28 December 2015

The Post-Christmas Beauty Sales 2015

When it comes to the Boxing Day sales, you can find me shopping away under the comfort of my own duvet, quiet and peaceful, brew in hand - a far cry from the shelf-raiding, elbow-nudging, lengthy-queing process of the in-store events which I've only managed to brave the once. Never again. If like me you like a bit of beauty sale browsing without the hassle, I've rounded up some of the best deals around, from candles and makeup, to skin, hair and body care, where you can hopefully find yourself a post-festive bargain...

20 December 2015

Topshop Festive Party Makeup Look

If you asked me to sum up the festive season at one of my all time favourite stores, I'd tell you sequins, heels and a whole lot of sparkle, but ever since Topshop dropped their makeup line, it's all about the long lasting lashes, shadow sticks, red lips around Christmas time. I've been trying out said pieces from this years' launch paired with some already-there staples from my makeup collection to put together a look that's festive party ready - you know me and that I'm not one to really get glammed up to the nines, but if there is one time where I'm going to go all out with a full face, the time is now...

17 December 2015

An Awesome Winter Haircare Pair

One winter woe when it comes to my locks is the shockingly static state it can get in when the central heating gets turned up a couple of notches - it lays low but clings to anything in sight and isn't willing to co-operate when it comes to any kind of styling. I like to lock in the moisture as it tends to dry out, but not so much so that things become too weighed down to do anything with - that's where my recently discovered awesome winter haircare pair comes into play. I've dabbled into Macadamia's range before and came out with all good results, not to mention some insanely, amazing smelling strands and so I couldn't wait to see what their Weightless Moisture duo would do for me and my unruly lengths...

9 December 2015

November Favourites

Better late than never, my November monthly favourites have arrived amongst the Vlogmas madness. From candles to body creams, I feel every product that pops up in this video is AW appropriate - expect to see the most Christmassy home fragrance, the eyeshadow palette I just can't stop sweeping on, including a rusty-red all-over-the-lid kind of colour and a thick, rich velvet-like lotion which has been the only thing I've reached for post-shower. All of the three that you see above are to name but a few and there's a lot more where those came from in the way of beauty bits I've been really loving recently...

28 November 2015

Vegan Three Bean Chilli

If you're a weekly vlog watcher of mine, you might have already sat your way through this recipe I'm about to show you, but I've received a sea of comments asking if I still can write up my recipes over here on the blog as it's much easier to revert back to as opposed to finding and watching previous videos - true say that. This recipe seemed to go down well and it's one of my favourites when it comes to a chilli, and I'm not really even a chilli fan TBH. It's made with a trio of beans, loads of spices and some other veg thrown in for good measure - here's how it's done...

27 November 2015

The Best of the Black Friday Beauty Offers

You know how this one goes - the last weekday for me is when I'm feeling spendy at best, the one night where I might just stay up and place an online order at a crazy hour (by this I mean 10pm) if I haven't already made it to bed. But today, it's Black Friday, not just any old end-to-the-week; it's the chance to get your Christmas shopping done in one, and so if you're not one to face the shops and sales in person, and the sharpened elbows and lengthy queues to come from it, I've rounded up the best of the beauty offers around this weekend to bring you all the deals and discounts that you can enjoy browsing from the comfort of your own sofa. Black Friday, let's do this...

26 November 2015

Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide: Festive Candles

To complete my Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide series with the last instalment, I'm bringing you my curation of the best festive home fragrances this season. From woody to spicy, to sweet and fruity, there should be a scent suited for anyone and everyone, be it for a candle lover in your life or if your looking to fill your own home with a festive aroma. Ranging from £25-£50 in price, you should be able to find something in and amongst this round-up, and so here's what we've got from left to right going top, middle and bottom...

