29 September 2013

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

With an already lengthy Sephora list accompanying me on my US trip, I couldn't really afford to deduct my 'eats out' allowance in favour for any more beauty bits - who was I kidding? Cue the recent release of BECCA's Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector which hit state side shelves way before the UK - it would have been rude not to - though over on this side of the pond, we have to wait no longer as this much awaited release has now been stocked up on our BECCA stands. Sidenote: It may be worth an in store swatch before whipping out your wallet...

22 September 2013

Skincare Servings

There's no denying that you can get a little carried away, slap-it-on-happy when it comes to skincare. I'll hold my hands up and hang my head in shame, but at the end of a long day or if I'm generally slacking on application, I can tend to head down the smother it on and hope for the best kind of route, but that's not necessarily the way about it - cue the 'less is more' line, but this is too true. A little goes a long way if you make it and so portioning off your skincare into sensible sized servings prevents product wastage aplenty. Here's the guide I go by...

21 September 2013

NYC Sephora Haul

It would be the trip where I was to lose my Sephora virginity, but aside from a few window nose presses every time one came into my sights, I actually managed to hold off stepping foot inside a store for an entire week. And so when I eventually got some self-shopping time, I believe I deserved a reward (or ten *ahem*) - Oh yes, it's safe to say I went a little wild...

18 September 2013

Summer in the City

I've pre-warned before about my product over-packing, and if my New York toiletry bag was anything to go by, this would quite simply be summed up. A low down on all the beauty bits I lugged along would be a lengthy one indeed, so an edited version it is - here you have my recent holiday heroes, from head to toe for a short Summer break in the city...

13 September 2013

August Favourites

I know, I know, a Sephora haul was due next in line on the video front, but my August faves got in there first, even if a little overdue, but whilst away there were just a few too many newbies and rediscovers to skip a monthly round-up. My most loved makeup of the moment takes up the majority of the clip featuring a concealer which camouflages even my deepest darkest under eye circles (and trust me, that's a toughie), a bronzer to survive the heat and a tinted skin perfector, i.e flawless face in a tube - but the cosmetic bunch doesn't stop only at the complexion, oh no - there's a sun-kissed serum which goes as far as the legs, the arms or anywhere else you want a bit of a glow. So without further-a-do, click on the title at the top of the video underneath for it to pop up in a new tab and all things talked about are in the description box below. And I promise to not keep you waiting too much longer with the American beauty bits I bulked up my case with...

10 September 2013

Fig + Yarrow Underarm Lotion

I won't divulge too deep into perspiration issues, but just the thought of wearing a grey tee without having to sneak a peek in case of any pesky wet patches is a nice thought indeed, and that's sure enough the reason why a new deodorant with a difference discovery of mine has had me shouting from the sweat-free rooftops to any gals (or guys) in need of a godsend - oh yes, it's definitely been something worth flapping my arms about...

8 September 2013

Beauty Back Ups & Giveaway

There are just some products I couldn't bare to be without, so much so that I have a secret stash of back ups. When it comes to producing their final pumps worth, spritzing their last spritz or scraping the remnants from palettes or pots, I know I only have to take a trip to the depths of my beauty cupboard for a fresh replacement. You know my heap of holy grails by now, so here are a load more loves which don't get honourable mentions enough...

7 September 2013

The Heat Survivors

My face is kept pretty low-key the majority of the time, more so this time of year where no-makeup, makeup mode well and truly sets in. Simply slapping on the SPF would seem sensible enough, but I like to think I can rely on a light layering of coverage and a colour kick without it smudging, budging or melting when I do fancy a bit of extra sumthin' sumthin' - and for that, there's a fair handful (or two) of products which sure enough survive the heat...

6 September 2013

Bright Lips, Big City

Injecting a loud coloured pout into my made-up face isn't a regular affair, but given the chance to wear a lively lip, I'll quite happily glide away, give it a mirror glance and then wonder why this doesn't occur more often. Shades like these look all the more awesome with a tan, and since I've managed to catch some rays, my limbs are looking on the bronzed-up side of proceedings meaning the bolder lip picks came out to play and what with the bright lights going on in Times Square, I seemed to fit in pretty well...

4 September 2013

Perfect Legs in a Pump

When the occasion for some limb exposure occurs, I find myself in a flurry of panic. Pale, pasty with dry patches - the describing words which sum up the state of my legs most of the time. A quick-fix beautifier that comes into play when I haven't had the time to prep is the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle, a hint of tint paired with skin perfecting properties and this stuff does exactly what it says on the tube...

3 September 2013

Clinique City Block Sheer

Makeup wise, Clinique never fail to win me over; Chubby Sticks for lids and lips, a mascara especially for lower lashes and nail enamel with a message on sensitivity - but when it comes to their skincare, not so much. Even at the tender age of 16, I'm afraid their 3-Step Cleansing System got a wobbly thumbs up from me as my first premium skincare purchases, however, after much persuasion from a counter assistant, I handed over the rest of my pocket money to pick up a protecting suncare product, now that's a different story - hence why, though it's been a while, I've rekindled my love for a new tube of the stuff this Summer...
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