31 December 2013

My Makeup: New Year's Eve

If there's any excuse to load up the lips and lashes, it's NYE. My plans exactly. After a Muji stack re-shuffle party season stylee, I had a well-thought out theory of what'd be gracing my face on the night in question - shimmer, glitter and all the good stuff aside, longevity is key, and so sweat-proof, photo-ready picks had to be taken into consideration to ensure all would survive through the night. Here's what I'll be conjuring up...

27 December 2013

The Muji Drawers: Party Season Edition

My latest Muji stack rotation has come at ya with a bit of a difference, not only this time in video form, but as of late I've been scrabbling about for my 'save 'em for special occasions' picks, and thought more of a party season edit was in order as opposed to what would have been my Winter edition, being it very much party season with New Years just around the corner too. I've rounded up the glitter, the shimmer, the lashes and red lips, and topped up my triple-drawer tower ready to grab-and-go for all festive outings, so to take a peek at what's currently padding it out, hit the title at the top of the video to open a new tab for a full viewing. As always, all links, info and makeup mentioned has been typed-up in the description box below - enjoy! ...

17 December 2013

Christmas Comfort Candles

Calling fellow candle fiends, 'tis the season for prime burning time (though I'm a religious year-round burner myself) and nothing sums up a cosy evening in better than a roaring wick with a wintery whiff. My sickly-sweet cookie scented Yankee Candle days are long-gone, instead, I've stepped it up, striking a match to a more luxurious lot in a shrine-like surrounding. Pricer? Definitely. But they have every reason to be, and so I've put together an edit where I can take you for a virtual sniff of my Christmassy comforting candle trio...

15 December 2013

November Favourites

Better late than never, eh? My November favourites have finally rocked up, and this time I can't say they feature any rediscovered loves, as the bits you see here are all new to my brood - some may be recently-featured-on-the-blog-picks including a cleanser that works wonders (the clue is in its name), a foundation that comes in at first place on the base leader board for this brand and the blush that I've brushed on pretty much every autumn day since owning it. Then have a listen out for some unsung heroes; a travel friendly tool, which I've in fact been popping on my products with on a regular basis, a root refresher that has served a different purpose for my locks, as well as a whole bunch of hand and nail bits to sort out my mitts in these winter months. Click the title at the top of the video in the 'read more' section and that'll open up the video alone in a fresh new tab with all the links and info hiding away in the description box underneath. Enjoy! ...

9 December 2013

Two New Cleansers...

A switch-up has been lacking long-time on the skincare front, in particular within the cleansing department where things had turned a little too balmy and my morning routine reached the point where it was missing a main member. Those oilier offerings are still reserved for my end-of-the-day makeup removal, but for a quick AM cleanse I've welcomed two new creamy choices into my collection with open arms...

5 December 2013

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide

Being a self-confessed product-aholic, I wasn't going to have my festive present picks any other way; a beauty junkies Christmas gift guide, for other beauty junkies. Wishlists at the ready ladies 'cause there's been some real corkers released this year - some sets mentioned are limited edition, Christmas exclusives, others are available year round but I still feel they'd be awesome ideas, and of course I couldn't scrimp on the candle front, so I've thrown in a few of those as well as a pile of beauty bibles all for good measure. Here's hoping every category has been covered with a wide price range and that you're able to pair up one or some of the featured gifts with any gals in your life, be it mother, girlfriend, wife or sister (heck, there might even be something in there for your Gran). Select the title at the top of the video, a new tab will open up and links to all things seen will be tucked away in the description box below. Enjoy!

4 December 2013

Nails Inc. My Nail Polish Diary

For all of us lacquer lovers, things don't get much more droolworthy than the likes of Ciate's Advent Calendar - a nail polish taster everyday, for 24 days? Yes please. However, spotted gracing the shelves behind my local Nails Inc.'s nail bar was their My Nail Polish Diary set, and I reckon it comes in as a pretty close contender - even if with a slightly different concept - housing twelve 10ml bottles featuring a bunch of best sellers, a number of new trend shades and first sightings of some special effect editions to come. A mini mani a day it is not, but a full-size varnish a month? I'll take it...

