette may get pulled out on a near daily basis, even if it's only to have a bit of a swoon over, but another MAC put-together-palette of mine doesn't get near as enough love. Back when I visited England, said shadow selection was uncovered, the dust blown off and I made the decision for it to be stuffed in my bag for my return in an attempt to use it a little more. There's no denying it packs a more colourful punch as it was gradually filled when I was doing makeups for proms and parties - I've got a feeling I'll be dipping my brush into some more than others and I've already eyed-up a few standouts and so without further ado, allow me to take you on a tour of my not-so-neutral MAC eyeshadow palette...
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