8 February 2016

TBS Drops of Youth New Additions

In true TBS style, a new range comes and goes (down an absolute treat) be it skin, hair or body care, it's been that way ever since my discovery days of this brand - their Drops of Youth skincare range a true example of this. A few years back, it was released as part of the Nutriganics line and since it was much loved by many, they've recently welcomed two new additions to complete the 6-step product regime, have revamped a previous number and the packaging too has had a received an overhaul. Now, I can't say I tried anything from the lot the first time around, but this second special re-launch had me thinking this really has got to be something good...

The two newbies have been infused with a potent blend of 3 plant stem cells to renew and enhance youth - the entire range aimed at most skin types, but is designed to fight against the first signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles but also injects a decent dose of moisture for a healthy complexion. First up, and the Youth Essence-Lotion comes into play post-cleanse and exfoliating sweep as a hydration hit; in a gel-to-water liquid form, it's unlike anything I've ever come across in a nourishing toner before, and not only is it an instant-refresh with soothing aloe, it adds moisture back to clarified skin, leaves things feeling so much more smooth and prepped for further skincare to come. Since giving up a couple of my hydrating lotions to go cruelty free, I've struggled to find one that goes down well but this could just be the ticket - it's something unique and my skin laps up all the gel goodness. Then, for the final step of the routine, the Youth Cream seals the deal as an all-round lovely moisturiser - resulting in a smoother, more supple and refined complexion, the skin is too left looking youthful and with a bit of bounce. Texture wise, it's more air-whipped and velvety, a light consistency and sinks straight in without a greasy feel but instead, a soft, fresh finish.

As well as the two new additions, their Youth Concentrate and best selling serum - one flying off the shelves every 23 seconds FYI - has a brand new formula and is now infused with the same triple stem power as both of the above. I use it post-Essence-Lotion and pre-Youth Cream to lock in extra nourishment, almost like a drink for the skin, enhancing the overall skin condition and leaving it feeling revitalised. I've got the old style bottle here, the new still comes with a pipette dropper but now has a more premium-look about it which has taken over the entire Drops of Youth iconic faves, featuring deep forest green hued tubs and tubes with simple silver labels and a black font. The other three originals in-between which make up the rest of the routine include the Youth Eye Concentrate, an under-eye treatment to refresh the eye contour, the Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask works overnight to leave the skin feeling bouncier and replenished, and the Wonderblur smooths skin for a flawless finish.

The Drops of Youth line ranges from £14-£25, a mid-fit for the skincare budget in my opinion, especially when quality doesn't get a lot better than this. If you can hold off until tomorrow, The Body Shop are going to be offering £10 off all £25 spends with the code 19804 for two days only - sadly this range is excluded, but it's a good excuse to stock up your on your favourite bath and body bits nonetheless...

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