28 July 2014

Speed Brow, Meet Gimme Brow

Sometimes there just aren’t enough minutes in the day to brow fill stroke by stroke, and while we all have steps in our makeup that we practice and perfect, the two framers that perch above my peepers have become mine. I just lurve eyebrows. Benefit have always had me (lightly) covered with a quick slick when needed, but that quick slick amongst the range now has a new contender to deal and in my eyes, there's only one winner, but for the sake of a Speed Brow vs Gimme Brow showdown, let the brow battle commence...

27 July 2014

Clinique's Take on The Clarisonic

Just as the whole cleansing brush concept fad had calmed down within the skincare world, Clinique bring their latest, and debut at that, innovation device to the table. Deemed a 'skin changer' and designed to work in synergy with their original 3-Step product routine, the Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is unlike anything the brand has brought out before - so much so, they even roped in help from a Swiss toothbrush manufacturer with sonic techno knowledge, yes really. With that said, here's it's report card...

24 July 2014

If You Can't Get Hold of Those, Try These...

Firmly on my state-side shopping list when I took a trip to NYC last summer were the L'Oreal Infallible shadows - if I recall correctly, less than three days after touching down I left CVS, swinging carrier in hand that contained two of these babies. These pressed pigments are indeed stocked on our home drugstore shelves too, but across the pond there's a few more selected shades that aren't part of our range. However, if a trip to the US isn't on your cards anytime soon, frown not because L'Oreal's latest release is a very close match...

22 July 2014

Indeed Labs' Hydraluron Latest

Indeed Labs fans, listen up - for they have only gone and added another moisturising member to the Hydraluron family. With their Moisture Boosting Serum being one of the biggest stirs I've heard in the skincare world, followed by the solution-soaked sheet masks, surely it wasn't going to be long before a finishing stage was thrown into the works, non? Well our last-step prep prayers have been answered - here we have it, the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, completing the hydrating threesome - you know what's headed next, because like it's littler siblings, this is did not disappoint...


20 July 2014

My Perricone Summer Essentials (& Giveaway!)

I think I've made it more than clear by now how I feel about Dr P and his pretty awesome product line up - the guy seriously knows his stuff - give me any excuse to have a Perricone related rave and I'll take it (as you well know). To those who are unaware of his genius-ness, for starters allow me to introduce to you my summer essential picks from the pack, a no brainer decision on my part; category wise, we have one number in on the body care front, a sun care, skincare staple and two no makeup makeup must-haves. And to further share a slice of the Perricone love, I'm handing out what you see here (and then some), just to give you an idea of what all my fuss is about...

18 July 2014

A Toner for Your Body?

Skincare aside for a sec, we're all familiar with chest-to-toe moisturisers, all-over exfoliators, maybe even the odd non-face mud mask, but a body toner? I don't know about you, but this is one that's new to me. Now I wouldn't declare myself a full-on 'bacne' sufferer but the odd pimply shoulder bump is enough to cause annoying all-angle mirror inspections and so with bikini/strappy/flesh-exposing clothing attire season in full swing, I've taken the spritz in question - Murad's Clarifying Body Spray - on a road test and merely a week in, the blemish banishing abilities have proven to be so pretty darn impressive that I've awarded it a write-up of its very own...


14 July 2014

Two New Benefit Buys

Benefit, it's been a while. So much so that it took me some deep thinking as to what my last purchase even was, but I've racked my brains back to the limited ed 3-way blush box from a few Christmas's ago (a frequent travelling cheek lovers dream). Releases since haven't picked up on my beauty radar but two of their latests sent out some strong signals that basically read: You. Need. 'em. Let me explain... 

11 July 2014

Makeup Kit Restock List

With my own cosmetics stash in mind, I rarely catch sight of pan on any product, let alone the separate makeup kit I have going on for work. A little of that used here, a bit more of that applied there, everything seems well circulated when I'm working on a good mix of skin tones and colourings and so it's even rarer that reoccurring repurchases are made. There are however, a handful of set essentials that are regularly re-added to my virtual basket when approaching their final days as my kit quite simply wouldn't be complete without them...

10 July 2014

June Favourites

Rewind back a couple of monthly round-ups where my April favourites were looking rather spring like, fast forward to my latest - my loves for the month of June - and the beauty product line-up would suggest summer has finally arrived (even though I sport a cozy sweater throughout). My season appropriate picks include a lighter version of a best-selling well-known-by-every-beauty-lover base, a water-resistant mascara for your brows and a one-hour, streak-free tan. Sound summery to you?...

9 July 2014

The Dupe for Hourglass' Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil?

I've lost count of how many products have graced my brows in the past week, let alone since my brow game got seriously strong - gels, pencils, tints and inks, you name them, they've enhanced them. The idea for this post was born when the pencil lid end of one of my newest choices was plucked off, initial thoughts reminded me all too much of Hourglass' double ended offering, not to mention the formula itself - eye framer lusters, wave hello to Pixi's Natural Brow Duo...

8 July 2014

The Oil Based Facial

In recent evenings, I've found myself stuck in a bit of a skincare routine rut, but a good rut - my (usually dry/dehydrated) complexion is the most content it's been in an age and I'm not gonna argue with that. The three main products in particular all have an oily something in common and the facial I've been drenching my skin in includes a cleansing oil, an oil balm and a treatment oil, and paired up in conjunction has swiftly rid the dry, flaky patches that cling to my chin and nose, rapidly reduced pesky breakouts and has just left things looking plump overall. This one's for everyone, that includes you oily skin gals - I've named it the oil-based facial...

4 July 2014

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blushers

It doesn't come as much of a shocker that the whole chubby stick craze seems to be extending from lips to cheeks (I'm super excited for Clinique's upcoming Chubby Cheek offerings FYI) but until they're available to feast our paws on, fresh in on the drugstore front Soap & Glory have just dropped their Sexy Mother Blushers - the cheek colour sister to their Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks for lips, matching packaging with colour co-ordinating lids and all. Though their pout pencils have never skimmed my lips, nor has anything else from their cosmetics line graced my face for that matter, for my debut taste I think these were a pretty good place to start...

3 July 2014

Drugstore Summer Beauty Launches

A recent couple of Boots stop offs haven't ended well, neither for me or my weeping wallet - let's face it, with stocked shelves of brand spanking new additions whose arrivals seem to have been timed just right for the sunny season, I was only going to end up departing with at least one product from every beauty category. From makeup to nails, hair to body and even a tube of the fake stuff, the drugstore is currently bringing it across the board and so I thought a little show-and-tell with my latest budget launches was in perfect order...
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