25 November 2015

Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide: Men's Grooming Gifts

I've got the trickiest part of present buying covered for the fifth part to my Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide series with my pick of the men's gifts. From all the grooming bath and body, skin and haircare sets, there should be a little bit of everything here to suit that preen-perfect guy in your life, or if you're wanting to introduce them to a ritual of their own. Ranging from £5-£60 in price, there should be a little (or large) something for anyone, and so here's what we've got from left to right going top, middle and bottom...

23 November 2015

Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide: Luxury Gifts

I'm taking things up to the next luxe level for the fourth part to my Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide series with my pick of the most lust-worthy presents. From bath and body, to skin and haircare, makeup, nails and some accessories in-between, there should be a little bit of everything here for that beauty lover in your life if you're looking to spend that little bit more. Ranging from £26-£89 in price, there should be a little (or large) something for everyone, be it for a mum, sister, friend or loved one, or even yourself wanting to extend that Christmas wish list, here's what we've got from left to right going top, middle and bottom...

22 November 2015

Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide: Under £25

For the third part to my Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide series, I'm coming at you with the presents under the £25 price tag. From skincare, to bath and body and makeup to nails, there should be a little bit of everything here for that beauty lover in your life. I've rounded up ten of the best, ranging from £9-£25 meaning there's a little something for everyone price-wise, as well as the cute miniature and full-size beautifiers inside, whether it be for a loved one or for yourself wanting to add to the wish list, and so, from top, middle and bottom left to right, we have...

21 November 2015

Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers

Continuing with my Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide series, my second present edit is all about the stocking fillers; miniature boxes housing taster and travel friendly sizes of all things from bath and body, to makeup tools and skincare, as well as individual nail lacquer and handbag essential ideas to stuff those stockings. I've rounded up ten of the best, ranging from £5-£29 meaning there's a little something for everyone price-wise, as well as the cute miniature beautifiers inside, whether it be for a loved one or for yourself wanting to add to the wish list, and so, from top, middle and bottom left to right, we have...

20 November 2015

Cruelty Free Christmas Beauty Gift Guide: Tree Decorations

Out of all of the Christmas gifts, I get some serious excitement for the mini beauty Christmas tree trinkets; crackers and boxes housing taster and travel friendly sizes of all things from bath and body, to makeup, skincare and nails. I've rounded up ten of the best to kick off my Cruelty Free Christmas Gift Guide series of 2015, ranging from £5-£20 meaning there's a little something for everyone price-wise, as well as the cute miniature beautifiers inside. From top, middle and bottom left to right, we have...

19 November 2015

The Only Two Blush Formulas You Need

The relationship story between blusher and I is one you've heard a lot of times before - there's so much more love now than there ever was hate and I actually enjoy sweeping the stuff on my cheeks. If like me you're a little hesitant with applying a flush of colour, I've picked out two of the best to start you off on the right foot; both being fool-proof powder formulas and easy to wear hues that come in plenty more of them. They step in as my most used and I figure if they trusty enough for a blush-scaredy like myself, they should be good for just about everyone else...

17 November 2015

My October Makeup Edit

Kudos to you if you even remember what my monthly makeup edits entail, because it really has been that long since I've put one together. If you need a bit of a reminder, it's where I come up with a wearable makeup look using the products that I've been loving over that past month, that have maybe featured in my most recent favourites video or over here on the blog. Since it wasn't that long ago I'd posted my autumn makeup bag contents and a tutorial using my October makeup loves, I switched this up with some other favourites of the moment to create a look that was on a completely different level; red eyeshadow (yes, really), a fuller coverage skin and a pinky-nude lip are the bones of this monthly makeup edit, and let's just say an eye look of this shade sort could just be my new favourite thing...

16 November 2015

The Best Beauty Offers Around as of Now 16.11

New week, new start and a new batch of the best beauty offers around as of now. I've hunted down the discounts, deals and free gifts with purchases that come out tops this week and there is a real mix, so whether it's to stock up on some of your favourite loves, a gift to self or to get some more Christmas shopping ticked off the list, here's where to save a bit of dosh or to get a little complimentary treat thrown in for good measure...

