10 February 2016

January Favourites

The time has come for my first beauty round-up of the year; a bunch of product loves from the past month that got me through what might just be the dullest of the year - between you and me, I'm quite glad January is well-rid (what a bore). To brighten up the gloomy mood, I've been sweeping on a new blush-come-bronzer discovery which, may I add, has the cutest shade name, as well as a product-add on which imparts a lovely glow to the skin with a hint of tint. In terms of dehydration, I've hit that one the head whilst coming across a new facial oil to replace an old non-CF one from no other than my all-time favourite brand - why didn't I look here before? It's quite lovely and makes your face smell like a spa - I'm okay with that. Expect to see many other wonderful, and a few weird discoveries amongst the rest - the last one's worth waiting for, it's a real good'un...


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