30 January 2015

How to Pull Off a Barbie Shade of Pink

A new edition to my not-quite-lipstick-not-quite-gloss lot has had attempted to allure me into an application every time the drawer's pulled open and it's rolled in my direction - be it any other time, or shade, I wouldn't hesitate, but I'm not talking my standard nude or bold berry here. The product in question? Lipstick Queen's Liquid Lipstick in Candy; a shade name that speaks for itself and I'd known how this one would turn out before I'd even clicked its switch. And when I eventually did, it wasn't without setting some makeup ground rules in place first to avoid looking all too much like Barbie...

28 January 2015

Moving Abroad Beauty Haul

In the lead up to my big move abroad, I got prepared knowing that a lot of my best-loved beauty products were going to be a bit harder to track down on my new home side of the globe #FirstWorldProblems - and so over a period of three visits, I'd been stocking up, bringing over and stashing away my products to last me out until I make my next UK visit. Last month, before I headed over on a one-way ticket, I went to town even more so with my backups in the way of a rather large Space NK online order, a trip or two to Boots and well, maybe just a little bit more online shopping...

Recommended to a Friend

A post of this kind has been a while in the works, but seeing as one of my nearest, dearest best friends is today celebrating her birthday, I figured a post addressing the beauty bits we have a mutual love for would fit today's schedule bill quite nicely. Out of my gal group, she shares the same passion for all things makeup and skincare as I do, and has always headed my way for a beauty-related recommendation. A standard night in for us is usually committed to a bottle of white, whilst we chat all things beauty and boys (of the One Direction kind), but for now, I'll spare you our boyband devotion to talk about what you can find within both of our cosmetic collections...

27 January 2015

The Facial Feature Enhancers

The no-makeup, makeup topic and its varying looks is something that's covered regularly here on the blog; nice and neutral, simple and subtle, you know how this one goes - just take my most recent Weekend Makeup routine as an example. But today I'm talking all things facial feature enhancing and the products, tricks and tools that'll fake your way there without being on the heavy side. Cheating cheekbone structure, how to highlight sans shimmer and four products that'll lead you to looking bright-eyed and bushy brow tailed, the recipe to play on your best beauty assets goes as follows...

26 January 2015

The Week #5

A pre-warning came prior to the upload of Sunday's The Week, as this edition sees me turn full-on Granny vlogger. Why? Well I bring my tea flask along to a picnic, sit on my balcony and sow a load of herb seeds and conclude that same day with a (kind of) baking session in the kitchen - I mean things don't get much more old lady than that, right? With that said though, the week does come to an entertaining close as we headed out for a seven course meal and lets just say any excuse possible was used for a reason to 'cheers', one of those being the fact that I manned up and enjoyed an alcoholic beverage for everyone to see. I'll let you witness that for yourselves...

What's in My Evening Clutch?

It took until a wedding invite last summer for me to invest in a real adult bag piece; the clutch. Before then, all of my needs and necessities I'd loaded in my jacket pockets - or my purse has doubled-up as a pack-it-all-in pouch, and Saturday night's last minute outing was almost where I became set back in my old ways until my guy gave me the 'something's missing' eye before chirping up: ''Aren't you taking a bag?'', and in that moment let me tell you, all of life's problems are taken to a new level when your boyfriend knows how you should be accessorising better than you do. In a matter of minutes I'd stuffed said clutch with the odds and ends every gal needs - pretty good going if you ask me...

25 January 2015

My Weekend Makeup #2

You know the weekend makeup drill by now, only because it's much akin to what I put together during the week, though maybe a touch less so; a second-skin finish, a swipe of colour on the cheeks and barely there lids and lips. There's been a certain group of products I've found myself revisiting over recent weeks for Saturday and/or Sunday day outings (even if it only gets as exciting as the weekly food shop) and although it takes seven products to come into play, my standard weekend face doesn't get much more simple than this...

23 January 2015

HUGE Home & Loungewear Haul

... And by huge I mean 18 minutes long - don't say I didn't warn ya'. On a serious note, me and the fella moved into our own flat recently and in the lead up, I was in my element shopping for everything but beauty products for once in my life. Luckily, our flat came fully furnished (all IKEA everything furnished FYI), but I felt a few home-ware purchases were necessary to make it feel a little more 'ours', and so I took full advantage of 20% off all items at The White Company, storage shopped at MUJI and took to Etsy for a little colour and inspiration. I'm far from any interior decorator, but if you're looking for a few ideas, new pieces for the home, or just fancy a gander at my new place, have a watch for yourself...