14 November 2015

Skin Food: The Best Tomato and Basil Soup

It won't be long before you'll find me tucked under a blanket devouring spoonful after spoonful of vegetable soup of some sort each and every dinner time - I feel like it's just one big bowl of steaming goodness and often get the cravings for it when I feel something is lacking from my diet or when the cold times hit and it can step in as a bit of an immune boost. Tomato soup was once my least favourite options, but homemade with nothing but a bunch of freshness and all the right herbs and spices, it's fast become a fave - so much so that more often than not, I head back to the hob for a refill of leftovers (if any)...

13 November 2015

A New Facial Oil Find

Usually there's a lot of skincare that's coming and going in my bathroom cupboard, but for a while and for one item in particular, there’s only really been a lot of going - bottles of facial oils are finishing up as I've been making the effort as part of my evening ritual, partly due to them being from non-CF brands that I've simply wanted to use up but there hasn't been a lot new coming in to take over in their place. That said, there's been one bottle of the stuff on my beauty radar for some time - finally, it's made its way in, there's definitely no reason for it to go out and so I've got a feeling this new facial oil find is here to stay...

11 November 2015

The Week #19

Vlogging took a bit of a backseat for the week before last when I was home alone - not a lot went down aside from work, getting into my PJ's at 5pm before a meal for one followed by bed, y'know, the usual. Last week however, the camera came out for a couple of days for another weekly vlog edition of said days edited down together for a total of a near fifteen minutes featuring laptop days at home, cooking up risotto and yet more footage of my bunny baby. I've had all the inspired feels recently and whipped out all three of my cameras to cobble together this montage, and I have to say I had so much fun when it came to both filming and editing, and I'm going to give it my vlogging all to make sure it continues to go creative from here...

9 November 2015

The Best Beauty Offers Around as of Now 09.11

With Monday mornings comes a fresh batch of beauty offers that can be found around as of now here on the blog. I've hunted down the discounts, deals and free gifts with purchases that come out tops this week and there is a real mix, so whether it's to stock up on some of your favourite loves, a gift to self or to get some more Christmas shopping ticked off the list, here's where to save a bit of dosh or to get a little complimentary treat thrown in for good measure...

7 November 2015

Skin Food: Avocado & Pomegranate Courgette Noodles

There are days where I open up my empty fridge and ponder what I could challenge myself to rustle up with its lack of contents - let me tell you, the results can either be very, very wrong or very, very right. Only recently I did I have a throw-it-all-in-a-bowl-and-hope-for-the-best kind of lunch and it turned out to be an all-round winner. My dish had a slight Asian take on a salad; cold courgetti stirred through a garlic-chilli-ginger mix, topped with avocado and pomegranate seeds - because I'm obsessed with those things and they go with anything that works at the moment - with a dollop of cashew nut butter on the side...

6 November 2015

October Favourites

If you've caught on to my past few uploads, you can expect to see the majority of things talked about rounded up and broken down in my most recent monthly favourites, with a few first-time mentioned bits thrown into the mix too. Expect to see a new facial oil I've loved slathering on, on an evening-basis as part of my pre-sleep skincare routine, the foundation that I've crowned my most loved and a nail polish that I've been wearing non-stop. The end result is probably a bit lengthier than normal but bear in mind a September favourites video from me was a no-show and so everything from the past few months that I've well and truly loved have made it here...

5 November 2015

My Favourite Custom Cover Drops Combos

It's no secret that the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops have won me over - I think they've popped up at some point in my past three videos and I've even gone as far as crowning them my favourite foundation to date. It doesn't stop there as I'm going to continue to sing my praises, letting you in on my most-loved custom combos so far. As a quick heads up, these colour pigment drops have been designed to be mixed in with your fave foundation or skincare item and should not be used alone - so I've got to work experimenting, there's been some failed attempts along the way but these are the concoctions that have come out tops so far...

