12 December 2014

10 Things to Wish For: Space NK

For the second instalment of my '10 Things to Wish For' series, we're heading virtually to one of my top spots for a bit of Christmas beauty shopping; the mothership that is Space NK.  Their present selection by the year is a good all-rounder, some exclusive to the store, others limited editions, and so whether it's for a little special something to add to your own wish list this year, or if you're looking to spoil that certain someone, I bring to you my Space NK gift edit, catering to all budget needs...


11 December 2014

Say Hello To Serozinc in The UK

If you haven't quite cottoned on in the past two days, it is my duty this morning to deliver what could just be the best beauty news of 2014; the skincare gods have taken note and answered all of our prayers, you ready? La Roche Posay's much coveted for can of zinc-y goodness, better known to us toner fanatics as Serozinc is making its way to UK shores and trust me, the struggle was real to keep tight lipped on this launch, so now that the big secret is out, let me shout this one from the beauty rooftops...

9 December 2014

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

With the most wonderful time of the year hiding around the corner, it can only mean one thing: My 2014 Christmas gift guide has arrived, and since a festive-themed jumper hasn't been part of my wardrobe attire for the past few years (I couldn't really film this in my Christmas onsie could I?), I prepped for the occasion instead by sporting the whole matching crimson lips and tips thing.  Makeup, candles, bath and body; there's suggestion to suit all, from stocking fillers to the go-all-out gifts covering a variety of price budgets, whether you're asking, or buying for the beauty product lover in your life (and that includes yourself)...

1 December 2014

Diptyque Insolite

Say it ain't so, but limited edition launches don't seem to send me too wild, and unless I know it's set to hang about, chances are it'll fly right over my head - here's where I eat my words, because when it comes down to Diptyque, things are different. I got a waft of a special offering weeks back, and ever since, my nostrils have craved another whiff, evidentially, sending me back for more (the struggle was real) and this time the purchase happened (through my mate Case, who offered to grab me one. Babe). The candle in question? Insolite; a limited edition exclusive to Liberty, meaning you won't get your paws on it elsewhere...

26 November 2014

Mini Beauty Haul & A Word on MyBeautyCompare.com

Two things in life make me very happy indeed: beauty products, and a bloomin' good deal on my beauty products - now say hello to MyBeautyCompare.com, a site I've recently been introduced to that caters for my love of the two. Think insurance comparison sites that feature in the ads on your tele (yawn), but only a heck of a lot more interesting, as this weighs up the best prices on your best loved beauty bits across the interweb and serves you up the top deal. I chat about it a lot more in depth in the video, before running through a show and tell of a few things I picked up in the hair, tool and skincare departments...

24 November 2014

10 Things to Wish For: Liberty London

To kick off my '10 Things to Wish For' series (side note: my annual gift guide in video form is soon to be heading your way), I've picked out a few present ideas from a virtual tour of the Liberty beauty haul, one of London's most magical havens to hit up for a spot of Christmas shopping. Some are exclusive to the store, others limited editions, and so whether it's for a little special something to add to your own wish list this year, or if you're looking to spoil that certain someone, here's my Liberty gift edit, catering to all budget needs...

11 November 2014

When Your Blogging Brain Has a Blank...

My New Years Resolution of churning out a new post on a daily basis has been a bit of a flop. Trying to run my own business, whilst blogging daily has all been a little too much to take on, and if I'm out-of-schedule-sync when a free moment to write comes about, my blogging brain can sometimes turn blank and I'm often left feeling a bit uninspired. It's something that comes in fits and starts, but when my ideas are lacking, there's usually three reliable steps I take to that start things off on the right foot again...

7 November 2014

October Favourites

Whilst gathering up my top beauty bits for the month of October, I not only realised that every member bar one are latest launches that I've been tried, tested and given the big thumbs up to, but also that an old lid palette love has well and truly been rediscovered after rehousing its contents in a revamped compact. Expect to see a healthy complexion housed in a bottle, my two bad skin day saviours and the fragrance that leaves you whiffing of the Great British seaside - it's true...

6 November 2014

3 Steps to Bye Bye Blemishes

I've more bad skin days than good recently; pesky, red under-the-skin lumps that don't seem to come to a head of any sort, but make you experience pain you thought never even existed (FYI I haven't yet been through childbirth) in the way of unwelcome appearances here, there and everywhere. In times like these, I avoid trialling anything new on the skincare front, instead sticking to what my complexion knows and loves - but I've allowed for one exception, La Roche Posay's Effaclar Anti-Blemish System. I'll fill you in, but as a heads up I now know where to turn when I find my skin in a future spot of bother...

