10 February 2017

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | Vegan & Cruelty Free

It's only just around the corner and whilst the idea of Valentine's really simply means a bottle of wine and a home-cooked pasta dish for me and my guy, there's a lot more to it for the other lovers out there. I've rounded together an edit of gifts to give, from boxes of chocs and rose scented candles, to bath time treats and flirty fragrances, all of which just so happen to be cruelty free and vegan friendly. So, whether it's a gift-to-self excuse this time around or you're looking for a little something special for that special someone, here's what I lovingly recommend wrapping up...

Ombar Strawberry Mylk - When Valentine's Day comes to mind, so do chocolate coated strawberries and something that's close in terms of taste but just as good in bar form is this raw cacao bar by Ombar. Their chocolate is by far the best when it comes to vegan options and it comes in a range of incredible flavour combos but if you're asking me, this perfect pairing comes out on top.

BKR Heart Glass Water Bottle - If your Valentine is a bit of a gym bunny, this novelty number will come very much in handy for those morning work outs. Chic yet resilient, these portable vessels are free of toxins, are clean and green, store up to a litre of liquid and the silicone coated glass is made sans BPA or phthalates and remind you to stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day. The thought is there with this heart-themed print but they come in an entire array of shapes, sizes, colours and textures.

The Konjac Sponge Co. Heart Natural Face Sponge with Pink Clay - Possibly the least romantic gift to give, though for the girl or guy who has everything but who appreciates all things skincare at the same time, this little gimmicky, heart-shaped face sponge is something a bit different and fits the bill for a Valentine's 'stocking' style gift.

LUSH Lover Lamp Bath Bomb - Just one of the pretty present ideas LUSH have to offer - amongst other sets, scrubs and shower products, this creamy cocao butter and vanilla treat for the tub is adorned with red heart-shaped confetti which float on the surface once it's finishing fizzing and makes for a soothing soak with the sweetest of scents. 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Scent of a Dream' EDP - If a date night out is on the cards be it with your other half or a group of girl friends, this aptly name dreamy spritz will spruce up your Valentine's attire; top notes of lemon, peach and mandarin make it fresh and invigorating, floral notes of tuberose, jasmine and magnolia bring love and light and pheromone notes of amber, musk and patchouli are activated by the body's own natural scent and heat, delivering long lasting wear.

Diptyque Roses Candle - Whilst a bunch of dozen reds are the go-to gift for many, it's one that doesn't last for long, so what better way to fill the home with same the fancy, floral scent than in candle form? Subtle but not heady or overpowering, it'll throw out a fragrance that's sweet and pretty even when it's not burning away.

Booja Booja The Gourmet Selection Chocolate Truffles - Back to the chocolate box and this one is made up of a pick of top quality, dairy-free dark chocolate truffle ganache wrapped in a veil of bitter cacao. Creamy, velvety smooth and incredibly indulgent, I can't think of better way to top off a home-cooked Valentine's three-course meal - it has to be the full tray, obvs...

Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Massage & Body Oil - If you're one to stay in on said occasion, exchanging back rubs with your love, I suggest throwing a bottle of this rose-scented massage oil into the mix. With rejuvenating and softening properties, it not only leaves the skin feeling silky soft and smelling sweet but also works deep into stressed muscles to relieve and relax tightness and tension - a gift that keeps on giving.

Aromatherapy Associates Open Space Bath & Shower Oil - A few drops of this winter warmer in a steaming tub energises and cleanses with basil to soothe the mind and eucalyptus clears sinuses and lungs - alternatively, it can be pressed onto the skin pre-shower for a mini at-home spa like experience. 

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