4 November 2015

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars 2015

I've got a feeling we'll all agree that the best part about parting from your duvet on a crisp morning, every morning in the run up to Christmas is the opening of an advent calendar. For years I woke up to a hidden chocolate pre-breakfast, but nowadays calendars come with all different shapes, forms and contents and for beauty lovers alike, the selection gets bigger, better and more brands jump aboard by the year - a mini-sized product to get me through to the day in question? Yes please. Not only have I edited down the best beauty advents of 2015, but they also just so happen to be five cruelty free offerings that come out tops on my wish list - feast your eyes...

3 November 2015

Cruelty Free Replacements for My Old Favourites

There's been a boat load of upsides that have come from going cruelty free with my cosmetics and whilst I've has to strike off a lot of things I had a whole lot of love for, one of those positives is discovering replacements for my old favourites. True say, it hasn't been easy and there's been a mix of hits and misses along the way, things that haven't quite matched up and others that have worked out to be even better, and I feel I've accumulated a good lot for my first round of substitutes to makeup for the loss of previous loves - let's compare...

2 November 2015

The Best Beauty Offers Around as of Now 02.11

Another week, another round of the best beauty offers currently floating about. I've hunted down the discounts, deals and free gifts with purchases that come out tops this week and there is a real mix, so whether it's to stock up on some of your favourite loves, a gift to self or to get some more Christmas shopping ticked off the list, here's where to save a bit of dosh or to get a little complimentary treat thrown in for good measure...

1 November 2015

What's in My Autumn Makeup Bag?

From a flat-lay view of my makeup bag, the contents inside it don't look all too autumnal, but with a closer look, the bronzes, browns and burgundies in theBalm's Nude'tude eyeshadow palette, the fresh, glowy skin for crisp mornings with Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed and the reddy-brown lip that is NARS' 'Walkyrie' Matte Lip Pencil all scream the current season. The majority of what you see here is new and first made an appearance in a recent beauty haul but to show you them in action and give you my thoughts, I've put together an all-in-one type tutorial as I apply them at the same time. The results? Smokey eyes and berry vibes - here's a tour around my autumn makeup bag and how you can get the look... 

31 October 2015

Skin Food: Chia Pudding

Although I think of this as the best kind of breakfast on a summers day, I could easily eat it on a morning basis year round - it's that good. Think my overnight oats post here, but instead with soaked chia seeds, the texture is completely different and can be an alternative if you've got no oats hanging about at the back of your kitchen cupboard. The toppings are yours to choose, but I love the fruitiness of the goji's and the richness of the cacao nibs with the smooth, creamy coconut taste. Super easy to make, incredibly filling and energy-giving, if you can get past the tadpole-like appearance, it's an awesome wakeup call...

30 October 2015

The Week #18

The weekly vlogs are back with more of a couple-of-day- from-the-month crammed into one type-vlog. Expect to see the journey back to Turkey and a few weeks in between before we collect our new fur baby family member (FYI it's not a cat). You've spoken, I've listened and whilst there's no recipes or a cooking side to this one, I'm being extra organised and planning some upcoming segments for Vlogmas - with tomorrow being Halloween, I feel I can say it's almost here. But for now, I'll be filling each week in between with work days from home, funny bunny shots and the usual venturing out...

29 October 2015

theBalm Nude'tude Eyeshadow Palette

If there's been one neutral shadow palette needed to complete my collection (for now), it's been theBalm's Nude'tude offering, and after months of lusting, it's finally slotted in-between the likes of my UD NAKED Palette, Charlotte Tilbury's The Dolce Vita and the rest. It's stepped in at the perfect time, whilst it's set to be a good all-rounder, something about it is just screaming autumn at me and for making up my daily face, I can say I haven't really put it down since picking it up. You're going to want to make note of this one - allow me to fill you in... 

27 October 2015

Top 5 Cruelty Free Nail Polish Brands

The results of ridding my non-cruelty free nail polishes have meant that my collection has become a lot more limited, but in fact no lacquer love has been lost as the majority of my favourites fall into the group of paints I now choose to use. Win win. To give you a little insight to some more brands that you'll be seeing more of from me from now on, I've picked out my top five favourites that have the cruelty free stamp of approval, some even vegan and  with non-harmful formulas. Some you may recognise, some may be new - so let me run you through... 

