7 January 2016

Supercharging Skincare

Forgive me if this is one party I'm a little on the late side to, but it has to be said the genius idea around skincare supercharging seems to be really taking off and I for one am all over the idea of adding shots of goodness to my favourite treatments. Concentrated doses of vitamins, nutrients and instant sun-kissed colour are beginning to make appearances from my most-loved skincare lines - I'm yet to get my paws on the Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops since falling for their foundation variation - but most recently, two from This Works have had me hooked, one rediscovered oldie and the other a discovered newbie...

I've been harping on about the Perfect Look Skin Miracle for a long time, it comes as my rediscovered oldie and I've been mixing it up with said Custom Cover Drops to add a little warmth to my skin. Using some truly lovely ingredients, it delivers a boost of radiance with miracle-effect, natural caramel and mica, as well as hydration from hyaluronic acid and vitamin E replenishing benefits - in a word, it's a tinted moisturiser that can be worn alone or blended in with other bases. As a real fave of mine, you can only imagine my eagerness when they introduced one of their latest and greatest lines, Energy Bank, which features a very similar product, Sun Flash; a skincare supercharger cream that powers up your daily skincare routine by injecting a shot of caffeine, vitamins and an all-round healthy glow, no sunshine required. It again can be worn by itself or can be paired up with your moisturiser of choice for customisable colour for use on both the face and body. This time around, vitamin E and hyaluronic acid can be found again for skin plumping, age-preventing benefits, as well as vitamin C, and chicory root works in the same way as vitamin D to repair and protect. It's a great all-year rounder, but more so for now when my skin is dull-looking and in need of a little colour.

These product add-ons are the way forward when in need of that extra boost, January, if the month of any where all things supercharged come much appreciated - ladies, am I right?

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