27 April 2014

Slipped-Through-The-Net Launches

With the amount of hours I waste procrastinating online, mainly scouring for what's new in the beauty world, you'd think it'd be quite rare that a recent release becomes undetected on my makeup radar - or so I thought. It could just be that some slip through the net when my back's turned, but a couple of Google searches would suggest that they never seemed to have a lot of hype around them in the first place.  I'll bet there's a whole load that have laid low but off the top of my head, there are three that come to mind and if like me, these snuck past you too, then here's what they're all about... 

25 April 2014

Reversing the Beauty Routine Roles

We all seem quite comfortably set in our beautifying ways with order of product application, we go with the flow, go with what we know, so last week when coming across two well-carried out routines with their roles reversed, the order of words followed: 'Huh?', 'What?', 'How?' 'Lemme at it'. During my morning regime in one of the days to follow, feeling rather adventurous I put these two tricks to the test; one makeup, the other hair and neither failed to wow me over...

21 April 2014

A Topcoat for your Face?

When it comes to painting my nails, no application is fully complete without a final slick of topcoat; it seals things in, provides a high shine and equals long-time lasting lacquer. But a topcoat for your face? Now this is different. Of course, I'd expect no less from eye-centric cosmetic brand Anastasia - Lash Genius is a saviour for my streamy peepers, transforming my non-waterproof mascara into waterproof version of itself, essentially preventing the dreaded 'panda eye'. But in times of swimming, sweating and sobbing the latest innovention to hit the line has got lips, brows and lids covered, literally...

20 April 2014

Off Duty Makeup

When the weekend rolls around, my usual Monday - Friday makeup attire gets shunned as I  pile the hair up and go back to basics, or if I can get away with it, fully bare faced. I don't don a lot of coverup or colour as it is, but on Sunday's there's not a sweep of shadow, slick of mascara, or base of foundation to be seen. It's the ultimate no makeup, makeup day in my diary, super natural and barely detectable but there just in case any unplanned-for situations arise... 

18 April 2014

Skincare Just In

Taking the one in, one out rule into account, I hadn't welcomed any new skincare additions until I'd further expanded my 'empties' pile recently with another four well used-up products. A bout of online shopping, a trip to Boots and a couple of Cult Beauty orders later, those had been replaced with four items that I've had scribbled on my wish list for a long time - I guess that makes it four out, four in, right?...

16 April 2014

When In Doubt, These Products Come Out...

There's a time and a place for a little bit of experimental makeup, for me it seems to be pre-cleanse just before I head off to bed - don't ask - I've found myself up in front of my dressing table mirror in the early hours of the morning fully involved in a product party a few too many times before. Hey, that's ok, but other times it's maybe best if you stick to what you know, play it safe - luckily enough, I've got some holy grails that have my back for when I become stuck in a bit of a beauty rut, all situations covered, and in those times of doubt, these are the products that get brought out...

13 April 2014

The Best Lacquer Brush Debate

Back in the early beauty days, I wouldn't be able to reel off any brands of bottled up nail colour (Claire's Accessories as an exception), let alone be able to tell the difference between a quality brush and a cruddy one. After years of revamping and varnishing others fingertips on a near-daily basis, I feel I now know a good lacquer applicator when I see one. Hear me out, my current bulging box of bottles is made up of all sorts but have a rummage through and you'll sense a recurring theme as the following three get best brush bonus points...

12 April 2014

Five Beauty Highlights: Week #9

This past week via Instagram: @jessicabeautician

6 April 2014

Estee Lauder's Clear Difference Trio

There's a blemish banishing bandwagon currently making its way around the beauty world and Estee Lauder's skincare latest, the Clear Difference range*, is the next to hop aboard. Made up of a treatment trio, the collection is aimed at ladies who sometimes find themselves and their skin in a spot of bother *raises hand* - Me? I’d slot my skin in the ‘normal/combination’ category; leaning slightly towards the dry side of things with the odd pesky pimple (or three). With that said, let's see what we've got here...

2 April 2014

March Favourites

Well this has crept up rather sneakily, eh? Yup, it's that time again, my monthly roundup for March has arrived and it's jam packed with the beauty bits I've been currently love, love, larrrving. After giving February a miss, it feels good to film what is my favourite form of video again and this time you'll find a little bit of everything including matte lip offerings that are surprisingly moisturising unlike other contenders, 'a good hair day in a can' and the face masks that will temporarily leave you looking like you're about to play a part in the next big horror movie - but they're well worth the jokes and results...
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