5 November 2014

Get Ready With Me: A Late Summer Wedding

This is one GRWM that's been a long time coming - a friend's wedding that happened way back late summer, though my prep process for the big day has only just surfaced in video form. My apologies. Some of you may even recall the panic I let loose over my social media regarding an outfit that wouldn't leave me looking too 'sweaty betty' amid 40 degree heat  - basically, I struggle enough as it is with a wedding appropriate dress code, but I settled on a vibrant orange, knee-lenghth number, paired with a black clutch and block heels. Note the makeup used was chosen carefully to ensure everything stayed in-tact through the humidity, and my curled locks had to be doused in a weatherproof veil spritz to prevent it going all stuck-to-the-forehead on me before the night had even started. So whilst I exhale a sigh of relief, I'll let you see my start to finish transformation with your own eyes...

27 October 2014

The Week #1 | Moving Abroad & Airport Mini Haul

Say hello to a little taster vlog of what's maybe, just maybe, to come once the New Year rolls around. For those wondering why I spend most of my life at the airport, on a plane or out of the country, the clue's in the title with this one - yup, I'm moving abroad. Whilst my life is nowhere near interesting enough to do it daily, I thought highlight snippets from the previous seven days whittled down into one lengthy clip would be a good way to keep my family and friends in the loop with what I'm up to, as well as giving you a chance to join me on my new life journey. This past week sees me head to my home-away-from-home, where a few naughty, but some necessary, purchases were made along the way, to a Nutella-coated, waffle centric breakfast that ends the week - so whether or not this becomes a weekly thing as of 2015, I'm leaving for you to decide...

24 October 2014

Beauty Apps That Are Worth Downloading

I'm not about to get all techy on you, don't fret - in fact, I'd love to think I'm one of those people who really knows what they're doing with their iPhone, but I could probably count the amount of apps downloaded on both hands, one hands worth would, of course, somehow be beauty related. From voucher codes to a 'what's in your products' guide to a hydration levels diary (yup really), let me introduce you to five of the best beauty apps I've scrolled across that are actually worth the instalment process, and help to pass the time when every YouTube clip in your subscription box has been marked as 'watched'...

23 October 2014

Autumn Wardrobe Additions

You know those days, you have enough outfits to dress a small army of fashionistas, but when it really comes down to picking out a dress code day to day, you actually have nothing to wear? Yep. I've had a few too many of those floordrobe moments over the past couple of weeks - my closet was seriously lacking some top-half attire, I was in need of another pair of my favourite jeans and my autumn shoe selection was lacking in anything seasonally appropriate (I had nothing. No, really). One seriously shocking bank balance and an arm full of shopping bags later, I feel I've filled the gaps that needed to be filled within my autumn wardrobe, and in a true hauling fashion, a show and tell of my latest purchases has followed...

What's in My MAC Eyeshadow Palette?

Whilst my palette pack generally gets a good rotation, there's one build-it-yourself member I've had a fluctuating affair with since it started up, hence why I've found it mingling its way in towards the bottom of the pile. Alas, I treated the contents to a new sturdier home complete with transparent top and ever since the love for my personalised 15-pan heavy shadow selection has been rekindled, needless to say, packaging can be a beautiful, beautiful thing. Skimming over from top, middle and bottom, left to right, I welcome you to a tour of my MAC shadow palette...

22 October 2014

Five Things To Do Now It's Autumn

Autumn, is that you? Sunny daytimes with a slight crisp to the air just enough so to give me the excuse to cosy up in sweaters and light every candle in sight - personally, I've got to give it to this season for being my favourite of them all. With every new season, I'm welcoming a new series - something along the lines of 'Five Things You Can Do', each fitting the bill for that particular time of year and here's where it kicks off - a handful of tasks I advise you to make time for now that Autumn's arrived, beauty style of course...

21 October 2014

If You Buy One Fragrance This Month...

A perfume splurge that's been a long time coming, well, ever since it hit the strategically lit glass shelves last month (surely that's long enough?) is that of Jo Malone's Wood Sage and Sea Salt. Since welcoming Blackberry & Bay to my scent stocks so soon prior to its launch, I thought it'd be sensible to wait this one out a little while, that was, until this weekend when my cavings got the best of me and I left said dreamy counter, swinging iconic cream and black bag in hand, convincing myself this was a wait well worth while...