30 November 2013

Christmas Beauty Stocking Fillers

For the first instalment of my beauty lovers Christmas gift guide, I bring you the stocking fillers - the £20 or less lot which can be stuffed into a huge sock-shaped sack, or handed out individually as smaller under-the-tree presents. Whether it's for a fragrance fiend, a lacquer lover or a beauty book worm, there should be a bit of everything to tickle all of the above's taste buds, but keep an eye out for my main gift guide heading your way pretty soon, it contains some absolute crackers, until then - enjoy! ...

29 November 2013

Black Friday Beauty Sales

Side note: A sales rail raider I most definitely am not, so an online browse from the comfort of my own laptop is the way I tend to go about it. Across the pond, the biggest, busiest shopping day of the year has today rolled around, and although Thanksgiving isn't widely celebrated on UK turf,  this year the concept of Black Friday seems to have made its way on over to our shores more than ever - for non-US dwellers, think our Boxing Day deals but before the 25th - and I'm all for a slice of pre-Christmas beauty sales shopping. After a speedy scan around, I've gathered together an edit featuring some of the best Black Friday bargains...

23 November 2013

Top 10 Beauty Buys Under £10

The small fortune that has amassed on my Boots Advantage Card would suggest I love a good splurge in the drugstore, but send me there with a single crisp tenner in hand and a fair few gems soon come to mind which still fit the budget bill. I've clustered together my top ten product picks all for under £10 (minus a few exceptions... but hear me out) - some you may already be expecting if you're a regular watcher, but I've tried to chuck in a few unsung heroes as not to repeat my raves and rambles. Tap the title at the top of the video, a new tab will open up and the links to all the budget buys mentioned will be hiding away in that description box below. Enjoy! ...


15 November 2013

My Pick of Space NK's Christmas Gifts

The moment Space NK's Christmas Gift Guide fell through the letterbox with an almighty floor slap, I had funny feeling that my list for Santa was gonna get a whole lot lengthier. A quick flick through suggested exactly that, and a further study encouraged the idea for this post. Some suggestions are tried, tested and highly recommended, others I can only imagine would make cracking gifts, so here are my top present picks from the catalogue to give to any gal in your life (or even just yourself)...

14 November 2013

The Non-Face Masks

Ahh masks, my biggest skincare weakness. But when the word crops up, I do tend to automatically associate it with the face, though they don't just stop there. My complexion collection is growing rather nicely, and now my non-face mask assemblage seems to be building-up just as big. Some may make you snort at the thought with laughter, others may leave you eager to sample for yourself, so without further ado, here's my head-to-toe (literally) edit of all things deep-cleaning, skin-renewing and ultra-hydrating...

13 November 2013

Essie's Winter '13 Minis

Last weeks lunch time trip to Boots resulted in me leaving not-so-empty handed, and what with a recent 3-for-2 offer across all cosmetics, I don't think I would have stood much of a chance anyway. Spotted on the shelves of an Essie stand was the new-just-in Winter '13 Collection, £12.99 a set and so into my basket it went. I think I can safely say I now have this years festive fingertips sorted...

9 November 2013

A Bit Disappointing...

Most of the time you'll be hearing me having a good ol' rant and rave about my latest beauty love, but I feel it's just as fair to share the duds which don't really do it for me. A few bits instantly sprung to mind when the idea for this video came about, others I had to have a dig into the depths of my cosmetic clutter where the products that don't so much float my boat are found hiding at the bottom. There's probably a few shockers in the mix, even from some of the best brands out there (Chanel this is you), and for whatever reason we just haven't got on, that's not saying they won't do it for you either, so if you've given anything from this lot a go and found better ways of making them work then share away. If you tap the title that's at the top of the video, a new clip will open up and you'll be able to take a look at the list of products, links and whatever else that's tucked up inside that description box. Enjoy!

1 November 2013

The Muji Drawers: Autumn Edition

My pick of the seasons makeup wise? It has to be autumn. I'm one for all things neutral and for me, this time of year sums that up over any other. Nude-toned cheeks, bronze lids and plum lips - you'll find all of the above stashed in my current Muji stack with an added slight post-summer glow thrown in for good measure. There's some oldies, newbies - heck, there's even some a come back from my Spring edition - I'll let you have a virtual rummage through my autumnal product array for yourselves...

