30 June 2014

L'Oreal's Glam Matte Gloss

Anybody else noted the latest pout-product finish trend? Liquid lipsticks that fall somewhere between a matte and a gloss. Say whaaat? Amazingly strange, but true and they're taking over the beauty world by storm, one brand at a time (Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet's I'm looking at you). L'Oreal are another to jump aboard with their GlamMatte Intense Matte Gloss offerings - I dropped one in my Boots basket to see what all the chat's about and, well, let's just leave it that I'll be heading back for more. ASAP...

26 June 2014

Two Non-Stripping Gel Cleansers

Me and cleansers of the gel kind have never really found common ground. Past experiences have left my already dry complexion feeling parched and in need of a nice long skin drink - plus, they've never felt as luxe as the other textures I'd glazed on. Alas, one after the other has weened their way into my cleansing clan by playing the morning wakeup wash role, have seriously surpassed expectations and I've been left with no choice but to hand it to this non-stripping two...

25 June 2014

Concert Bag Essentials

I've shown my face at a fair share of concerts in the past but the 'handbag essentials' thought had never really crossed my mind come these situations - Tickets? Check. Camera? Check. Tickets? Double check - and that was that, until I recently spent most of a 1D gig crouched ill in a ball on the floor, wishing I had planned my quickly-thrown-together capsule, concert appropriate pouch a little better, so to have me prepped for the next and as a little helper for those heading to a summer gig, this lot should have you covered...

19 June 2014

Makeup for Sunglasses and Giveaway

With sunglasses season right around the corner, I thought the first of my summery makeup tutorials would be one with a twist. Out come my relied on heat survivors, tried and tested to prevent from foundation caked frames, sweaty bridge-of-the-nose marks and melted mascara - it's happened to the best of us. A Perricone trio make up the base (you know I love a barely-there one of those), completed with bronzed up contours, smudge-proof peepers topped with a bright lip to set off those shades - and that's where I thought a giveaway for you lot would fit in rather nicely... 

18 June 2014

A Word on Face Wipes...

There's one particular topic that has never arose on the pages of this blog. Two words: Face Wipes. And for good reason, but truth of the matter is, they're okay to whip out on the odd lazy occasion, just don't make them your one and only method of makeup removal. I just love getting down and dirty with a good ol' balm cleanse every night and day too much to turn to anything speedier, but what you don't know is that I do secretly have a pack to hand, these in particular made me grant a second chance to the moist cloth kind and only come into play when the time is right... 

17 June 2014

A VLOG from Me?

Well there's a title I never thought my fingers would type. Simply so because nothing all too exciting goes on in my life that is interestingly vloggable - but 10 months on and the weekend I've been looking forward to long-time finally rolled around and I thought my crack-the-camera-out opportunity would either be now or never. It involved a pre-event pamper evening, homemade pizza, a spot of shopping and five beautiful faces that go by the names of Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis and Liam. I can only prepare you for the squeals to come once you've hit that play button...

16 June 2014

Lauder's Lighter Bases

Not that I like to shun the idea of a new face base addition, but let's take Estee Lauder for example - their highly raved about Double Wear Foundation has never been top of my wish list, heck, it's never even made it onto a wish list, and I seemed to have tarnished all of their bases with the same brush - heavy and cakey sounding, it's far from what I usually like to blend on. Hey, I could be so wrong, but for now I've been giving two of their lighter offerings a go and couldn't be more chuffed with the results they serve up...

13 June 2014

Lord and Berry Lips for Summer

Following the moment this little pout package hit my door mat, it was a mere matter of minutes before the contents, that were Lord & Berry's Lipstick Pencils, were being drawn on. Let's clear things up, these three haven't been released especially for the season, and in fact sit tight as part of the permanent line, but my initial swatch suggested these sticks just have summer brights written all over them...

11 June 2014

May Favourites

Somehow we've made it a good way into another month before I noticed I hadn't even posted my beauty loves for the previous one, oops - cue my May Favourites, which sees a good mix of hair, body, skincare and makeup. I've discovered some real budget beauty gems just recently, three of those make an appearance along with the hair mask which leaves my locks the silkiest they've ever felt, a moisturising mist that makes my wallet wince with every spritz no thanks to its price tag and an old makeup brush that's been warmly welcomed back into my life...

4 June 2014

The Dupe for Oribe's Maximista?

Here's the story - scouring the Luxurious Volume lineup by John Frieda (have I mentioned recently just how much this stuff rocks?) on the shelves of Boots, things came to a halt when my finger trailed along a few chosen words on one product which only reminded me all too much of my favourite root oompher - ''hang on  a sec, we could just have ourselves an Oribe Maximista dupe on our hands'' and in the basket it went...

2 June 2014

My Kind of Moisturiser...

A number one skincare struggle of mine has always been to come across a moisturiser, that works. For yonks I've been slathering on variants of the creamy stuff but until now nothing has truly satisfied my dry/dehydrated, with-the-odd-blemish prone skin. In even drier times, I turned to my saviour-in-any-situation, the Perricone MD master and three pots later, I think I've nourished my way to a very happy face...
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