20 October 2014

Inflight No Makeup Makeup

Whittling down the beauty essentials for my hand luggage restrictions is something that I find quite the travelling task; it's usually bulging with the inducers that leave me feeling cool, calm and collected, as well as those that'll pick me up again prior to touch down. Now I'm not fussed what my appearance is like fighting my way through baggage reclaim, but a few clever touch ups just make me feel that little bit more human, include some serious skin friendly ingredients and don't meddle too much with the good stuff that's already been piled on...

9 October 2014

My Smoky Eye Essentials

Only on the odd occasion will I take up something smoky on my lids - day to day it's usually just a speedy wash with thanks to any one-sweep wonder - but when the night is right, I call on a few eye essentials to not only lend a helping hand along the way, but to also ensure everything's still well intact hours on. Preppers, primers, tidy-uppers, my masterpiece wouldn't look half as acceptable without this lot and said look is simply unachievable when they're not around. Bold lid lovers listen up, as it's time to meet my smoky eye favourites...

6 October 2014

Five Eye Brush Must Haves

Back in the day when my real makeup affair got underway, I was all for all things MAC - along with shadows, blush and lipsticks, here's where the beginnings of my tool collection amassed. Years of use later, and having endured many a Sunday brush laundry sessions, they've stayed true to their duties and still live up to the mark on a near daily basis. Of course, the 222 would be up there with the rest, but word on the street is that it's been discontinued. Why, MAC? Why?. Alas, these five eye guys play different roles in shadow application, all in good reason...

2 October 2014

Tanned Within The Hour

I'd say a good chunk of my career has been spent dousing client after client in the fake stuff - not to mention me and my work mates taking it in turns to get bronzed up after every late night Friday finish - so when I could, I vouched never to step foot near a St Tropez booth, that still left you whiffing of soggy digestives in the days to follow, ever again. A tube of Xen-Tan's Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe will always hold a special place, but when St Tropez released their latest, it'd been a while and I decided to put our differences aside to give it a try - plenty of trials and barely any errors later, that decision seriously surprised me. In a really good way...

29 September 2014

The Real Life Instagram Face Filters

Dear Instragram, I owe it to you - with the help of my favourite filters, you not only transform every picture into a prettier version of itself, but you make the whole selfie-taking process a heck of lot more flattering (kind of), to the point where I've thought long and hard about how to achieve this when you're not there to lend a hand. Case in point, here are the selected fair few products that get my complexion as close as possible to the complimentary lighting effects that a Valencia veil creates over my face (that's just my most selected filter FYI)...

24 September 2014

The Wonders of Oribe Sprays

I'd be lying if I told you I had a well-behaved head of hair, because well-behaved it truly ain't; refusing to cooperate on a daily basis, it's taken a while but my undone, with-a-swoosh-load-of-volume needs rest on a particular lock product line up. Styling wise, I've got it down to the sprays, that mainly come courtesy of the game changing brand that is Oribe - a collection that hasn't come cheap, but their prices are justified (kind of) because they do exactly what's said on their tins - here's every reason why Oribe sprays are all kinds of wonderful...


22 September 2014

John Lewis Autumn Fashion Magazine: My Top 5 Beauty Picks

With the releases of AW ranges piling in by the clothes heap load, John Lewis have published their online Autumn Fashion magazine, featuring not only staples for your wardrobe, but a seasonal beauty edit to go alongside it too. This time around, you can find the essentials to achieve this season's new mood; classic colour that's a taken a modern twist in the way of dusty blue shadow and low-shine red lips on healthy looking skin - and after virtually flicking my way straight there, I'm here to share my top five product picks from said edit...

19 September 2014

The Correcting Pen That Hides EVERYTHING

I'm all for a double-ended cosmetic; duo-doe-foot lip products, brow pencil-come-spooly sticks and twin-wand mascaras have all made it in my space-saving, travel friendly good books, but a dual-ended concealer? So this is new. This time round, the creamy crayon in question comes as the Correcting Pen from Tom Ford's Fall '14 Color Collection - it's rather special - and I think the fact that it's already been crowned a permanent line member has pretty much got that summed, and thumbed, up...