31 October 2013

Kate Somerville's Guide to Complexion Perfection

Skincare obsessives, listen up. I apologise if my Kate Somerville ravings are getting a bit boring but I'm afraid there's plenty more where that came from. It obviously wasn't going to be too much longer before her book came into my grasps, and without wanting to give too much away, I thought I'd share exactly why I've deemed this a can't-put-it-down type book, so much so that I've often been up until the early hours, drowsy eyes fixed on Kate's skincare tips. Oh yes, this is definitely my kind of bedtime reading...

30 October 2013

October Favourites

Seeing as my September round-up was a bit of a no show, my October favourites is bulked-up a bit more than normal. There's a fair few beauty bits I've had a whole lot of love for lately, including a spur-of-the-moment airport purchase, several on-the-go handbag heroes, and two things that really won't come as much of a shocker if you're an Instagram or Twitter follower of mine - can you tell who my current fave person is yet? Oh and the words 'transitional shade' crop up at least a couple of times. Tap the title at the top of the video, a new tab will open up and you'll be able to view the list of products mentioned, links and all other info that's hiding in that description box. Enjoy! ...

29 October 2013

Ready in Twenty

I'll let you into a secret - I'm a leave-things-'til-the-last-minute kinda person, especially when it comes to getting ready (hence the lack of 'Get Ready With Me' type videos, I'm working on it). Here's an example for you: one morning this week I was more than happy busying myself in the kitchen, perfecting my pancake flipping skills when one glance at the clock suggested I had a mere twenty minutes to get myself out of the door, in a decent state. In these sorts of situations it goes a little something like this (and yes, I still had time for those pancakes)...

28 October 2013

My First Taste of Tata Harper

Recommendations from you lot are the best kind of recommendations. Aren't I nice, eh? It's true. My New York shopping list extended onto a whole new page when state side beauty suggestions came my way, but there was one comment which caused my ears to prick. Three words: All. Natural. Skincare. And one product in particular shot its way to the top of my 'to-buy's' - it took some hunting down and it was almost as if Tata Harper's Resurfacing Mask and I weren't meant to cross the purchase path, but my last hope that was Bloomingdales had one remainder on the shelf - you can only imagine how speedy I snapped that up...

22 October 2013

The Discontinued and Their Dupes

It's just the way it goes, or so it seems; along comes a product, it may soon gain a 'staple' status then before you know it, it's snatched from within your reach. Vanished. Discontinued. No more. With limited edition pieces, we're aware this is will happen, but the permanents come with very little warning, if any, and I won't lie, it's a bit of a heart breaker (you feel me here?). There's a couple of cosmetics in my collection which I only wish would make a come back, but instead I'll have to make do with their dupes...

14 October 2013

The Awakeners

The sooner winter draws nearer, the harder I find it to detach myself from my duvet come morning. Somehow my cosy bed nest seems more appealing than the climates outside of my covers and it takes a bit (a lot) of willpower to part us - this is where my post-alarm clock product line-up comes in, making my AM wakeup call a little easier to cope with...

10 October 2013

Day to Night Touch Ups

An SPF base, a heavy duty concealer covering and light slick on the lashes - there wasn't a lot more to my face in the sweltering city of New York, though come evening I favoured fixing any makeup mishaps which have migrated in the heat, but without having to head back in the direction of my hotel room. So for late night eats of simply a wonder around (heck, this has even been achieved on an open-roof night tour bus) these are the 'top-up' cosmetic picks I lugged about in my bag...

6 October 2013

The Best Moisturiser... Ever?

... A super-sized statement, I know, I know but I'm feelin' brave enough to make it. It's a rare occurrence a that product will wow me over so much I'm considering a repurchase before I've even reached the halfway mark, but with my latest skincare discovery in question, this could just be because it's a toughie to track down (or it could be that I've fallen for the stuff. HARD. And fully feel the need to bulk-up on a bunch of backups...)

