16 February 2012

February/March Beauty Wish List

1. Clairsonic Mia White
Call me fussy, but yes, it does have to be white. A pink one popped up on BuyaPowa not so long ago and for £90 I couldn't really say no, however, I did just because it wasn't white. I'm waiting very patiently for another to become a co-buy and as soon as it does, it's mine. If I can't wait until then, I shall buy it from somewhere else *hmpf*.

2. Real Techniques Core Collection
I have wanted to try at least one Real Technique brush ever since they were released, but couldn't really justify it considering I already have so many others. Now that they have made an appearance in Boots, I've got a strong feeling I'm going to cave in next time I'm in a store. I also really want the 'Deluxe Crease Brush' but seeing as it's not available to buy individually and only comes as part of the 'Starter Set', I figure I'll have to hold back a while on that one.

3. Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover
I was debating whether or not to get some Bioderma Crealine H20 Cleanser shipped over from France, until I saw Deniz mention this in her latest favourites video. The fact that she basically said it's BETTER than Bioderma and only costs a mere £3, I just don't think I can resist.

4. Essie Nail Polish 'Angora Cardi'
I only own one Essie polish, and didn't have the best experience with it, which is why I haven't purchased any more, although I have a feeling it may have just been that particular shade. I've seen this swatched so many times, and fall in love over and over again, I don't think I've seen a shade like it.

5. Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor Treatment
I hear nothing but good things about this, and it has been sat in my FeelUnique wish list for a while, I think it's about time I gave it a home, in my shower.

6. Elemis Melting Cleansing Gel
I've never been disappointed with any Elemis product, it ticks all the boxes for a skincare brand. I got a very generous sized sample of this which I used up in just a few days, that has to say something. It smelt like lemon sherbet and literally 'melted' away my makeup, didn't sting or irritate, nor did it leave my skin feeling dry or tight, as much as I love my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, I do want to purchase this full size.

What products are on your wish list at the moment?


13 February 2012

LUSH Marilyn Hair Moisturiser

As a self confessed cosmetic-aholic, I'm always on the hunt for the latest beauty product, whether it's makeup, skincare, or haircare. Also as a complete LUSH addict, I was desperate to get my hands on the Marilyn Hair Moisturiser, and even though I hadn't tried any hair products from LUSH before, I trusted the many positive reviews I was hearing about it. 

Marilyn is a brightening pre-wash treatment for blondes (natural or not!), although I know plenty of brunettes who use this purely because it's extremely deep conditioning and leaves the hair with a healthy, silky shine. It contains natural brightening ingredients such as chamomile, organic lemon juice, lemon and chamomile essential oils and saffron infusion. For nourishing effects, it also includes soya lecithin, a product which is found naturally in eggs, linseed mucilage, a type of flax and olive oil, also known for its conditioning benefits. 

Marilyn has played a big part in my haircare routine over the last 4 weeks. I've used it on a weekly basis, sometimes even twice a week, applying it to dry hair and leaving for 15-20 minutes before washing out with my regular shampoo and conditioner. The smell of chamomile is just heavenly, it truly works wonders and results in my hair feeling like spun silk!

For £8.50, I don't think that's too bad for a hair treatment, I've used plenty others that have been a lot more pricey and haven't compared to this. Marilyn can be purchased from LUSH online or in store. What's your favourite hair treatment?


8 February 2012

Make MeMeMe a Bronzed Goddess!

I think I speak for many others when I say Spring can't come any sooner. Enough of this miserable, cold weather and pasty pale skin, bring on the warmer climate and a bit more colour to my complexion! There is definitely something about a subtle tan that makes me feel healthier, happier and generally more confident in myself. The Summer seems a long way off at the moment and since I am unable to achieve a natural tan until then, there a few ways of cheating a sun kissed glow!

As part of their gift set range, MeMeMe Cosmetics put together a box of treats including some of their best selling products such as the Goddess Eyes quad eye shadow palette and high gloss nail polish. The Goddess Collection makeup set also contains a Bronzing Shimmer Stack, Sunbeam Beat the Blues Skin Illuminator, Light Me Up Lip Gloss and step-by-step instruction guide.

I was most excited about the Bronzing Shimmer Stack mainly because it is very similar to the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks (something that I have always wanted!). The compact contains 5 different powders, which can be swirled together and applied to areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit, or used individually as eye shadows.

I've seen an awful lot of comparisons between the Benefit liquid highlighters and the MeMeMe versions, and the majority of the time, MeMeMe seems to win. For half the price and stronger pigmentation, you can't go wrong. The packaging is also very similar to Benefits, with a glass bottle and nail varnish like applicator. This skin illuminator can be used to highlight certain parts of the face, such as the cheekbone and brow bone, or alternatively mixed in with a foundation to give a 'dewy' finish.

The baked eye shadow quad is right up my street, all four colours are what I'd usually reach for on a daily basis, cream to highlight the tear duct, gold over the lid, copper through the crease and bronze smudged along the upper and lower lash line. They can either be applied wet or dry, either way the colour is intense.

The lip gloss packaging is very comparable to the New CID lip glosses, featuring a mirror on the tube and 2 LED lights inside the lid, so when the applicator is unscrewed, the lights beam directly onto the lips, ensuring precise application even in the dark! The shade is 'Captivate', it's a little too gold and shimmery for my liking, saying that, I do like the minty taste it has!

I won't lie, the nail polish colour isn't something I'd necessarily go for, however, it applies extremely easily and dries quickly with a high gloss finish.

Overall, I believe this would be great to give as a gift, to any age range. There are plenty of other sets available, including 'Create The Look' packs, Nail Box Collections and their Best Seller Bundles, not to mention the huge selection of products that can be purchased individually. The Goddess Makeup Collection is currently on sale for £19.99 and can be purchased HERE!

Have you tried any cosmetics by MeMeMe before? What are your top tips for a healthy, bronzed glow?

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