12 December 2014

10 Things to Wish For: Space NK

For the second instalment of my '10 Things to Wish For' series, we're heading virtually to one of my top spots for a bit of Christmas beauty shopping; the mothership that is Space NK.  Their present selection by the year is a good all-rounder, some exclusive to the store, others limited editions, and so whether it's for a little special something to add to your own wish list this year, or if you're looking to spoil that certain someone, I bring to you my Space NK gift edit, catering to all budget needs...


11 December 2014

Say Hello To Serozinc in The UK

If you haven't quite cottoned on in the past two days, it is my duty this morning to deliver what could just be the best beauty news of 2014; the skincare gods have taken note and answered all of our prayers, you ready? La Roche Posay's much coveted for can of zinc-y goodness, better known to us toner fanatics as Serozinc is making its way to UK shores and trust me, the struggle was real to keep tight lipped on this launch, so now that the big secret is out, let me shout this one from the beauty rooftops...

9 December 2014

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

With the most wonderful time of the year hiding around the corner, it can only mean one thing: My 2014 Christmas gift guide has arrived, and since a festive-themed jumper hasn't been part of my wardrobe attire for the past few years (I couldn't really film this in my Christmas onsie could I?), I prepped for the occasion instead by sporting the whole matching crimson lips and tips thing.  Makeup, candles, bath and body; there's suggestion to suit all, from stocking fillers to the go-all-out gifts covering a variety of price budgets, whether you're asking, or buying for the beauty product lover in your life (and that includes yourself)...

1 December 2014

Diptyque Insolite

Say it ain't so, but limited edition launches don't seem to send me too wild, and unless I know it's set to hang about, chances are it'll fly right over my head - here's where I eat my words, because when it comes down to Diptyque, things are different. I got a waft of a special offering weeks back, and ever since, my nostrils have craved another whiff, evidentially, sending me back for more (the struggle was real) and this time the purchase happened (through my mate Case, who offered to grab me one. Babe). The candle in question? Insolite; a limited edition exclusive to Liberty, meaning you won't get your paws on it elsewhere...
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