3 October 2013

NYC Bloomingdales & Pharmacy Haul

It wasn't only Sephora purchases padding out my luggage on the way back to the UK - oh no. I had a seperate shopping list for hard-to-get-hold-of drugstore makeup picks, US beauty based magazines and standard souvenirs, little brown bag anyone? Its not as lengthy as my latter uploaded haul but I got some good'uns nonetheless - click on the title at the top of the clip, a new tab will pop up for your viewing and links and all other info is there in the description box below. Enjoy!

29 September 2013

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed

With an already lengthy Sephora list accompanying me on my US trip, I couldn't really afford to deduct my 'eats out' allowance in favour for any more beauty bits - who was I kidding? Cue the recent release of BECCA's Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector which hit state side shelves way before the UK - it would have been rude not to - though over on this side of the pond, we have to wait no longer as this much awaited release has now been stocked up on our BECCA stands. Sidenote: It may be worth an in store swatch before whipping out your wallet...

22 September 2013

Skincare Servings

There's no denying that you can get a little carried away, slap-it-on-happy when it comes to skincare. I'll hold my hands up and hang my head in shame, but at the end of a long day or if I'm generally slacking on application, I can tend to head down the smother it on and hope for the best kind of route, but that's not necessarily the way about it - cue the 'less is more' line, but this is too true. A little goes a long way if you make it and so portioning off your skincare into sensible sized servings prevents product wastage aplenty. Here's the guide I go by...

21 September 2013

NYC Sephora Haul

It would be the trip where I was to lose my Sephora virginity, but aside from a few window nose presses every time one came into my sights, I actually managed to hold off stepping foot inside a store for an entire week. And so when I eventually got some self-shopping time, I believe I deserved a reward (or ten *ahem*) - Oh yes, it's safe to say I went a little wild...

18 September 2013

Summer in the City

I've pre-warned before about my product over-packing, and if my New York toiletry bag was anything to go by, this would quite simply be summed up. A low down on all the beauty bits I lugged along would be a lengthy one indeed, so an edited version it is - here you have my recent holiday heroes, from head to toe for a short Summer break in the city...

13 September 2013

August Favourites

I know, I know, a Sephora haul was due next in line on the video front, but my August faves got in there first, even if a little overdue, but whilst away there were just a few too many newbies and rediscovers to skip a monthly round-up. My most loved makeup of the moment takes up the majority of the clip featuring a concealer which camouflages even my deepest darkest under eye circles (and trust me, that's a toughie), a bronzer to survive the heat and a tinted skin perfector, i.e flawless face in a tube - but the cosmetic bunch doesn't stop only at the complexion, oh no - there's a sun-kissed serum which goes as far as the legs, the arms or anywhere else you want a bit of a glow. So without further-a-do, click on the title at the top of the video underneath for it to pop up in a new tab and all things talked about are in the description box below. And I promise to not keep you waiting too much longer with the American beauty bits I bulked up my case with...

10 September 2013

Fig + Yarrow Underarm Lotion

I won't divulge too deep into perspiration issues, but just the thought of wearing a grey tee without having to sneak a peek in case of any pesky wet patches is a nice thought indeed, and that's sure enough the reason why a new deodorant with a difference discovery of mine has had me shouting from the sweat-free rooftops to any gals (or guys) in need of a godsend - oh yes, it's definitely been something worth flapping my arms about...

8 September 2013

Beauty Back Ups & Giveaway

There are just some products I couldn't bare to be without, so much so that I have a secret stash of back ups. When it comes to producing their final pumps worth, spritzing their last spritz or scraping the remnants from palettes or pots, I know I only have to take a trip to the depths of my beauty cupboard for a fresh replacement. You know my heap of holy grails by now, so here are a load more loves which don't get honourable mentions enough...

7 September 2013

The Heat Survivors

My face is kept pretty low-key the majority of the time, more so this time of year where no-makeup, makeup mode well and truly sets in. Simply slapping on the SPF would seem sensible enough, but I like to think I can rely on a light layering of coverage and a colour kick without it smudging, budging or melting when I do fancy a bit of extra sumthin' sumthin' - and for that, there's a fair handful (or two) of products which sure enough survive the heat...