26 October 2015

The Best Beauty Offers Around as of Now 26.10

Let's start Monday off with another round of the best beauty offers out there as of now, shall we? I've scheduled this one a day late since sharing another deal during the week, but here you can find an edit of some not-to-be-missed deals, GWP's and discounts currently floating about and there is a real mix, so whether it's to stock up on some of your favourite loves, a gift to self or to get some more Christmas shopping ticked off the list, here's where to save a bit of dosh or to get a little complimentary treat thrown in for good measure...

25 October 2015

Do I Need Hourglass' Latest Launch?

If there's a launch worth waiting year round for it's those from Hourglass - they just seem to bring it each and every year with something utterly swoon-worthy launched usually just before Christmas. We've seen the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette, followed by the Ambient Lighting Blush trio, but their latest and greatest, the Ambient Lighting Edit is a little bit of everything housed in a cushty compact. To clear up any confusion, pictured above are my two palettes put together compared whilst I make up my mind as to whether Hourglass' latest needs to join my palette line-up. With that said, let's weigh things up...

24 October 2015

Roast Vegetable Vegan Quiche

I've got a feeling that each Skin Food week I'll be back with a ''now this one's my favourite'' sentence thrown somewhere into the post - but seriously, this is a dish I quite literally threw together and it just so happened to turn out to be amazingly tasty with a whole load of flavour coming through from each bite. The base I made from mainly oats, the what-would-be egg mixture from sautéed courgettes with a topping of roast veg, and paired with a side of potato wedges and salad, it makes for a lovely lunch or dinner, but heck, I've even had a slice for breakfast...

23 October 2015

Liz Earle The Best of Botanical Beauty at QVC

Listen up ladies, this is one beauty deal you're going to want to set multiple alarms for, even if early on a Sunday morning as it's not one to snooze through. In celebration of their 20th Anniversary, for one day only Liz Earle and QVC have teamed up to present their Best of Botanical Beauty Bundle that's worth a whopping £119 but will be going for their biggest ever 'Today's Special Value' price of £49.96. Bargainous. Want to know what makes up the bundle? Here are the deets...

22 October 2015

All Things Olive Scented?

My olive obsession might mean that my fridge is constantly stocked and panic levels run high if it's ever without, but who knew that my love for them would ever extend to my shower and the products in it? I am of course talking about The Body Shop's Olive range and I've been dipping my toes in with said shower gel as a first time taster. Since being so into their fruitier offerings for the spring and summer months, I wanted to give another smell a whirl now that it's cooling down and this seemed like a good autumn option...

21 October 2015

Cover FX Custom Cover Drops a.k.a My New Favourite Foundation

Not only has giving my makeup closet a cruelty free clear-out (and by that I mean parting from the products that aren't cruelty free) enabled me to whittle down my collection to a much more sensible size, it's also allowed me to discover some new CF brands and what they have to offer - one of those being Cover FX. It's a name that's had my beauty radar bleeping for a while, offering primers, contour kits bases and brushes, they seem to be very face-focused - something I like to see, if a new-brand-to-me focuses big time on one area, their offerings are bound to be good, but to kick off there was one product and one product only that I had in mind to introduce me here and that was their Custom Cover Drops, and what a place to start...

18 October 2015

The Best Beauty Offers Around as of Now 18.10

The last time I put one of these posts together and out there it seemed to go down pretty well - I'm guessing with a mug of tea to go alongside it as you scoured through. And so I'm going to be bringing it back - Beauty Offers Around as of Now will be a weekly thing, most probably popping up early on a Sunday morning, as hopefully, that's when we all have a little chill time to put our feet up to discover the best beauty deals and discounts floating around. This time, the majority come in from Cult Beauty, and whilst I'm going to try and keep these as varied as I can, these are some cushty discounts and GWP's that are worth shouting very loud about...


