26 February 2014

A Week in Skin Food: #5

The time has come for the next post in skin food - edited down to the top six eats of the last week; a breakfast, snack, lunch, drink/dessert, second snack and dinner, either homemade or out and about. Heads up: I’m no nutritionist but I'm a big believer in 'clean eating' principles and feel these fit the bill for ''you are what you eat''. Heads up again: I'm a pestacarian me, so I'm afraid everything you see is strictly meat free... 

A Spot of Space NK Shopping...

You know the deal, here and there the odd purchase trickles in, but sometimes, just sometimes, then comes along one big urge to spurge - exactly, what happened to me last week when strolling past my happy-but-most-dangerous-place-ever that is Space NK. Yep, it's safe to say my card felt the full force in here alone, but also thrown in are the Sephora bits I picked up unexpectedly whilst away last month and the results of a recent trip to Boots. Whoops...

24 February 2014

The Perfect Perricone Pairing

New skincare members are always warmly welcomed to my stash, but after a three-week-or-so road test I'm able to make up my mind as to whether or not they're a stayer or a goer. Though the odd mask may have mingled its way in and a few cleansers joined the clan, things have been pretty samey, samey on the moisturiser and serum side of things as of late, and so I've been trailing something new for each of these categories over the past few weeks - my decision was made in an instant, this Dr Perricone pair is well and truly staying put...

23 February 2014

Five Beauty Highlights: Week #7


The MUJI Beauty Event

Let's rewind back to Tuesday night where I hot footed my way down to the MUJI Oxford St store in London; flutes of rosé were flowing, Shu Uemura makeup artists mustered up smoky eye makeovers and there were more stacks of acrylic storage than you could shake a stick at. The event was in fact in celebration of the drawers in question, which you'll now find as part of a beauty blogger themed storage bay across all UK stores - we all know, love and own 'em, right?...


17 February 2014

Log On and Repurchase

I'm not sure anything will ever beat the buzz of a beauty hall in the flesh; I'm all for the swooning, swatching, spritzing and sniffing, but what about the products you can't find stashed on the shop shelf? Ah yes, online shopping - home of the hard-to-track-down beauty buys in some cases - a couple of clicks here, a few keyboard taps there, my virtual basket is ready for the checkout and after handing over my card details, my online order is on my doorstep days later. Just as a few repurchases are on the horizon, I have to turn to my trusty laptop for some of my brand faves or products in particular, where surfing and shopping the interwebs is the only way to go...


15 February 2014

January Favourites

It didn't take long to scrape up the bits that did it for me through January; only an arsenal of pick-me-up type products could make the most miserable month of the year a little more bearable. Expect to see a golden glow giver which comes in with a much cheaper price tag than its high end look alike, some newcomers in skincare (yes, more skincare) and surprise, surprise there's a candle caught up in the mix too - what's a 'favourites' video from me without one, eh?...

11 February 2014

A Dozen Rose Beauty Gifts

February 14th - celebrate it or not - it's soon snuck up and for the last minute gift getters out there, I've somewhat got your back (thank me later). First things first, if you, or the person you're purchasing for is not a floral scent fan, then my Valentine's present edit probably won't be any of any use, as everything you see here is pretty rose centric. Whatever your relationship status, if you're planning a self-treat, treating a loved one or hoping and hinting that a loved one will treat you - forget a dozen red roses, here are a dozen carefully selected beauty bits that will outlast any Valentine's Day bouquet...

10 February 2014

Sarah Chapman Daily Essentials

You know how I feel about all things sample sized, and what better way to get a taste of a brand than a fortnights worth edit of their key products? This time it's all about Sarah Chapman and her Daily Essentials Collection - contents include four of her best beauty bits,  three of those award winners, plus a removal mitt all tucked up in a faux leather taupe pouch. After giving it a good road test on my travels, here's its final verdict; the 'needed', the 'not so needed' and the 'now on the 'to-try' list'...

5 February 2014

From Sample to Full Size

Nothing screams cute like pint-sized versions of my favourite products - Let's face it, it's those dinky beauties which lead me to make the full size splurge in the first place. Not only do they lend a helping hand making up your mind in terms of the 'do-I, don't I?' purchase plunge, they also make space-saving travel companions (meaning you can pack twice as much). In some cases, the full size has even lead me to sought after a sample of that product to keep me covered when I'm parted from my stash. Either way, here are some of my prized product picks in both little and large...

4 February 2014

Chia and its Beauty Benefits

Let's begin things with a bit of a chia lesson, shall we? Chia - little seeds of goodness basically, comes with a hefty dose of omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and protein, one of the best sources around. Also rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, it boasts a number of health and beauty benefits. Here's every reason why chia should be added to your diet, and not to mention your skincare stash...

3 February 2014

The Best Budget Face Mask?

I'd be telling porkies if I were to say every budget mask buy on the shelves of Boots has graced my face at some point, so it's a pretty bold claim I'm about to make in saying Una Brennan's Rose Hydrate Intense Moisture Mask is the best of the bunch, but stay with me now. Other contenders in my stash tend to come from the higher end of the price scale as I believe with skincare, you pay for quality and not everything from the drugstore will always compare. This trusty treatment however, is where I'm proved wrong - inexpensive yet effective and much akin to the more luxe lot after a scan of its contents...

1 February 2014

Five Beauty Highlights: Week #5


How to: Get Your Hit of Hyaluronic

Here's a little lesson on the stuff for starters: Produced in our bodies as its own hydrator and found naturally in the eyes, skin, joints and brain, Hyaluronic Acid is an anti-inflammatory, hydrating compound which decreases with age as we lose the ability to hold it, resulting in achier joints and drier complexions. It's something we can't be without - holding 1000 times its weight in water which keeps our skin plump and our joints moving. Lesson over, onto the products which are packed with a healthy dose of HA...
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