6 September 2013

Bright Lips, Big City

Injecting a loud coloured pout into my made-up face isn't a regular affair, but given the chance to wear a lively lip, I'll quite happily glide away, give it a mirror glance and then wonder why this doesn't occur more often. Shades like these look all the more awesome with a tan, and since I've managed to catch some rays, my limbs are looking on the bronzed-up side of proceedings meaning the bolder lip picks came out to play and what with the bright lights going on in Times Square, I seemed to fit in pretty well...

4 September 2013

Perfect Legs in a Pump

When the occasion for some limb exposure occurs, I find myself in a flurry of panic. Pale, pasty with dry patches - the describing words which sum up the state of my legs most of the time. A quick-fix beautifier that comes into play when I haven't had the time to prep is the This Works Perfect Legs Skin Miracle, a hint of tint paired with skin perfecting properties and this stuff does exactly what it says on the tube...

3 September 2013

Clinique City Block Sheer

Makeup wise, Clinique never fail to win me over; Chubby Sticks for lids and lips, a mascara especially for lower lashes and nail enamel with a message on sensitivity - but when it comes to their skincare, not so much. Even at the tender age of 16, I'm afraid their 3-Step Cleansing System got a wobbly thumbs up from me as my first premium skincare purchases, however, after much persuasion from a counter assistant, I handed over the rest of my pocket money to pick up a protecting suncare product, now that's a different story - hence why, though it's been a while, I've rekindled my love for a new tube of the stuff this Summer...

22 August 2013

In for the Long Haul

Look out, that Muji pouch is about again - this time packed with heavily hydrating, snooze inducing products to get me through a long haul, night flight. A total of 12 hours travelling later, I've touched down in NYC, but with a good chunk of that time spent up in the clouds, what better way to pass the time than by bringing out a tray-table beauty ritual whilst glued to the latest film and scoffing actually alright plane food? Standard. Here's what happened up high...


Pre-City Break Pamper

It's become a tradition - the evening before jetting off overseas comes the pre-holiday pamper. This time a lengthy city break is happening and with a busy work week beforehand, then a long haul night flight and two weeks of a whole lotta walking all in the mix, a full on at-home ritual was sure enough on the cards - here's the deeds of what went down, head-to-toe...

10 August 2013

Beauty Myths Debunked

The rights and wrongs of the beauty world can be toughies to detangle - fables which float around that are completely misleading, and sometimes there's an explanation behind it. A pretty simple one. Take 'em or leave 'em, I've had a go at debunking some commonly queried method myths after a combo of trials, errors and a build-up of beauty knowledge...

5 August 2013

July Favourites

Sticking to a strict spending ban in recent weeks has meant only one thing, shopping my already well-stocked stash - sprees going right out of the window (minus a couple of exceptions *ahem*). The majority of this lot are rooted-out rediscoveries, featuring a tube of the fake stuff which serves up a natural, olive toned-tan, a dewy, fresh looking foundation that I've deemed Summer perfection and a few shades in my go-to glide-on liners. The few newer numbers include the latest member to my balmy army and the one brush I don't quite know how I've been without until now. Click on the title at the top of the video below, it will throw open a new tab for your viewing and all products I've had a ramble about are written in the description box. There's also a possible video idea I mention at the end - I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one, so get 'yaying' or 'neighing' away...

4 August 2013

Bliss Do Travel Friendly Firm Faves

...And what better timing with few gaps in need of padding out in my travel toiletry pouch just before I jet off. In the beauty world, not a lot beats cute looking down-sized versions of your full-size stash members, and Bliss have done just that with their firm favourite miniatures*, whittling down their bulkier best sellers into luggage space saving bottles, tubs and tubes - these are some of the ones to make the capsule collection cut...

2 August 2013

Sun Protection Picks

Ah suncare, where to start? The younger version of me would often dread this drawn-out step but I've since realised its importance against slowing up lines, wrinkles and all those ageing dangers. Being fair haired and light eyed I seriously have to slap the stuff on and my daily face now gets some sort of shield in the form of a moisturiser or base, then when the real rays come out to play I bring out the big guns, body and all - though it may still be an effort, this bunch make application a breeze, offer both UVA and UVB protection, and pass the test for the prevention of pinky limbs ...

