22 August 2013

In for the Long Haul

Look out, that Muji pouch is about again - this time packed with heavily hydrating, snooze inducing products to get me through a long haul, night flight. A total of 12 hours travelling later, I've touched down in NYC, but with a good chunk of that time spent up in the clouds, what better way to pass the time than by bringing out a tray-table beauty ritual whilst glued to the latest film and scoffing actually alright plane food? Standard. Here's what happened up high...


Pre-City Break Pamper

It's become a tradition - the evening before jetting off overseas comes the pre-holiday pamper. This time a lengthy city break is happening and with a busy work week beforehand, then a long haul night flight and two weeks of a whole lotta walking all in the mix, a full on at-home ritual was sure enough on the cards - here's the deeds of what went down, head-to-toe...

10 August 2013

Beauty Myths Debunked

The rights and wrongs of the beauty world can be toughies to detangle - fables which float around that are completely misleading, and sometimes there's an explanation behind it. A pretty simple one. Take 'em or leave 'em, I've had a go at debunking some commonly queried method myths after a combo of trials, errors and a build-up of beauty knowledge...

5 August 2013

July Favourites

Sticking to a strict spending ban in recent weeks has meant only one thing, shopping my already well-stocked stash - sprees going right out of the window (minus a couple of exceptions *ahem*). The majority of this lot are rooted-out rediscoveries, featuring a tube of the fake stuff which serves up a natural, olive toned-tan, a dewy, fresh looking foundation that I've deemed Summer perfection and a few shades in my go-to glide-on liners. The few newer numbers include the latest member to my balmy army and the one brush I don't quite know how I've been without until now. Click on the title at the top of the video below, it will throw open a new tab for your viewing and all products I've had a ramble about are written in the description box. There's also a possible video idea I mention at the end - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one, so get 'yaying' or 'neighing' away...

4 August 2013

Bliss Do Travel Friendly Firm Faves

...And what better timing with few gaps in need of padding out in my travel toiletry pouch just before I jet off. In the beauty world, not a lot beats cute looking down-sized versions of your full-size stash members, and Bliss have done just that with their firm favourite miniatures*, whittling down their bulkier best sellers into luggage space saving bottles, tubs and tubes - these are some of the ones to make the capsule collection cut...

2 August 2013

Sun Protection Picks

Ah suncare, where to start? The younger version of me would often dread this drawn-out step but I've since realised its importance against slowing up lines, wrinkles and all those ageing dangers. Being fair haired and light eyed I seriously have to slap the stuff on and my daily face now gets some sort of shield in the form of a moisturiser or base, then when the real rays come out to play I bring out the big guns, body and all - though it may still be an effort, this bunch make application a breeze, offer both UVA and UVB protection, and pass the test for the prevention of pinky limbs ...

1 August 2013

Yu-Be Skin Moisturising Cream

You know me and my multi-taskers, I'm always on the look out for the next best beauty buy with do-it-all duties. They can't be faulted as lug about companions and my most recent hunt-down fits the bill for that pretty perfectly - cue a travel friendly tube of glycerin goodness...
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