26 November 2014

Mini Beauty Haul & A Word on MyBeautyCompare.com

Two things in life make me very happy indeed: beauty products, and a bloomin' good deal on my beauty products - now say hello to MyBeautyCompare.com, a site I've recently been introduced to that caters for my love of the two. Think insurance comparison sites that feature in the ads on your tele (yawn), but only a heck of a lot more interesting, as this weighs up the best prices on your best loved beauty bits across the interweb and serves you up the top deal. I chat about it a lot more in depth in the video, before running through a show and tell of a few things I picked up in the hair, tool and skincare departments...

24 November 2014

10 Things to Wish For: Liberty London

To kick off my '10 Things to Wish For' series (side note: my annual gift guide in video form is soon to be heading your way), I've picked out a few present ideas from a virtual tour of the Liberty beauty haul, one of London's most magical havens to hit up for a spot of Christmas shopping. Some are exclusive to the store, others limited editions, and so whether it's for a little special something to add to your own wish list this year, or if you're looking to spoil that certain someone, here's my Liberty gift edit, catering to all budget needs...

11 November 2014

When Your Blogging Brain Has a Blank...

My New Years Resolution of churning out a new post on a daily basis has been a bit of a flop. Trying to run my own business, whilst blogging daily has all been a little too much to take on, and if I'm out-of-schedule-sync when a free moment to write comes about, my blogging brain can sometimes turn blank and I'm often left feeling a bit uninspired. It's something that comes in fits and starts, but when my ideas are lacking, there's usually three reliable steps I take to that start things off on the right foot again...

7 November 2014

October Favourites

Whilst gathering up my top beauty bits for the month of October, I not only realised that every member bar one are latest launches that I've been tried, tested and given the big thumbs up to, but also that an old lid palette love has well and truly been rediscovered after rehousing its contents in a revamped compact. Expect to see a healthy complexion housed in a bottle, my two bad skin day saviours and the fragrance that leaves you whiffing of the Great British seaside - it's true...

6 November 2014

3 Steps to Bye Bye Blemishes

I've more bad skin days than good recently; pesky, red under-the-skin lumps that don't seem to come to a head of any sort, but make you experience pain you thought never even existed (FYI I haven't yet been through childbirth) in the way of unwelcome appearances here, there and everywhere. In times like these, I avoid trialling anything new on the skincare front, instead sticking to what my complexion knows and loves - but I've allowed for one exception, La Roche Posay's Effaclar Anti-Blemish System. I'll fill you in, but as a heads up I now know where to turn when I find my skin in a future spot of bother...

5 November 2014

Get Ready With Me: A Late Summer Wedding

This is one GRWM that's been a long time coming - a friend's wedding that happened way back late summer, though my prep process for the big day has only just surfaced in video form. My apologies. Some of you may even recall the panic I let loose over my social media regarding an outfit that wouldn't leave me looking too 'sweaty betty' amid 40 degree heat  - basically, I struggle enough as it is with a wedding appropriate dress code, but I settled on a vibrant orange, knee-lenghth number, paired with a black clutch and block heels. Note the makeup used was chosen carefully to ensure everything stayed in-tact through the humidity, and my curled locks had to be doused in a weatherproof veil spritz to prevent it going all stuck-to-the-forehead on me before the night had even started. So whilst I exhale a sigh of relief, I'll let you see my start to finish transformation with your own eyes...
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