31 March 2014

The Makeup Bag Spring Clean

'Tis prime time for a regime spring clean and before I get to work on the current makeup mess that has taken over my MUJI stack, I'm dipping my toes in at the shallow end by sorting out the lot in my on-the-go kit that I usually lug about. I like to think I start off on the right foot with a somewhat organised array but before I know it, my makeup pouch has magically built up quite the collection of cosmetic clutter and it's got to a point where I find myself  blushing - and not in a good way - when my friends have a nosey poke about when it's pulled out. Let's crack on...

21 March 2014

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil

After months of being nudged in the direction of coconut oil, I finally picked up a pot and I've been asking myself one question only since: where have you been all my life? With high levels of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory Lauric Acid and anti-oxidant properties, it really is just cold-pressed, unrefined, 100% organic, extra virgin heaven in a tub. Sidenote: The 'refined' stuff has additives and is put through processes that remove some of the natural compounds that make it so healthy, so unrefined is your best bet - it is pretty funky looking though, I first thought something was up with mine but that's just the way it is. Now cooking uses aside, it boasts a whole load of beauty benefits. Here goes...

20 March 2014

Oribe Thick Dry Finishing Spray

With three of their styling spruce-ups newly joining my ever present Dry Texturizing Spray, I can only say things have turned a little Oribe-centric within my haircare hoard. First up, the Thick Dry Finishing Spray. Now, I'd be lying if the words 'thick' and 'finishing' didn't contribute to my purchase - anything that promises to oomph up and top off my limp and lifeless bonce will only have me handing over my card in a matter of minutes. With that said, here's its report card...

14 March 2014

One Brush, Multiple Uses

I can't recall myself mentioning recently just how much the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush has changed my makeup application life, can you? Okay sorry - but for now I promise to shut up until the next rave opportunity arises as I've dedicated a whole clip to the one tool that rules my applicator roost. Seven products, one brush; you've already heard about it in this multitasking products video, I hinted at how space-saving it is for travel and so the suggestion of a tutorial on how I use it with other products aside from my main face base seemed to go down a treat...

7 March 2014

The Beauty Hybrids

Good makeup starts with good skin, non? Even better when found together in a tube. We've been there, seen that with the whole face product phenomenon that is the BB cream, not forgetting the original tinted moisturiser, but the hybrid concept which sees the best of both skincare and makeup worlds fused into one is becoming an increasingly popular category for more cosmetics to drop into. It's gone far and wide, but the sciencey stuff behind the following lot has really had my beauty taste buds tingling...

6 March 2014

Follow JessicaBeautician On-The-Go

Hands up if you're a deep-in-social-media head-burier when out and about? (my hand is firmly in the air BTW). Then I've got good news for you - it's taken way too long, but yesterday I had a go at altering 'Jessica Beautician' into on-the-go friendly version for all your techy devices. No more eye squints or zooming in, alright maybe a little zooming in, but it's definitely a less chaotic, more readable layout to keep on top of my posts. And whilst we're on the topic, I thought I'd give you an idea on where to find me via a whole load of other platform apps, if not already loaded, when you're parted from your desktop...

4 March 2014

The Best Asian Beauty Buys

Now before you race to my Twitter feed for live travel updates, I'm afraid haven't snuck off on holiday halfway across the world. Instead, my good gal pal Diane all the way over in Singapore kindly asked if there were any Asian cosmetic goodies I'd be keen on sampling - ''Sheet masks, sheet masks and more sheet masks please'' was my response - the girl knows her stuff, so I trust that she'd choose what's best, and as loverrrly as she is, my package also came padded out with an array of other Asian beauty bits. What a babe...

3 March 2014

Diptyque Candle Jars Resurrected

A Diptyque obsession is not a healthy one to have. I'm sure the candle collectors amongst you will dutifully nod your heads in agreement. At a costly price a pop, striking a match to its wick causes my wallet to let out a tragic weep, every. single. time. But it's not all bad - a sad day when your fragrant fave finally bites the dust, yes, but at the same time, one Diptyque candle loss equals one storage jar gain. A quick Google search would suggest there are many ways they can be resurrected following the after burn, but I thought I'd throw in my two pence worth anyway. P.s is it wrong I contemplated keeping the sooty ombré effect?...

2 March 2014

Beauty Supplements, Seeds & Vitamins

I'm a biggie for supplements, down the hatch with them - they fill in the gaps for all the essential things we might be missing out on and generally come with a plethora of health benefits. Now I'm no nutritionalist, but being a pescetarian (a veggie who still eats some fish and seafood) I feel I have to target my supplement needs to my body, I dip in and out of them all the time, but these are the main wonder workers and are what I find currently work for me. Here goes...
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