17 October 2015

Another Skin Food Haul

You know my favourite thing to do when I head back home for a visit? I play supermarket sweep and stuff my trolley full of the foodie bits I miss most that are hard to find here in Turkey. Expect to see the contents of an actual health food store that I managed to cram into my suitcase for the way back, including jars of coconut oil, loaves of bread (yes really) and boxes of Nakd bars in my favourite flavours - some bits I found in Boots, others online at Amazon and the rest from the shelves of the standard stores, so if like me, you like to see the results of somebody else's supermarket shop, look this way...

Skin Food: Cucumber 'Sushi' Rolls, Fried Aubergine in Tamari & Dipping Sauce

I was a sushi newbie up until a few years back - the idea of raw, cold fish was something that never floated my boat (pun unintended) and whilst I don't eat any sort of seafood now, vegan sushi has become one of my favourite things to chow down and I only have my boyfriend and our friends to blame - they were the ones who dragged me to my first sushi-tasting. In fact now we're double-date locals at our near-by Japanese restaurant and although they poke fun at my fish-free rolls, I think they're pretty darn amazing, so much so that I decided to rustle some up at home and I thought you might like a little look in too...

16 October 2015

My Makeup Life Lately

Since whittling down my cosmetics collection to virtually empty drawers, I've been on a tighter restriction in terms of product rotation - alas, this is a good thing, it means I'm using stuff up instead of them sitting gathering dust. As I've been pulling out a lot of the same staples I thought I'd let you in on what's been going on in my makeup life lately - a few of my most used products and tools that I've been making the most of to piece together my daily face. By the looks of things I've been focusing heavy on and around the eyes whilst brightening and highlighting at the same time. Here's what's made the cut...

15 October 2015

Non-Beauty Favourites

To switch things up from the standard beauty chat, I thought I'd run you through some other items I've been loving that don't fall under the same category as liner and lipstick in replace of my loves for the month of September video. From rings, to coasters, to yoga pants and drinks, there really is a little bit of everything thrown into this mix and I have to say I kind of like it. Fear not though, the beauty side of things will be back soon enough, in fact, I'm about to sit down and hit record for filming my haul of things picked up in the UK - these non-beauty favourites videos won't be taking over my usual end-of-the-month round-ups, but if you liked it let me know and I might bring them in a little more often...

14 October 2015

Healthy Travel Snacks to Pack

Hello, my name's Jessica and I'm a self-confessed snacker. You see, I spend a lot of time to-ing-and-fro-ing and have done for many years, in fact, a 15-hour round trip is quite the norm for me and if I'm not sat on a plane or camping out in the airport, you can find me slogging it to, or heading back from one. When I'm not enduring the trek, I really miss it but when I'm a few hours into my journey, I want nothing more than to be at the other end in my own bed, and I'll take any excuse to, quite literally, eat my way through my time spent travelling - but hey, it's not all bad as my on-the-go snacks are in fact pretty good, take a look...

13 October 2015

Currently Loving Painting on HJ Manicure Polishes

Say hello to a new nail polish line that I too have recently only just been introduced to; HJ Manicure is a range created by Helen J, a trained manicurist and nail tech for celebs, who has also worked in many areas of the fashion industry. With her expertise, Helen created a cruelty free, vegan friendly and '5 free from' collection, meaning each polish is formulated without the use of harmful toxins which can be found in your regular lacquer inci list. I've been slicking on and showing off the shades just added to my stash - it's true love and I'm here to run through the rest of the hues, but be sure to read right on to the very end as there may be a little something in it for you too...

