18 February 2016

My January Makeup Edit

Whilst we may be half-way through February, I felt it was never to late to post my Monthly Makeup Edit for January's edition, after all, this one is a tutorial you've been asking for ever since I posted my 2015 Beauty Favourites video. Something I did must have been a little different from the usual makeup wise, but it involves an eye that's subtle and smoky, skin that's fresh and glowy and a layered peach lip - I'm putting the something different down to the fact that I ran a smudge of brown along my lower lash line which I usually keep to the bare minimum, yet it adds a bit of depth to the overall natural look. As always, you can expect to see my favourite brands chip in for this one, Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass to name but a cruelty free few...


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