30 March 2015

Recovering My UK Beauty Stash

There were many a beauty products left behind in the UK upon my big move abroad simply because my luggage was already exceeding its weight limit and not even another slim-line palette could be squeezed into my case, so when I headed back home for a visit recently, it was indeed a joyous moment when I was reunited with my old beauty stash that consisted of some real gems including my not-so-neutral MAC eyeshadow palette, a moisturiser favourite and a few nail polish picks. Now travelling hand-luggage only meant I couldn't bring back as much as I'd of like, but I made it sure that I crammed in as much as possible...

29 March 2015

The Week #12

My twelfth edition of the week starts off with a day at home attached to my cat (of course) before heading out for a standard date night at Bill's with one of my best friends where I typically opt for some Mediterranean type meze, that I can have anytime, over the chance to have the British dish of fish and chips - there were no regrets as I was offered an endless supply of grilled piadina bread. Come the weekend, I spend Saturday afternoon with another of my favourite gal pals, the evening with my family, food, food and more French food for my Brother's Birthday prior to jumping on a plane back to Turkey early hours of Sunday morning...

27 March 2015

What I Ate: Skin Food Diary #1

For the readers who have hung around long-time (and for that, I thank you), cast your minds, as well as many pages of this blog, back to when I posted a 'Skin Food diary' - it was around about a year ago if that rings any bells. Once a week I'd document a breakfast, lunch, dinner, a drink, a dessert and a snack from one day of the week and talk through why those were beneficial for the body as well as the skin. That's my way of linking it back to beauty somewhat and since you've been requesting more clips on the cooking side of things, here's where I've brought everything together, welcoming back the Skin Food Diary days, only this time in video form...

10 March 2015

The Week #10

If you've felt previous vlogs have been feline centric, then you've got another thing coming with my 10th number of The Week - crazy cat lady gets real. For four days out of the seven, we had a little visitor come to stay and trust me, you only see him on his best behaviour. Not going to lie, I got a little emotional when we had to hand him back, so let's just say I got straight online to hunt down a few pet-friendlier flats. That aside, the week ended with a night out with friends, it got a whole lot wilder than I'd anticipated and we eventually rolled in around 6 hours way past my bed time...

8 March 2015

Discovering LoveLula.com

I could come up with a few more productive ways to spend my Sunday than online beauty perusing, but hey, ain't that what they're for? My most recent discovery is the edited selection of natural and organic beauty products that LoveLula.com have to offer. You won't see any parabens, SLS's or animal testing around these parts, just a hand-picked and tested bunch of brands that just so happen to include some of my favourites, though there's a whole lot more to it other than that one reason as to why I'll be logging in for future beauty buys...

6 March 2015

My February Makeup Edit

Come the end of each month, not only will the standard favourites round-up land in your subscription box, but in the follow up to that will now be a tutorial - think of it as a select few of the makeup products that have featured on my blog of the month in question, or get a mention in my end-of-the-month favourites, all gathered and tied-up into a somewhat wearable look. For my February edit, expect to see those Sephora Jumbo Liners I showed a lot of love for over on here a few weeks back, paired with that Barbie shade of Lipstick Queen Liquid Lipstick and the dewy base that's worn in almost all of my videos, though this time applied right in front of you...

Nail Therapy Routine & Favourites

Neat nail upkeep was one of the beauty tasks I once found a bore - I was never one to set a good example when beautifying everyone else's day-to-day, however, I've since found that treating my tips to a little tender loving care actually equals less attention needed and said therapy session is usually squeezed in between nail paints every seven days involving little filing, a bit of a trim here and there and healthy dose of nice nourishment. With a weekly routine in order, let me talk you through the tools and treats that come into play...

3 March 2015

The Week #9

Apologies are in order on my part for the fact that no weekly vlog made it to your subscription boxes this time last week - the lesson has been learned after not packing my camera for a weekend that turned out to be one of the best yet. Alas, this time around things don't get off to such a healthy start as I bake up a batch of shortbread, but come Friday my fitness hit kicks in and I ease myself back into yoga but not before serving up a clean eats recipe for a pre-breakfast snack that I stumbled across over on one of my favourite food blogs...

Over-Exfoliating 101: Source, Symptoms & Solutions

Whittling down the causes as to why my skin misbehaves on the untimely occasion is something I'll forever be trying to figure out - I can often put it down to the bar of Dairy Milk I devoured or be it 'that time of the month', but my third prediction that I end up staring blank in the face is over-exfoliation. Sometimes my sensitive-combo skin just can't cope with the amount of products I like to test on it, and with said issue actually being quite the common thing, I thought it was about time for an over-exfoliation 101; the source of the problem, symptoms and solutions that lend a hand...

2 March 2015

February Favourites

Hello official month of spring - am I glad to see you. Before I get carried away settling into the new season, let me talk you through all things I've been loving throughout the month of February, a real mixed bag it was - old favourites that I'd rediscovered since my move, mainly in the makeup departments, a few new loves in the way of skincare and a can of the hair stuff that's been stashed at the back of my cupboard for months on end unused, yet I've managed to spritz my way through the majority of it in the last few weeks alone...

1 March 2015

Current Cult Beauty Offers That Can't Be Missed

Seeing as my most recent beauty discount shout-out went down rather well, I thought I'd make it a regular thing and update you when I stumble across the next load of offers worth stocking up on your staples or justifying a spending spree for. This time around I received a little heads up from no other than the ultimate online beauty haven Cult Beauty and the discounts, savings and goody bags were too good to keep to myself and wanted nothing more than to shout them from the rooftops. And with that said, virtual shopping carts at the ready, checkout set, go...
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