1 August 2013

Yu-Be Skin Moisturising Cream

You know me and my multi-taskers, I'm always on the look out for the next best beauty buy with do-it-all duties. They can't be faulted as lug about companions and my most recent hunt-down fits the bill for that pretty perfectly - cue a travel friendly tube of glycerin goodness...

31 July 2013

Faking a Real Tan

Comparing my pasty pale self to the super sun-kissed skin I'm showing off in the snaps from past family breaks abroad soon turned me into an avid tanner. My current sun-starved state has encouraged even more of a regular routine to fake a real glow - it's true, an all over hint of tint makes you feel and look a whole lot better, and so here's how I strive to achieve my just-jetted-home-from-holiday healthy hit...

24 July 2013

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

A scoop of balm followed by a warmed-up face flannel; the combo I look forward to most come the end of a long ol' day. My cleanser supply of this type currently consists of a couple, but for the past few weeks I've been skimming the lids of others in reach for the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. Doing exactly what it says on the tin, I've been left with a souped-up nourished complexion that glows - but most importanly, there's the little 'Ahhhh' factor about it...


23 July 2013

Haircare Routine

As a bit of a makeup buff and skincare obsessive, I've shifted the thought of sharing my haircare to the side with not a lot behind it, but after many trials, errors and tangles, a few more bits have been brought to my bonce, bulking up my styling stash. Gone are the days where simply a shampoo and condition would do the job *bows head in shame* I now have a real ritual which leaves my strands soft, glossy and strengthened, with the occasional touch of texture thrown in for good measure. Click the title at the top of the video, a new tab will pop up for your viewing, then all those products mentioned have been linked in the down-bar...

20 July 2013

The Muji Drawers: Summer Edition

I won't speak too soon, but a season which slightly resembles Summer seems to have been thrust upon us UK lot and my usual makeup attire has been appearing on the slick side of proceedings come an end-of-the-day-mirror-glance. The time has arrived for a bit of a Muji move around and I've warmly welcomed a more heat and waterproof product wardrobe, some brighter coloured bits and of course not snubbing the SPF. Here are the faves padding out the acrylic drawers over the upcoming months...


18 July 2013

'Masking' in the Sun

Chlorine-drenched, crispy, sizzled locks are often the results of a sun-soaked holiday and is when my hair is really in need of a trusty treatment, many of which work best applied with gentle warmth, so I've been making the most of the rays when they aren't at their blazing best by slathering the stuff on and sitting out in the early evening heat, mojito in hand. Two masks, two methods, here's how it's done...


9 July 2013

Hand Luggage Only

My Muji pouch has popped up many a time on this blog, and rightly so - portable, transparent and makeup spillage wipe-able, it fits the bill as a trusty travel companion. I went carry-on only for a recent 5 day getaway, and taking along light luggage meant typical airline liquid rules applied - boy was it a cram-worthy challenge, and one which left this zip-lock brimming and bursting at the seams with as many beauty bits possible to last me almost a week. Here's what got thrown in...

6 July 2013

A Dusting of Dior

A review on one of last Summers releases has been a long time in the making, purely because  I had to pluck up the courage to swirl a brush into its beautiful embossing, I know, right? - the precious product in question being one of the Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powders. But having it sit in my stash, cracking it out simply to swoon over wasn't going to  get me any closer to the glow which could be gracing my face. So here it is, the run-down on the all-round beautifying bronzer...

2 July 2013

More Multitaskers...

Every time a product gets the multi-purpose stamp of approval, I'll pen it down in my pad -those scrawls and scribbles soon turned into a long ol' lineup and I though it was about time that this list was rendered into the rambly video form. The bunch includes a brush which blends in bases, bronzers and blush simply seamlessly, the liquid soap I use to leave them squeaky clean aside it's 18 and more other uses, and a cream which can be slathered on in any skin irritation situation. Click the title at the top of the clip below, a new tab will spring-up for your viewing and all links and products I've had a babble about are written in the description box underneath. Now, if you need me, I'll be rummaging though my stock cupboard in the search for more of these all-round, wonder workers...
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