4 April 2016

My March Makeup Edit

Let me first apologise for how quite things have been around these parts more recently - uploading three videos a week has meant spending the majority of my time glued to the laptop editing, one of those being my weekly 'What I Eat' videos and they longer to merge together than it may seem. Alas, I'm trying to share my time equally back over here and though this one is a corresponding post to the tutorial that went up yesterday just in case you missed it, I've got bigger and better blog content in the works. March marks the month in which my Monthly Makeup Edits were born and it's been a whole year since my first and sure enough my much loved Urban Decay NAKED Palette was used way back then as it was in my most recent too. Expect to see a pink-toned eye, a liquid flick and false lashes as part of this makeup round up, just when you'd all said you enjoy my tutorials for the lack of falsies and heavy contour - I've got to switch it up a little here and there though, right?...


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