27 February 2018

Introducing KINN Living Beauty & Home Cleaning | Cruelty Free & Vegan

Moving over to a house from a pretty cramped flat with a tiny cubicle for a shower had me majorly excited about two things in particular, those being the luxury of having a bath tub (my Friday nights are now w-i-l-d, let me tell you) and finally being able to make the switch over to chemical-free, cruelty-free home cleaning, which meant the use of new products across the board. Introducing KINN; my most recent vegan brand discovery that just so happens to cover all bases with a range of lifestyle products and has stepped in for my body and bath beautifying needs as well as eco-home cleaning - ahhh, adulting...

Launched last year in the UK by Mother and Daughter, Marie and Sophie, KINN is the result of a combined love for natural beauty and good living- their ethos being clean beauty for you, your family and your home. KINN believes clean living shouldn't just stop at skincare and so their products and the plant-based ingredients that are used are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, natural, organic, cruelty free and vegan, all using a blend of core essential oils and based on heritage aromatherapy family recipes, not to mention all are housed in recyclable packaging. 

Following recipe filming, I've been misting my worktops down with their Kitchen Cleaner, an anti-bacterial, eco-friendly and dye-free spritz suitable for frequent use and effective on all surfaces. Infused with lavender and rosemary oil for their natural disinfecting properties, the scent is subtle but leaves your kitchen sides shining and smelling fresh. KINN's Washing Up Liquid too uses lavender and rosemary which results in long lasting, effecting grease-removal but has a neutral pH balance and since it's also free from chemicals, it's gentle enough on your hands as well as being safe for the environment.

Consisting of four beautifiers, their bath and body range includes a Body Oil, Bath Oil, Body Lotion and Body Wash and step in to your every day and evening routines whilst delivering a luxurious spa feel to your home. I've been lathering up with their Body Wash for my  showers which uses coconut oil to cleanse, aloe vera extract to moisturise and repair the skin and chamomile to soothe. Inhaling this heavenly scent is the best kick-start to my day - with the use of ylang ylang, lavender and tangerine, it's both uplifting and awakening, but equally as relaxing for an evening rinse. Post-shower, I've been nourishing my skin with their Body Oil with a blend of avocado, coconut, sweet almond and grape seed oils formulated with the aromatherapy oil base to leave it lightly scented. For my parched limbs it's like a nice long drink, it nourishes and moisturises without a greasy-feel.

If you're looking to have a restock in the bathroom or kitchen cupboard department with all things clean and green, KINN beauty and cleaning products can be found here or in-store at Harrods

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