29 September 2014

The Real Life Instagram Face Filters

Dear Instragram, I owe it to you - with the help of my favourite filters, you not only transform every picture into a prettier version of itself, but you make the whole selfie-taking process a heck of lot more flattering (kind of), to the point where I've thought long and hard about how to achieve this when you're not there to lend a hand. Case in point, here are the selected fair few products that get my complexion as close as possible to the complimentary lighting effects that a Valencia veil creates over my face (that's just my most selected filter FYI)...

24 September 2014

The Wonders of Oribe Sprays

I'd be lying if I told you I had a well-behaved head of hair, because well-behaved it truly ain't; refusing to cooperate on a daily basis, it's taken a while but my undone, with-a-swoosh-load-of-volume needs rest on a particular lock product line up. Styling wise, I've got it down to the sprays, that mainly come courtesy of the game changing brand that is Oribe - a collection that hasn't come cheap, but their prices are justified (kind of) because they do exactly what's said on their tins - here's every reason why Oribe sprays are all kinds of wonderful...


22 September 2014

John Lewis Autumn Fashion Magazine: My Top 5 Beauty Picks

With the releases of AW ranges piling in by the clothes heap load, John Lewis have published their online Autumn Fashion magazine, featuring not only staples for your wardrobe, but a seasonal beauty edit to go alongside it too. This time around, you can find the essentials to achieve this season's new mood; classic colour that's a taken a modern twist in the way of dusty blue shadow and low-shine red lips on healthy looking skin - and after virtually flicking my way straight there, I'm here to share my top five product picks from said edit...

19 September 2014

The Correcting Pen That Hides EVERYTHING

I'm all for a double-ended cosmetic; duo-doe-foot lip products, brow pencil-come-spooly sticks and twin-wand mascaras have all made it in my space-saving, travel friendly good books, but a dual-ended concealer? So this is new. This time round, the creamy crayon in question comes as the Correcting Pen from Tom Ford's Fall '14 Color Collection - it's rather special - and I think the fact that it's already been crowned a permanent line member has pretty much got that summed, and thumbed, up...

18 September 2014

All-Over-The-Lid Shadow Singles

On the (very) odd occasion I get great joy out of pulling up a chair in front of my dressing  table mirror to muster up the multi-step eye look; primer-lid-tear-duct-crease-browbone - the whole shebang. I'm putting that down to the fact that on a rushed day to day basis, I tend to swirl my finger through one does-it-all shade, sweep it on and give it a brief blend out. Simples. I own a handful of single shadows that are capable of pulling off the all-over-the-lid look - and yes, I get they're pretty much identical shade wise. Don't judge me...

17 September 2014

Diorskin Star Foundation

With copious amounts of foundation releases currently hitting high-end counters left, right and centre; YSL's Fusion Ink, Estée Lauder's Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup and CHANEL's Vitaumiere Aqua Loose Powder to name but a few that come with mixed reviews, word on the street was that Dior's latest Star Foundation is all kinds of amazing and good write-up after good write-up got me too excited. Naturally, off I sauntered simply for a swatch and a possible (very possible) purchase - only then did the counter assistant give me the heads up that it's been the foundation being used on models at London's Fashion Week. SOLD.

12 September 2014

A GHD Upgrade

Recalling my heftiest hair related purchase back in the day, I begrudgingly parted with my card, swallowed hard and walked away with a feeling a whole lot lighter (on the bank balance front), though not a day went by where I regretted my GHD IV Styler buy, unlike the lot on my broken down, fizzled out or snagged-clumps-of-strands-as-they-glid pile. But with their 8th anniversary due to roll around, I've taken on the Eclipse in their place for the time being, just to see how things measure up...

8 September 2014

Two Trans-Seasonal Scents

The two newest additions to my fragrance wardrobe were purchased with all good intentions; mainly the intention to see me through each and every warm month we're blessed with, but with summer soon to be drawing to a close, there's no reason why these perfumes in particular can't see me right on into the Autumn too - not only because I haven't been able to stop misting myself in their aromas since said purchases were made, alternating from one day to the next, but also because both sit quite comfortably in the transseasonal scent category - basically, they're not getting put away anytime soon...

5 September 2014

The Does-It-All Body Lotion

As far as body care goes, a daily wash down and twice-weekly scrub up is the regular love that my limbs get, but body lotion? Here's where things come to a screeching halt (and that's not just the noise I make when standing starkers slathering on a cold cream). I think we all know my feelings for Perricone's skincare by now, so it wasn't going to be long until I extended the product miracles past my face, kicking things off with Cold Plasma Body, and just as predicted, it's a winner...

1 September 2014

August Favourites

Hello September, and where did you suddenly pop up from? I'm finding the fact that summer is almost over hard to gulp down, but before we roll into the new month, let's engage in a big ol' beauty round up from the previous. With my July picks haven been given a miss, I've also brought those into the mix to deliver you a nice little product-heavy favourites package. Expect to see appearances from my new seasonal scent, a haircare combo that's in my routine to stay and a body lotion that I just can't stop slapping on...
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