18 September 2014

All-Over-The-Lid Shadow Singles

On the (very) odd occasion I get great joy out of pulling up a chair in front of my dressing  table mirror to muster up the multi-step eye look; primer-lid-tear-duct-crease-browbone - the whole shebang. I'm putting that down to the fact that on a rushed day to day basis, I tend to swirl my finger through one does-it-all shade, sweep it on and give it a brief blend out. Simples. I own a handful of single shadows that are capable of pulling off the all-over-the-lid look - and yes, I get they're pretty much identical shade wise. Don't judge me...

17 September 2014

Diorskin Star Foundation

With copious amounts of foundation releases currently hitting high-end counters left, right and centre; YSL's Fusion Ink, Estée Lauder's Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Makeup and CHANEL's Vitaumiere Aqua Loose Powder to name but a few that come with mixed reviews, word on the street was that Dior's latest Star Foundation is all kinds of amazing and good write-up after good write-up got me too excited. Naturally, off I sauntered simply for a swatch and a possible (very possible) purchase - only then did the counter assistant give me the heads up that it's been the foundation being used on models at London's Fashion Week. SOLD.

12 September 2014

A GHD Upgrade

Recalling my heftiest hair related purchase back in the day, I begrudgingly parted with my card, swallowed hard and walked away with a feeling a whole lot lighter (on the bank balance front), though not a day went by where I regretted my GHD IV Styler buy, unlike the lot on my broken down, fizzled out or snagged-clumps-of-strands-as-they-glid pile. But with their 8th anniversary due to roll around, I've taken on the Eclipse in their place for the time being, just to see how things measure up...

8 September 2014

Two Trans-Seasonal Scents

The two newest additions to my fragrance wardrobe were purchased with all good intentions; mainly the intention to see me through each and every warm month we're blessed with, but with summer soon to be drawing to a close, there's no reason why these perfumes in particular can't see me right on into the Autumn too - not only because I haven't been able to stop misting myself in their aromas since said purchases were made, alternating from one day to the next, but also because both sit quite comfortably in the transseasonal scent category - basically, they're not getting put away anytime soon...

5 September 2014

The Does-It-All Body Lotion

As far as body care goes, a daily wash down and twice-weekly scrub up is the regular love that my limbs get, but body lotion? Here's where things come to a screeching halt (and that's not just the noise I make when standing starkers slathering on a cold cream). I think we all know my feelings for Perricone's skincare by now, so it wasn't going to be long until I extended the product miracles past my face, kicking things off with Cold Plasma Body, and just as predicted, it's a winner...

1 September 2014

August Favourites

Hello September, and where did you suddenly pop up from? I'm finding the fact that summer is almost over hard to gulp down, but before we roll into the new month, let's engage in a big ol' beauty round up from the previous. With my July picks haven been given a miss, I've also brought those into the mix to deliver you a nice little product-heavy favourites package. Expect to see appearances from my new seasonal scent, a haircare combo that's in my routine to stay and a body lotion that I just can't stop slapping on...

29 August 2014

Holiday Hair in a Tube

Take a scroll back through the family holiday photo album and there you'll find me, poolside, the straight-up lemon juice trick drenched though hair in an attempt to naturally lighten my strands - I won't lie, it worked and did somewhat bleach my blonde locks but along with it came sticky, acidic results that left things feeling heavy on the dry, brittle side. However, a less messier, new summer release to hit drugstore shelves is designed to deliver a sun-bleached look to your locks without the aforementioned downsides - L'Oreal's Casting Sunkiss Jellyand I deem it holiday hair in a tube...

22 August 2014

The 'I Just Got Back From Holiday' Look

It's a given - we feel at our upmost healthiest after a decent dose of sun, sea, sand and cocktails (okay, maybe not the latter) but bronzed up limbs, lightened locks and the general given glow sure enough leave you looking great, and if I can say so, rather smug, especially when watching the pasty pale passengers board the plane you've just stepped off. So whether you're faking the 'I just got back from holiday' look altogether or topping up what you've already achieved, here are my product suggestions to bring into play...

19 August 2014

Bumble's Invisible Oil Line Latest Members

Sitting up high on their Top Sellers list, Bumble & bumbles Hairdressers Invisible Oil gets nothing but good write-ups, so it comes as no shocker that they've extended the line with three new Invisible Oil family members; a shampoo, conditioner and a does-it-all primer. With the same silky outcome in mind, they're designed to work in tandem, completely transforming tresses of all kinds. Now I've never had a taste for the original oil but I could only imagine if it's really that good, this trio was worth a try...

