30 April 2013

The Bedside Pamper

It happens, I'll (not very) often end up slipping under the sheets before my beauty routine has fully finished and it takes a lot to tear me away again. Before the latter explained occasion occurs, I'll now grab my group of over-night miracle makers which can be thrown on, left to soak in and do their thing - no need for a bathroom sink in sight. These, paired with my beside staples all at arms-length mean I can complete my pamper proceedings in the comfort of my covers...

24 April 2013

Skincare Spring Clean

After a round-up of my seasonal makeup picks, I was soon in the mood for a Spring clean of my skincare stash. Weaning myself off a Winter ritual of staple serums, glorious oils and nourishing over-night masks that I couldn't have been without over the colder months meant bringing in some, still hydrating, but more brightening members to my beauty regimen...


22 April 2013

Anastasia Brow Wiz

I admit, brows were once a step I'd completely skip - although I'd keep them tamed with tweezing, anything in the way of shading, filling and elongating was always overlooked. I've since dabbled with powder palettes, tinted gels and fine-tipped felt pens but nothing comes close to my latest discovery to help frame my face...


14 April 2013

Spring Pedi Prep

The moment the sandal worthy weather makes an appearance, the bulk of my boots and slipper socks become buried in the depths of my wardrobe whilst I'm out parading a new lick of pedicure paint - let's face it, the only Winter treat for my feet is a lashing of lotion so the soaking, scrubbing and smoothing that comes as part of my Spring pedi prep is a luxury to say the least...


11 April 2013

1 Soap, 18 Uses...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love me a multi-purpose product and nothing quite does 'multi-purpose' like a single soapy substance which serves up eighteen uses - cue a trusty bottle of Dr Bronner's 18-in-1 Pure Castile Liquid Soap. With a wide selection on the shelves, there's a scent to suit everyone, the bundle of benefits are endless - eighteen really being an estimate...


9 April 2013

My Makeup: Upper Lashes Only

Mid-makeup application I'll often step back from my magnified mirror, tilt my head and study the creation on my face I've so far conjured up. For the occasional change, I'll skip loading my lower lashes with mascara and play on the upper area - sometimes it works, other times it won't and can depend on the array that's already on your eyes, but as part of the low-key, fresh-face I tend to favour, I have to say I'm feelin' it...


7 April 2013

The Muji Drawers: Spring Edition

Spring for me screams pretty pinks, peaches and pastels, paired with my daily dose of bold brows and a natural complexion. Seeing as signs of the season may have just about 'sprung', I wasted no time in stocking up my go-to makeup Muji stack with the Spring picks I'm hoping to make the most of for the next couple of months. Here's what it'll be housing...

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