1 February 2016

Cohorted January Edition

What better way to keep the excitement of Christmas going post-December 25th than a present posted through your door each and every month with not a clue as to what's hidden inside? One thing that has made my January a little more cheery amongst the festive comedown is my Cohorted Beauty Box - I've got to the point where I'm peeking through the curtains at the postman's arrival come delivery day - and as always it's been a good'un, some real treats tucked inside that make this monthly gift-to-self totally justifiable...

Three out of the four products stood out to me, for cruelty free reasons only. Two of those products come from Too Faced, a brand I'm all new to but one that's been on my to-try list for a while as a well-known mostly vegan line - first up, the biggest and bestest item comes as their Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer. Housed in a Polly-Pocket-esque compact, the light-medium shimmer bronze pairs up with a coral blush to add warmth, contour and cheek colour. It can be swirled on all over for a sun kissed glow with a hint of peach or separately, the bronzer to add warmth to the skin where the sun would naturally hit and the blush to bring a flush of colour to the cheeks. Texture wise, it's super smooth and silky, is easy enough to swish on and sits lovely on the surface of the skin and in terms of shades, a Ross and Rachel option is available in a darker hue. The Lip Injection Colour Bomb is the second product to come from Too Faced - I received mine in 'Candy Burst', a pale, baby pink but I've seen a variety of other shades floating about in other's boxes. In a twist-up stick form, it glides on a glossy balm with a hint of tint paired with a plumping effect to make for a bigger, bolder pout and for an everyday lip it does the trick. I've also dipped into another new CF brand in the way of Cargo's Lip Quad; housing 4 non-sticky glosses in all shades of pink, there's a little bit of everything from a plum to a nude, a red to a glittery rose hue. They're lovely worn alone or over another lip product for added sheen and hang around all day without drying out the lips, the formula in fact, turns out to be pretty moisturising. A fourth item made the cut, but I'm featuring cruelty free and cruelty free only around these parts, though Cohorted have an overview of previous box contents if you want the full run-down on products I haven't covered.

All in all, another rather awesome monthly box that's oh-so-worth the £35.00 subscription service - Too Faced seem to have become a regular within these curations and going by how well the two-above products have gone down with me, I'm more than okay with this...

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