Send Me Your Questions #AskJessica

One comment back in Sunday's episode of The Week suggesting that I maybe put a Q&A session together for the chance to answer your burning questions on all things moving abroad, life in Turkey, anything, made me think that it's about time I should probably jump on the question answering bandwagon which too meant my video idea for next Thursday  was sorted. Whatever the question, be it beauty or life, send them in my direction over on Twitter @JessBeautician using the hashtag #AskJessica to ensure I can answer as many as I can. If Twitter isn't for you, leave your question in the comments below and I'll try my best to get those added in somewhere along the line. You know what to do - ask away...

22 January 2015

A Primer for Every Makeup Need

A primer-is-necessary kind of girl I'm really not. A layer of moisturiser followed by another of foundation is usually what goes down as part of my face makeup application day to day, but with that said, sometimes the situation calls for a bit more staying power - so allow me to introduce you to my primer four-piece; some set aside and only surface in times of longer-lasting-makeup needs, others you can find floating about in my daily makeup bag that are picked up and applied a lot more regularly. Either way, I've closed in on the best makeup perfecting, smudge-preventing bases from across the board...

21 January 2015

Why I Have All the Love for Oskia

With a good ingredient list, comes some seriously good skincare - it's a given and although there isn't anything all too new to report on my routine front, there is one thing that you should probably know; one brand is gradually overruling the roost that is my skincare stash, that brand being Oskia. There are many a reason why I have a whole lot of love for this line, but I'm here to chat all things ingredients because these guys have got it going on, on the back of their boxes, bottles and of course, in the products...

20 January 2015

The Week #4

Things got up high and seriously shaky (for my knee's anyway) in Sunday's edition of The Week, and so the vlog ended up being placed in the hands of my boyfriend to take over for filming duties. He's most definitely the one that wears the dare devil pants in our relationship, and was quite willing to dangle himself over the ledge to get a good shot of what really was an incredible view - I'm later found hunched over in the background and like you, have only experienced the scenery through the lens of the camera. That aside, things kicked off to a good start with the biggest, best breakfast the week ended on a high with some quality friend time. Fellow acrophobia sufferers you may want to view this one through squinted eyes and laced fingers...

My Go-To Charlotte Nude Lip Trio

Tracking down the perfect nude lip match to couple-up with my much loved smoky eye has been an ongoing affair. Past contenders have either been too wishy-washy for my already drained complexion, or not nude enough, if you know what I'm saying - I've never found the one. Alas, bad things don't always come in three's, as the neutral lip combo from no other than the makeup Goddess herself, C. Tilbury, that landed in my makeup bag as a tripple-piece is all kinds of the glossy, nude-y goodness, whilst packing a bit of a peachy punch, that I've been searching for...

19 January 2015

2014 Favourites: Skin, Hair & Body Care

Rounding up my 2014 yearly favourites are the skin, hair and body care bits that have done it for me over the past twelve months (I've even thrown in a fragrance for good measure - bonus points to those who guess it first time). You know what's coming here, but if you need a reminder of my most-loved cleanser, the hair mask that works every miracle, or the only body cream I can be bothered to slather on, then watch away. What better way to top off the last year, and start a new one, than with a big beauty favourites three parter...

The Tom Ford Fragrance for Both Him & Her

Psst... I'll let you in on a little secret - knowing that I'd be passing through, and without a doubt, stopping off for a gander in duty free back in the summer, the boy asked my approval on a certain Tom Ford number in the fragrance department, one that is in fact for the ladies, but is known very much known for having a unisex aroma about it. The initial whiff of Black Orchid suggested, 'hey, me and you, we could get on quite well too', and so I agreed he of course needed it. It's since gradually sneaked its way into my perfume stash, stepping in as my choice for the winter evenings (he just doesn't know it yet)...

16 January 2015

Five Things to Do to Beat The January Blues

When half-way through the month hits, the dreaded January Blues start to settle their way in, (that's if they haven't already); post-Christmas bank balances are looking a lot less healthy, spring feels like a looong time coming and to top it off, New Year's resolutions are not far from becoming a flop, only adding to the doom and gloom. So in order to make this month, and the next at that, feel not so never ending, I've learnt to make time for the following 'January Blues backside kicking' activities...

