27 March 2013

3''' More Inches?

As a general rule, any form of heat styling, blow-drying or unnecessary dyeing is avoided when possible in an attempt to save my strands, even so, my mid-lengths to ends still tend to snap, leaving me with shorter strays on top and hard-to-tame tufts around the hairline. Quick sidenote: my hair is fine and there's a load of it, I don't deem it overly dry or damaged, but it definitely doesn't let a bit of extra tender loving treatment go amiss given the chance...

24 March 2013

Day to Night with NARS 'And God Created The Woman'

Another day, another palette release and this one comes as one of two Spring specials from NARS - enter the 'And God Created The Woman' eye kit, featuring some of their best selling shades served up in a convenient compact. I'm not really one for anything labelled 'limited edition' but this sure could have started something and with plenty of notebook scribbles of shades I've wanted to try as a NARS shadow newbie, this seemed a pretty good place to start...


22 March 2013

My Makeup: Simple Spring Face

Spring may not have quite sprung yet but I for one am certainly in the mood for a de-clutter and clean of my collection. Rubbish weather aside, the seasonal appropriate shades have been whipped out and there have been a few product picks in particular which will no doubt be gracing my face over the next few months for a super simple, suits anyone, Spring makeup...


20 March 2013

The Deep Sleep Solutions

I seem to recall a friend was once left amazed at the beauty products stashed on my bedside - it only consisted of a tub of moisturiser, a blemish stick and lip balm, but my 14 year old on-the-brink-of-becoming-beauty-obsessed self seemed to think that it was perfectly normal. It's since expanded with bedtime ritual essentials and has become overflown with a bunch of 'deep sleep aiders'. Lets clear this up, I have no problem nodding off, yet I still find myself reaching for this lot night after night, yes this could all be up there in yer head but I can report that, for me, this works, this really works. 

16 March 2013

Pre-Mascara Primers

Day-to-day, I'm all about lengthened lashes as part of my minimal makeup look, but the odd occasion occurs when I'll fancy the thickness for a full and fluttery effect, for this the first step is in the prep and that all comes down to pre-mascara primers...


1 March 2013

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks

Just when I thought Bobbi couldn't do any better - first with all benefits of the infamous potted gel liner finally being released as a pencil product, she's only now gone and added to the 'long-wear' line with the original cream shadow formula in a portable, twist-up stick. If anything, I prefer a quick slick of shadow in the creamy kind, but when it comes to the jar-packaged sort I find they soon dry-up and shrivel within their surroundings, making them all the more tricky to blend - this, however, is easy to apply, creamy colour in an instance...

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