12 October 2015

Spend-£60-Get-£15-Off at Space NK

Some beauty offers are worth shouting from the rooftops in case they slip through the net unheard of, a little like this one almost did for me. When Space NK throw some offers out there, they're usually not to be missed, their GWP's especially, but I felt this spend-£60-get-£15-off (online only) has got to be one of their best. The code you'll need here is EXPLORE15 entered at the checkout - the £5 delivery charge still applies (booo!) but up your spend to £80 and it becomes free of charge. If you're a regular Space NK shopper, you'll know just how easy it is to ring up double-figures on the till but if you're in need of any ideas, I've put together a couple to help hit that mark, or just ever so slightly over...

11 October 2015

The Body Shop Spa of The World

If there's ever a product launch to get excited over, for me it's all things new and exciting from TBS. It's where my beauty obsession first started, they bring it each and every time when it comes to a fresh release - their latest and greatest featuring oils, creams, muds and  scrubs allowing you to recreate spa days at home - it doesn't get anymore exciting than that. The Spa of The World collection is inspired by beauty rituals around the globe and there's three to go by, whether you're in need of a routine that's relaxed, revitalised or a little more blissful. I'll go with all three, but to give you an idea, here are a handful of my loves from the line that make up my very own #spathroom...

10 October 2015

Skin Food: Chocolate Oat Slices

These babies throw me right back to my high school days where I'd scrape together any loose change on my break to scoff down one of the canteen's chocolate oat bars - they were seriously the best ever. With a thick oaty base and a rich chocolate layer on top, mine come in kind of close but with a few hazelnuts thrown into the mix, you get a taste of Nutella which only makes them all the more dreamy - the best part? It takes about 10 minutes to throw this together and you're left with at least a weeks worth of goodness, in fact, they're so rich I could only manage a half of the bars shown above at a time and from that, I got my full choco fix. Here's how it's done...

9 October 2015

Introducing Cohorted's Beauty Box Subscription

With beauty boxes being a recent rediscovered topic here on the blog, allow me to introduce you to another that's been dropping on my doorstep. Cohorted sits at the luxe end of the line with a pricier tag than your standard beauty box - their Black Box Edition has just become available as a monthly subscription service, previously being a month-to-month purchase only - hear me out on this one, because they're by far the beefiest boxes I've opened up and the hand-picked musts inside feature high-end brands we all know and love, and will include at least one full size product. To give you a bit of an idea of what you get for your dollar each and every month, here's what featured back in September's box...

1 October 2015

Beauty Product Empties

Whenever I've saved up enough beauty rubbish to fill up an empties-style video I always vouch to make using products up a regular thing to show you through my loves and non-loves a little more regularly, so we'll just see how this one pans out, however, since my cruelty free announcement, I'm working my way through products I won't be repurchasing in order to replace them with some new discoveries and now that I have something to go by, I've got a feeling you may just be seeing videos like these more often. A weird concept it may be, but they're honestly one of my faves to sit down and watch, so here you have it, a rummage though some hair, skin and body care bits that I've recently finished off...

Rebuilding My Brush Collection

When I throwback to where my brush collection first kicked off, I only really started out with a few flimsy sponge applicators for shadows and a blush brush that came free tacked onto a magazine (I'm still holding onto it FYI). As my love for makeup took off, so did my brush pot and eventually my selection of tools from MAC managed to bundle into one Diptyque jar alone, but since going cruelty free I'm doing away with them and I've only been left with a handful that still leaves plenty of jar room for more whilst a makeup sponge rolls around in the other - I'm slowly working on padding them out, but in the meantime, here's what I've got on the go and what I've got my eyes on next...

28 September 2015

My Concert Makeup

My last experience at a concert wasn't a very cool one - I was hit with sunstroke and spent the most part rolling around in a ball at peoples feet and my face was a sweaty, melted mess as a result of it. Awkward. I hoped that my panda-eye history wouldn't repeat itself on Saturday night as I had the evening lined up at London's O2 with the four beautiful faces that make up One Direction. My SOS kit was packed for my fear of heights (we were literally seated on the ceiling) and my makeup planned out, for a show that I like to think of as one big par-tay, so I busted out the smudge-proof, stay-in-place picks with a little shimmer thrown into the mix...
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