4 December 2017

Autumn & Winter Beauty Trends with Ellisons #AWBeautyTrends

*This is a collaborative post

Easing into the cooler months is a breeze, albeit a bitterly crisp one, with textures and transitional tones galore but the seasonal trends always bring in a whole new wave of inspiration. As a professional wholesale beauty supplier, Ellisons are on top of this year's autumn and winter beauty trends and I'm chatting through a few of my favourites as well as letting you in on what else is up and coming across makeup, hair and nails for this season and the next...

Romantic Pastels
First, let's talk eyes. The pastel-neutral lids set to land pre-spring are something I can get on board with; pops of pink, brown and peach hues make for wearable shade options simply as one-wash-wonders, all of which are subtle enough for the daytime finished off with lashings of brown mascara for the most natural of combos, but are equally as fitting and romantic-looking for a face of makeup at night. What's more, it takes minimal effort but when done right can actually look like you've put a whole lot in - I'd flat-brush pack it onto the lids then go in with a clean fluffy brush and buff it all the way up to the crease for a smooth and even blend. 

On the other end of the scale, the metallic grunge look is said to be this season's classic smoky and 80's graphic eyes are to make a comeback in the way of neon shadows and bright liner.

Barely-there Ombre
Throwback to when this multi-tonal moment was huge in hair - now it's working its way into the world of beauty with the classic nude lip given a little lift by applying a hint of a brighter pink in the centre. Using subtle tones of different shades of pinks and peaches to rose and fuchsias, this barely-there ombre trick adds dimension and fullness with a smooth transition of colour - a great excuse for wearing more than one lipstick at once.  

If berry and bright is more your thing, poppy red glosses and imperfect applications for a  faded and blood-stained vampy lip effect are going to be as big as they are bold.

Neutral Nails
Much like the eyes, soft nail shades have you covered for everyday wear but also for special occasion sophistication at the same time. A same-shade, versatile look can instantly update your mani or opt for something quirky by throwing multiple neutrals including soft pinks, greys and cool khakis into the mix and combing them together.

In addition to this, whilst gold lacquer is always a winner in the run-up to Christmas festivities, it will be here to stay come the end of the year and checkerboard nail art is set to be a thing, with summer's most-picked fashion print carried right on through to the very ends of the fingertips.

Scooping up your locks into a pony or top knot can bring a whole new level of sophistication and can completely change your look without having to do anything all too drastic. Next season is all about the easy, everyday messy bun to the intricate, elegant evening styles - my routine involves taking  a pair of straighteners to sections creating curls, then scraping it up at the nape of my neck, securing everything then letting a few strands loose to frame my face. 

Looking for more of a makeover? Flourescent-inspired acid finishes are up and coming, as well as switching over to side partings



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