26 May 2013

The Online French Pharmacy

The French brands just bring it when it comes to skincare. Over here a decent array of those are easily accessible both online and in certain stores, but we seem to pay a heftier price tag. My latest (and dangerous) site discovery LeGuideSante.co.uk is France-based but provide us UK gals with the majority of pharmacy faves that you'd find on the shelves of a Parisian chemist, for the same rates at that. They don't hold it all but their brand directory is brimming with real gems, some of which I haven't been able to track down any where else other than if you were to make that trek across the channel. It's the start of many sprees, but here's what hopped into my virtual basket this time...


22 May 2013

Best of British Beauty

The grass is always greener on the other side it may seem, probably one reason why I tend to spend a good chunk of time scouring sites for a glimmer of hope that they're able to ship hard-to-track-down cult cosmetics from across the pond in my direction, but first world product problems aside, we've got a fair few good'uns ourselves over here, and so I've brought together a bundle of what I think are the best British beauty brands - there's a lot of 'em. Hit the title at the top of the video below, it'll pop up a new tab to view on YouTube where I've left links to everything mentioned in the description box at the bottom. Patriotism and product pushing all rolled into one rambly reel... Oh yes.


16 May 2013

Inside the Overnight Pouch

For holidays, I'm a self confessed product over-packer, but when it comes overnight stays, if anything I'll under-pack and for a recent stop-off in London it was the same old story. For skin, hair and body care, it usually goes something along the lines of me whittling down a wad of samples which are stashed especially for these kinda occasions. They'll make for a mini in-hotel-room beauty ritual, but not only that, they're space saving and won't add a load to your luggage, allowing more room for armful after armful of those shopping bags...

11 May 2013

Best of: Spring 2013 Releases

Anything that's labelled 'limited edition' usually sends the majority of us beauty fiends into a  wild frenzy, but I can't say I'm one for something that doesn't stick around for too long, however some of this seasons most sought after stand-outs captivated my cosmetic taste buds, and here to stay or not, these are my Spring picks that made the 'best of collections' cut...


9 May 2013

Long-Lasting Beauty Buys

Melting base makeup, migrating mascara and bleeding lippy - we've all been there, suffered that and have the cringe-worthy snaps to prove it. Whipping out a mirror for an on-the-go face inspection is one thing I'm guilty of but there's not always the time for touch-ups, so to prevent the latter explained makeup mishaps from happening, I've gathered up my first group of products with promising long-lasting properties, they've been tried, tested and have my own personal stamp of staying power approval...

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