9 February 2016

And the QVC 'Find a Beauty Brand' Winners are...

Rewind back to a post I put out last summer introducing the QVC 'Find a Beauty Brand' contest and a little bit around it - in a nutshell, undiscovered UK beauty brands can enter to be in with the chance of have their range made available both online and on the live channel, skipping the queues to join the beauty line-up along the way. For the second year running, competition was high with an incredible bunch of beauty brands making their entries - two came out tops and both have since landed their place at QVC, their products being sold alongside labels any beauty lovers will be all too familiar with such as Liz Earle, Tarte, Perricone MD and Bare Minerals to name but a fancy few...

Brand winner number one might be one you've become familiar with in recent times since it's making its name in the beauty world with a certain skincare-makeup hybrid. Niod falls under the umbrella brand Deciem, home of Fountain supplements, Hand Chemistry and more, and is a skincare focused line featuring next generation formulas that have been created to improve the skins health - there's a whole lot of science behind this skincare, albeit a little confusing in terms of how the products should be used and in what order. Something they're doing must be right however, as their best-seller, the Photography Fluid Opacity 12% has been deemed a 'selfie serum', better than photoshop and an Instagram filter for your face - it sold out 3 times within 10 days of going on sale and all. In a word, it creates a base using a wide array of light refracting prisms, tone and hue correctors and photofinishing technologies (SO science-y) for skin that reflects radiance in the flesh but more so through the lens. Watch this space as a full review with demos are heading your way pretty soon, but it's also a brand to keep an eye on - I'm feeling big things.

The second is British brand, Little Ondine, a cruelty-free, non-toxic, 3 ingredient peel-off polish range - you heard it here, a formula using only natural resin, organic colorants and water that paints on opaque in 2-3 layers, allow to dry, wear for up to a week and then peel from side to side to remove, no mess or no dehydrating removers involved - best of all, there's no smell, meaning a paint job can take place whilst travelling, at home or in the office. Over 80 shades make up the range in total including the Secret LT Perfect Base & Topcoat 2-in-1 - QVC offer special priced-pairs and discounted collections including the 2-Piece Brights (as pictured) for only £13. I'll be reporting back once I've given a these whirl - I plan to take them on a full road test to see if peeling occurs before I want it to, and with my clumsy state, I believe I'm the perfect candidate.

There you have your two worthy winners of the Find a Beauty Brand contest now available for sale at QVC. With so many new and unnoticed lines out there and a never-ending directory of skin, hair and body care  there's plenty of room for more and this competition is a top notch opportunity to get a foot in the door. I don't know about you, but I'm already itching to find out which brand wins for 2016...

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