31 December 2013

My Makeup: New Year's Eve

If there's any excuse to load up the lips and lashes, it's NYE. My plans exactly. After a Muji stack re-shuffle party season stylee, I had a well-thought out theory of what'd be gracing my face on the night in question - shimmer, glitter and all the good stuff aside, longevity is key, and so sweat-proof, photo-ready picks had to be taken into consideration to ensure all would survive through the night. Here's what I'll be conjuring up...

27 December 2013

The Muji Drawers: Party Season Edition

My latest Muji stack rotation has come at ya with a bit of a difference, not only this time in video form, but as of late I've been scrabbling about for my 'save 'em for special occasions' picks, and thought more of a party season edit was in order as opposed to what would have been my Winter edition, being it very much party season with New Years just around the corner too. I've rounded up the glitter, the shimmer, the lashes and red lips, and topped up my triple-drawer tower ready to grab-and-go for all festive outings, so to take a peek at what's currently padding it out, hit the title at the top of the video to open a new tab for a full viewing. As always, all links, info and makeup mentioned has been typed-up in the description box below - enjoy! ...

17 December 2013

Christmas Comfort Candles

Calling fellow candle fiends, 'tis the season for prime burning time (though I'm a religious year-round burner myself) and nothing sums up a cosy evening in better than a roaring wick with a wintery whiff. My sickly-sweet cookie scented Yankee Candle days are long-gone, instead, I've stepped it up, striking a match to a more luxurious lot in a shrine-like surrounding. Pricer? Definitely. But they have every reason to be, and so I've put together an edit where I can take you for a virtual sniff of my Christmassy comforting candle trio...

15 December 2013

November Favourites

Better late than never, eh? My November favourites have finally rocked up, and this time I can't say they feature any rediscovered loves, as the bits you see here are all new to my brood - some may be recently-featured-on-the-blog-picks including a cleanser that works wonders (the clue is in its name), a foundation that comes in at first place on the base leader board for this brand and the blush that I've brushed on pretty much every autumn day since owning it. Then have a listen out for some unsung heroes; a travel friendly tool, which I've in fact been popping on my products with on a regular basis, a root refresher that has served a different purpose for my locks, as well as a whole bunch of hand and nail bits to sort out my mitts in these winter months. Click the title at the top of the video in the 'read more' section and that'll open up the video alone in a fresh new tab with all the links and info hiding away in the description box underneath. Enjoy! ...

9 December 2013

Two New Cleansers...

A switch-up has been lacking long-time on the skincare front, in particular within the cleansing department where things had turned a little too balmy and my morning routine reached the point where it was missing a main member. Those oilier offerings are still reserved for my end-of-the-day makeup removal, but for a quick AM cleanse I've welcomed two new creamy choices into my collection with open arms...

5 December 2013

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

Being a self-confessed product-aholic, I wasn't going to have my festive present picks any other way; a beauty junkies Christmas gift guide, for other beauty junkies. Wishlists at the ready ladies 'cause there's been some real corkers released this year - some sets mentioned are limited edition, Christmas exclusives, others are available year round but I still feel they'd be awesome ideas, and of course I couldn't scrimp on the candle front, so I've thrown in a few of those as well as a pile of beauty bibles all for good measure. Here's hoping every category has been covered with a wide price range and that you're able to pair up one or some of the featured gifts with any gals in your life, be it mother, girlfriend, wife or sister (heck, there might even be something in there for your Gran). Select the title at the top of the video, a new tab will open up and links to all things seen will be tucked away in the description box below. Enjoy!

4 December 2013

Nails Inc. My Nail Polish Diary

For all of us lacquer lovers, things don't get much more droolworthy than the likes of Ciate's Advent Calendar - a nail polish taster everyday, for 24 days? Yes please. However, spotted gracing the shelves behind my local Nails Inc.'s nail bar was their My Nail Polish Diary set, and I reckon it comes in as a pretty close contender - even if with a slightly different concept - housing twelve 10ml bottles featuring a bunch of best sellers, a number of new trend shades and first sightings of some special effect editions to come. A mini mani a day it is not, but a full-size varnish a month? I'll take it...
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