18 February 2016

LUSH & The Body Shop Haul

There are two stores that take my number one spot when it comes to places to having a bath and body shop - both LUSH and TBS have been favourites for years but I now have even more of an excuse to hand over my pennies and that's for their cruelty free status's and a great selection of products, some even vegan friendly. It's not often I get the chance to browse the shelves of LUSH and since their line has become more of a treat than everyday needs, I only have a few things, but with The Body Shop being slightly more affordable, my shopping bag from there worked out to be a little more weighty, those and a few products that I received around Christmas time thrown in too. FYI, the photo above definitely doesn't capture all of my haul so grab a cuppa for this is a long'un and have a virtual delve deep into my shopping bags...

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