17 August 2014

Oribe Apres Beach Spray

A couple of months back, a new member to my Oribe family was purchased well in advance with the intention of it being preserved until sunnier, summer days - I think that time is now, you agree? More so that I'm currently within a close proximity to sea and sand, this can comes into play perfectly and has been preening my hair pre-beach day - that's your clue right there - here's how it measures up to its sister spritzes...

14 August 2014

Duty Free Damage and Sephora Spends...

What better activity to do than scour the heavily discounted, duty free shops whilst waiting to board your flight? It's a dangerous thing waiting to happen and is just not, not gonna happen - as a regular flyer, you'd think I would've learnt my lesson by now. Nope. Since discovering Boots offer delivery to your departure airport of choice (genius) I made sure to stock up on my basic essentials allowing for even more toiletries that needn't take up extra space in my luggage. And since arrival at our new apartment, it took me a mere couple of days to work out there's a Sephora about a 10 minute bus journey away. Uh. Oh. The video says it all...

Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Palette Makes a Comeback

Flick back the calendar 8 months to January, where I tried (and failed big time) at tracking down a certain cosmetic compact that I'd planned to spend my Christmas present pennies on. The compact in question being Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Palette - there was no such luck simply because it was labeled a limited edition number and was snapped up by every highlight-lover who could get their paws on it. Now you can only imagine the squeals expressed when I saw this had permanently returned on the Sephora site, and soon after stocked in UK Space NK stores - I assure you I had no problem putting those pennies towards another something, but let's just say a mid-year Christmas-present-to-self went down...

12 August 2014

Packaging with Benefits

Nothing floats my product packaging boat more than something pretty, but practically speaking, when it comes to skincare packaging, functional > pretty. Of course, it really comes down to what's on the inside, but a product that's had some well-thought-out packaging always bared in mind. From press tops to pumps, spatulas to pipettes,  heck - even packaging with added sun protection? Yep, there really is such a thing - Here's my bonus-points-awarded container round up...

3 August 2014

A Few More Disappointments...

I'm afraid my inner debbie-downer has been released for this Sunday's video as I'm back with another bunch of beauty disappointments. It's been a fair while and that's because it's pretty rare a product will get a finalised thumbs down from me, but I've been throwing these duds into a pile of their own and it got to a point where I thought a sum-up was in order. Things aren't all too doom and gloom though, as to perk it all up a bit I painted my nails a nice shade of pink (Essie's Haute in the Heat from the Summer '14 collection FYI) - that's got to put a cheery smile on anyone's face, non? And as a heads up, I've got a long ol' video 'to-do's' list that I plan to get cracking with whilst I'm away over the next few weeks - uploads are gonna get regular. Stay tuned...

28 July 2014

Speed Brow, Meet Gimme Brow

Sometimes there just aren’t enough minutes in the day to brow fill stroke by stroke, and while we all have steps in our makeup that we practice and perfect, the two framers that perch above my peepers have become mine. I just lurve eyebrows. Benefit have always had me (lightly) covered with a quick slick when needed, but that quick slick amongst the range now has a new contender to deal and in my eyes, there's only one winner, but for the sake of a Speed Brow vs Gimme Brow showdown, let the brow battle commence...

27 July 2014

Clinique's Take on The Clarisonic

Just as the whole cleansing brush concept fad had calmed down within the skincare world, Clinique bring their latest, and debut at that, innovation device to the table. Deemed a 'skin changer' and designed to work in synergy with their original 3-Step product routine, the Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush is unlike anything the brand has brought out before - so much so, they even roped in help from a Swiss toothbrush manufacturer with sonic techno knowledge, yes really. With that said, here's it's report card...

24 July 2014

If You Can't Get Hold of Those, Try These...

Firmly on my state-side shopping list when I took a trip to NYC last summer were the L'Oreal Infallible shadows - if I recall correctly, less than three days after touching down I left CVS, swinging carrier in hand that contained two of these babies. These pressed pigments are indeed stocked on our home drugstore shelves too, but across the pond there's a few more selected shades that aren't part of our range. However, if a trip to the US isn't on your cards anytime soon, frown not because L'Oreal's latest release is a very close match...

22 July 2014

Indeed Labs' Hydraluron Latest

Indeed Labs fans, listen up - for they have only gone and added another moisturising member to the Hydraluron family. With their Moisture Boosting Serum being one of the biggest stirs I've heard in the skincare world, followed by the solution-soaked sheet masks, surely it wasn't going to be long before a finishing stage was thrown into the works, non? Well our last-step prep prayers have been answered - here we have it, the Hydraluron Moisture Jelly, completing the hydrating threesome - you know what's headed next, because like it's littler siblings, this is did not disappoint...


