31 October 2013

Kate Somerville's Guide to Complexion Perfection

Skincare obsessives, listen up. I apologise if my Kate Somerville ravings are getting a bit boring but I'm afraid there's plenty more where that came from. It obviously wasn't going to be too much longer before her book came into my grasps, and without wanting to give too much away, I thought I'd share exactly why I've deemed this a can't-put-it-down type book, so much so that I've often been up until the early hours, drowsy eyes fixed on Kate's skincare tips. Oh yes, this is definitely my kind of bedtime reading...

30 October 2013

October Favourites

Seeing as my September round-up was a bit of a no show, my October favourites is bulked-up a bit more than normal. There's a fair few beauty bits I've had a whole lot of love for lately, including a spur-of-the-moment airport purchase, several on-the-go handbag heroes, and two things that really won't come as much of a shocker if you're an Instagram or Twitter follower of mine - can you tell who my current fave person is yet? Oh and the words 'transitional shade' crop up at least a couple of times. Tap the title at the top of the video, a new tab will open up and you'll be able to view the list of products mentioned, links and all other info that's hiding in that description box. Enjoy! ...

29 October 2013

Ready in Twenty

I'll let you into a secret - I'm a leave-things-'til-the-last-minute kinda person, especially when it comes to getting ready (hence the lack of 'Get Ready With Me' type videos, I'm working on it). Here's an example for you: one morning this week I was more than happy busying myself in the kitchen, perfecting my pancake flipping skills when one glance at the clock suggested I had a mere twenty minutes to get myself out of the door, in a decent state. In these sorts of situations it goes a little something like this (and yes, I still had time for those pancakes)...

28 October 2013

My First Taste of Tata Harper

Recommendations from you lot are the best kind of recommendations. Aren't I nice, eh? It's true. My New York shopping list extended onto a whole new page when state side beauty suggestions came my way, but there was one comment which caused my ears to prick. Three words: All. Natural. Skincare. And one product in particular shot its way to the top of my 'to-buy's' - it took some hunting down and it was almost as if Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask and I weren't meant to cross the purchase path, but my last hope that was Bloomingdales had one remainder on the shelf - you can only imagine how speedy I snapped that up...

22 October 2013

The Discontinued and Their Dupes

It's just the way it goes, or so it seems; along comes a product, it may soon gain a 'staple' status then before you know it, it's snatched from within your reach. Vanished. Discontinued. No more. With limited edition pieces, we're aware this is will happen, but the permanents come with very little warning, if any, and I won't lie, it's a bit of a heart breaker (you feel me here?). There's a couple of cosmetics in my collection which I only wish would make a come back, but instead I'll have to make do with their dupes...

14 October 2013

The Awakeners

The sooner winter draws nearer, the harder I find it to detach myself from my duvet come morning. Somehow my cosy bed nest seems more appealing than the climates outside of my covers and it takes a bit (a lot) of willpower to part us - this is where my post-alarm clock product line-up comes in, making my AM wakeup call a little easier to cope with...

10 October 2013

Day to Night Touch Ups

An SPF base, a heavy duty concealer covering and light slick on the lashes - there wasn't a lot more to my face in the sweltering city of New York, though come evening I favoured fixing any makeup mishaps which have migrated in the heat, but without having to head back in the direction of my hotel room. So for late night eats of simply a wonder around (heck, this has even been achieved on an open-roof night tour bus) these are the 'top-up' cosmetic picks I lugged about in my bag...

6 October 2013

The Best Moisturiser... Ever?

... A super-sized statement, I know, I know but I'm feelin' brave enough to make it. It's a rare occurrence a that product will wow me over so much I'm considering a repurchase before I've even reached the halfway mark, but with my latest skincare discovery in question, this could just be because it's a toughie to track down (or it could be that I've fallen for the stuff. HARD. And fully feel the need to bulk-up on a bunch of backups...)

3 October 2013

NYC Bloomingdales & Pharmacy Haul

It wasn't only Sephora purchases padding out my luggage on the way back to the UK - oh no. I had a seperate shopping list for hard-to-get-hold-of drugstore makeup picks, US beauty based magazines and standard souvenirs, little brown bag anyone? Its not as lengthy as my latter uploaded haul but I got some good'uns nonetheless - click on the title at the top of the clip, a new tab will pop up for your viewing and links and all other info is there in the description box below. Enjoy!
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