30 November 2013

Christmas Beauty Stocking Fillers

For the first instalment of my beauty lovers Christmas gift guide, I bring you the stocking fillers - the £20 or less lot which can be stuffed into a huge sock-shaped sack, or handed out individually as smaller under-the-tree presents. Whether it's for a fragrance fiend, a lacquer lover or a beauty book worm, there should be a bit of everything to tickle all of the above's taste buds, but keep an eye out for my main gift guide heading your way pretty soon, it contains some absolute crackers, until then - enjoy! ...

29 November 2013

Black Friday Beauty Sales

Side note: A sales rail raider I most definitely am not, so an online browse from the comfort of my own laptop is the way I tend to go about it. Across the pond, the biggest, busiest shopping day of the year has today rolled around, and although Thanksgiving isn't widely celebrated on UK turf,  this year the concept of Black Friday seems to have made its way on over to our shores more than ever - for non-US dwellers, think our Boxing Day deals but before the 25th - and I'm all for a slice of pre-Christmas beauty sales shopping. After a speedy scan around, I've gathered together an edit featuring some of the best Black Friday bargains...

23 November 2013

Top 10 Beauty Buys Under £10

The small fortune that has amassed on my Boots Advantage Card would suggest I love a good splurge in the drugstore, but send me there with a single crisp tenner in hand and a fair few gems soon come to mind which still fit the budget bill. I've clustered together my top ten product picks all for under £10 (minus a few exceptions... but hear me out) - some you may already be expecting if you're a regular watcher, but I've tried to chuck in a few unsung heroes as not to repeat my raves and rambles. Tap the title at the top of the video, a new tab will open up and the links to all the budget buys mentioned will be hiding away in that description box below. Enjoy! ...


15 November 2013

My Pick of Space NK's Christmas Gifts

The moment Space NK's Christmas Gift Guide fell through the letterbox with an almighty floor slap, I had funny feeling that my list for Santa was gonna get a whole lot lengthier. A quick flick through suggested exactly that, and a further study encouraged the idea for this post. Some suggestions are tried, tested and highly recommended, others I can only imagine would make cracking gifts, so here are my top present picks from the catalogue to give to any gal in your life (or even just yourself)...

14 November 2013

The Non-Face Masks

Ahh masks, my biggest skincare weakness. But when the word crops up, I do tend to automatically associate it with the face, though they don't just stop there. My complexion collection is growing rather nicely, and now my non-face mask assemblage seems to be building-up just as big. Some may make you snort at the thought with laughter, others may leave you eager to sample for yourself, so without further ado, here's my head-to-toe (literally) edit of all things deep-cleaning, skin-renewing and ultra-hydrating...

13 November 2013

Essie's Winter '13 Minis

Last weeks lunch time trip to Boots resulted in me leaving not-so-empty handed, and what with a recent 3-for-2 offer across all cosmetics, I don't think I would have stood much of a chance anyway. Spotted on the shelves of an Essie stand was the new-just-in Winter '13 Collection, £12.99 a set and so into my basket it went. I think I can safely say I now have this years festive fingertips sorted...

9 November 2013

A Bit Disappointing...

Most of the time you'll be hearing me having a good ol' rant and rave about my latest beauty love, but I feel it's just as fair to share the duds which don't really do it for me. A few bits instantly sprung to mind when the idea for this video came about, others I had to have a dig into the depths of my cosmetic clutter where the products that don't so much float my boat are found hiding at the bottom. There's probably a few shockers in the mix, even from some of the best brands out there (Chanel this is you), and for whatever reason we just haven't got on, that's not saying they won't do it for you either, so if you've given anything from this lot a go and found better ways of making them work then share away. If you tap the title that's at the top of the video, a new clip will open up and you'll be able to take a look at the list of products, links and whatever else that's tucked up inside that description box. Enjoy!

1 November 2013

The Muji Drawers: Autumn Edition

My pick of the seasons makeup wise? It has to be autumn. I'm one for all things neutral and for me, this time of year sums that up over any other. Nude-toned cheeks, bronze lids and plum lips - you'll find all of the above stashed in my current Muji stack with an added slight post-summer glow thrown in for good measure. There's some oldies, newbies - heck, there's even some a come back from my Spring edition - I'll let you have a virtual rummage through my autumnal product array for yourselves...
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