20 July 2014

My Perricone Summer Essentials (& Giveaway!)

I think I've made it more than clear by now how I feel about Dr P and his pretty awesome product line up - the guy seriously knows his stuff - give me any excuse to have a Perricone related rave and I'll take it (as you well know). To those who are unaware of his genius-ness, for starters allow me to introduce to you my summer essential picks from the pack, a no brainer decision on my part; category wise, we have one number in on the body care front, a sun care, skincare staple and two no makeup makeup must-haves. And to further share a slice of the Perricone love, I'm handing out what you see here (and then some), just to give you an idea of what all my fuss is about...

18 July 2014

A Toner for Your Body?

Skincare aside for a sec, we're all familiar with chest-to-toe moisturisers, all-over exfoliators, maybe even the odd non-face mud mask, but a body toner? I don't know about you, but this is one that's new to me. Now I wouldn't declare myself a full-on 'bacne' sufferer but the odd pimply shoulder bump is enough to cause annoying all-angle mirror inspections and so with bikini/strappy/flesh-exposing clothing attire season in full swing, I've taken the spritz in question - Murad's Clarifying Body Spray - on a road test and merely a week in, the blemish banishing abilities have proven to be so pretty darn impressive that I've awarded it a write-up of its very own...


14 July 2014

Two New Benefit Buys

Benefit, it's been a while. So much so that it took me some deep thinking as to what my last purchase even was, but I've racked my brains back to the limited ed 3-way blush box from a few Christmas's ago (a frequent travelling cheek lovers dream). Releases since haven't picked up on my beauty radar but two of their latests sent out some strong signals that basically read: You. Need. 'em. Let me explain... 

11 July 2014

Makeup Kit Restock List

With my own cosmetics stash in mind, I rarely catch sight of pan on any product, let alone the separate makeup kit I have going on for work. A little of that used here, a bit more of that applied there, everything seems well circulated when I'm working on a good mix of skin tones and colourings and so it's even rarer that reoccurring repurchases are made. There are however, a handful of set essentials that are regularly re-added to my virtual basket when approaching their final days as my kit quite simply wouldn't be complete without them...

10 July 2014

June Favourites

Rewind back a couple of monthly round-ups where my April favourites were looking rather spring like, fast forward to my latest - my loves for the month of June - and the beauty product line-up would suggest summer has finally arrived (even though I sport a cozy sweater throughout). My season appropriate picks include a lighter version of a best-selling well-known-by-every-beauty-lover base, a water-resistant mascara for your brows and a one-hour, streak-free tan. Sound summery to you?...

9 July 2014

The Dupe for Hourglass' Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil?

I've lost count of how many products have graced my brows in the past week, let alone since my brow game got seriously strong - gels, pencils, tints and inks, you name them, they've enhanced them. The idea for this post was born when the pencil lid end of one of my newest choices was plucked off, initial thoughts reminded me all too much of Hourglass' double ended offering, not to mention the formula itself - eye framer lusters, wave hello to Pixi's Natural Brow Duo...

8 July 2014

The Oil Based Facial

In recent evenings, I've found myself stuck in a bit of a skincare routine rut, but a good rut - my (usually dry/dehydrated) complexion is the most content it's been in an age and I'm not gonna argue with that. The three main products in particular all have an oily something in common and the facial I've been drenching my skin in includes a cleansing oil, an oil balm and a treatment oil, and paired up in conjunction has swiftly rid the dry, flaky patches that cling to my chin and nose, rapidly reduced pesky breakouts and has just left things looking plump overall. This one's for everyone, that includes you oily skin gals - I've named it the oil-based facial...

4 July 2014

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Blushers

It doesn't come as much of a shocker that the whole chubby stick craze seems to be extending from lips to cheeks (I'm super excited for Clinique's upcoming Chubby Cheek offerings FYI) but until they're available to feast our paws on, fresh in on the drugstore front Soap & Glory have just dropped their Sexy Mother Blushers - the cheek colour sister to their Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks for lips, matching packaging with colour co-ordinating lids and all. Though their pout pencils have never skimmed my lips, nor has anything else from their cosmetics line graced my face for that matter, for my debut taste I think these were a pretty good place to start...
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