27 April 2016

NIOD's Photography Fluid A.K.A an Instagram Filter for your Face

If you're familiar around these parts, you'll know a bold claim doesn't happen all too regularly unless I have a whole lot of love for something and four months into the year so far I've come across some real makeup game-changers, but there's been one that's already stood out above the rest and I'm going to go as far as saying I've unearthed my favourite product of 2016 right here. A full write-up has been in the works for a while, especially since the product in question has made an appearance in a handful of videos recently where I've proclaimed my love for it on every given occasion - allow me to introduce you to the real life Instagram filter for your face, NIOD's Photography Fluid...

Roll back to last summer where I did some work with QVC on their 'Find a Beauty Brand' competition - you can catch up right here. Declared the winner a few months on alongside nail brand Little Ondine, NIOD was one that was all new to me and so I decided to dig a little deeper in terms of their cruelty free status. One detailed email later, I was informed that not only are their ingredients or products not tested on animals, they also don't rope in a third party to test, nor do they sell in China, their products are vegan and they support and donate proceeds to the Jane Goodall Foundation, a charity which works towards protecting chimpanzees and other primates. Amazing. We were good to go.

I'd come across posts singing it's praises here, there and everywhere and so needless to say I couldn't wait to crack this one open. Described as a serum, the Photography Fluid comes as a skincare-makeup hybrid which can be applied as a base under makeup or mixed in with your foundation, I prefer the former method for the most part worked in with the fingers though if we're talking Cover FX's Custom Cover Drops in terms of a base, they mix together just perfectly delivering the same results. With the most beautiful, subtle golden sheen to its formula, it provides a healthy, glowing veil to the skin and using red-yellow colour correcting pigments, it evens everything out by minimises the appearance of imperfections to make the completion come across as completely flawless, in particular when it's caught on camera, it captures light in all the right places resulting in photo-ready skin, so much so it's been deemed an Instagram filter for the face. Texture wise, it's thick but blends into the skin beautifully with a non-greasy feel, sits nicely and wears well throughout the day without settling into pores or clinging to dry patches.

My only mini quibble is that things can get a little messy around the lid and there can sometimes be an overflow of product when putting the pipette back in the bottle which can lead to wastage but it's noting the odd makeup wipe can't clean up every now and then. With a price tag of £20 here, it's neither inexpensive or extortionate and I think it's well worth the investment - but take my word on this one, once tried and tested, you'll never want to take another selfie without it...


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