1 September 2016

Illamasqua gets PETA Certified & My #BeautyNotBrutality Look

With so much negative news to come from cosmetic industry in regards to animal testing, it's always refreshing to hear something that's good and one British beauty brand in particular has recently had every reason to celebrate an achievement of their own complete with flutes of vegan champagne. Illamasqua are famous for their incredible pigmentation, in-your-face shades and is a brand that's just something a little different to what your regular cosmetic line has to offer, but in recent weeks their PETA accreditation has understandably been the main talking point within the cruelty-free beauty world and I can't think of many others who deserve such recognition...

Just as an FYI, whilst PETA is legitimate, I don't always find them to be a completely reliable source especially when it comes to their 'Do Not Test' list, however, Illamasqua have proven to be cruelty free pre-accreditation and so for them, it's yet another string to their bow considering PETA is such a huge name and probably the largest animal rights organisation whether you fully trust them or not. Alas, this comes at the same time as the release of their vegan product list of over 300 items, which now even holds its own special section on the website and includes best-sellers such as the Skin Base Foundation, a fragrance, lacquers in all shades and finishes and a range of makeup brushes.

In celebration, Illamasqua have called all beauty lovers to create a #BeautyNotBrutality look using a variety of their vegan-friendly products. If you caught my July Favourites, you'll know their Hydra Veil has been my go-to base of choice; unlike any other prepping or priming steps I opt for, this one comes as a hydrating gel which self-levels on the skin and dries totally smooth leaving skin feeling refreshed and ready for a foundation application. For my dry skin, it's been a total dream - plant extracts, B and C vitamins and microalgae maintain moisture levels throughout the day and all help to create a healthy, natural look, plus my makeup has never glided on so smooth. For a bit of a cat-eye-flick, I've been swiping on their Precision Gel Liner in 'Infinity', a jet black definer which makes my lash line look a whole lot fuller - it hangs about long-time too and once it's set it's there to stay. To inject a pop of colour, their Gel Colour in 'Fluster' in a twist-up stick is what I've been reaching for just to dab on the lips and cheeks for a bit of a fuchsia flush, but it's completely build-able if you're wanting to go all out for a look that's more intense.

Head on over to Illamasqua's site for the full vegan product range and maybe treat yourself to a few new things in order to create your very own #BeautyNotBrutality look - after all, they could do with our support, as could those birdies and bunnies they've been talking to...


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