15 January 2015

2014 Favourites: Makeup, Tools & Nails

Continuing my stream of yearly favourites (you can see my Best Beauty Launches video right here), I'm coming at you with my discoveries in the makeup, tool and nail categories from the past 12 months. Expect to see everything you've already seen featured in monthly favourites over the last year, just in one big beauty round up. Heads up: This one could require the accompany of a cuppa...

Getting My Blush Game On

Me and blush. I believe I've made our relationship quite clear over the years, but incase you never knew, it's a pretty love/hate one. In all honesty, I'm a little scared of the stuff - too much can turn you into an Aunt Sally lookalike, and not enough draws any colour from your cheeks, it's all about finding the happy medium and sometimes it just doesn't happen, especially with a naturally ruddy, flushed face like mine. At the moment, things are well and truly on, and are looking to stay that way since a certain few formulas made their way into my (slowly expanding) blush stocks...

14 January 2015

Beauty Bits by My Bedside

When bedtime rolls around, it's not just at the bathroom sink where my beauty routine draws to an end - it extends to the point of which it can go no further for the day, my bedside. Whereas your typical table members would most probably consist of a reading lamp, a book and an alarm clock, mine is cluttered (neatly, cluttered, with thanks to these trays from The White Company) with balms, creams, oils and mists to sink in while I snooze and set me up for a good nights kip...

12 January 2015

Best Beauty Launches of 2014

Thinking back, 2014 was the year of some pretty awesome launches in the beauty world, and for the most part I wanted to get my hands on each and every 'just in' labelled product one way or another. For the majority, they made their way into a monthly favourites at some point, and were destined to be featured as part of my yearly roundup, so I figured what better way to split up those usually lengthy videos than to throw in a bonus lineup of what I think were some of the best beauty released to land last year...

My Foundation Wardrobe

With a new makeup storage and set up, came one big clear out and a whole other level of organisation, and much to my surprise, foundations now only make up one drawer (and a half) in my MUJI stack - quite the achievement if you ask me, considering a new base purchase is my favourite of them all, after all. Certain circumstances call for certain foundations, so there’s no denying that they all equally get a whole lot of love, and so in order of coverage (basically medium, light, and more light), lets have a rake through the contents of my foundation wardrobe…

8 January 2015

Get Ready With Me: New Years Eve

Come midnight on New Years Eve, you can usually find me tucked up in the land of nod, well unaware of any celebrations that are going down. But this year's occasion called for me to dust off my heeled boots, muster up something smoky on the eyes and dress head to toe in, well... any guesses as to what my favourite colour is? I'll let you work that one out for yourselves - and so here's your personal (and virtual) invite to come and get ready with me from start to finish for a NYE night out...

The Daily Brush Pot

Downsizing my brush pot to the daily essentials was something that happened without intention; the not-so-often-used gradually relocated to the drawer one by one to open up space for a selection a little less cluttered, and I've been left to work with the same handful ever since. Things are kept pretty low-key, but each of the below serve their purpose and come together to make up my face day-to-day, from base, to cheeks, to eyes - it's time to meet my most used brushes...

7 January 2015

New Year, New Changes

Ah January, the time of year that resolutions are made, and then broken by many not long after the end of the month *raises hand*. Last year, as one of three of my assertions, I vowed to churn out content everyday, but trying to juggle running my own business as well as getting daily posts out there was never going to happen (FYI, the once-weekly brush laundry pledge-to-self also never happened). Things did get off to a good start, but expanding the 2014 section of my blogpost archives, seeing the post numbers decrease as the months went on does make me chuckle. With that said...

4 January 2015

The Week #2 | Goodbye UK, Hello Turkey!

Cast your minds back to October, where I asked in the way of a taster vlog if you'd like to see them become a weekly thing, you answered with a sea of lovely comments and so here is where it kicks off, and from now on you can find a new one here every Sunday. In true weekly vlog style, an airport mini haul has been thrown in for good measure, though on a one way flight ticket that'll be your lot for the while. Not only that, this too is proof that I am able to stay up past midnight to ring in the New Year (bedtime swiftly followed FYI)...

3 January 2015

December Favourites

It's that time of the year, the last in my monthly favourites (I'm working on my 2014 best discoveries, bare with). Since a November edition when amiss, think of this as a 'recently loved' roundup, though still kept short and sweet as an overload of favourite-type videos will soon be heading your way. To make the cut is the candle that never needs burning, another second-skin foundation that gets top marks from me, and my favourite blush, in a palette, with three shade options to pick from. My love relationship with cheek colour is on...
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