6 January 2016

My One Month Quick Skin Fix Plan

Gone were the bad skin days (well, almost) when I switched up my diet to all-diary free, it didn't bode well with my breakouts and things have been a whole lot clearer since seeing the back of it, however, stress still seems to play a pretty large part in any problems I now run in to and I've sure enough had a rough time in life recently, hello all the blemishes. In a little under a month, my best friend finally ties the knot, I'm her only bridesmaid, my skin is the worst it's been in a good while and I'm in need of a fast turn-around - The plan? A good bunch of products, juice cleanses and an inside-out detox to get my complexion back on the road to clear skin recovery...

Morning and night. Skincare wise, I'm sticking to my guns with my Oskia Renaissance Gel cleanse each and every AM. Most recently, I've been relying heavily on their Restoration Oil - it's the newest member to my stash and another product closer to owning the entire line #OskiaObssesion. It's good for all skin types, helping to even tone and give a boost of radiance, hydrate, renew and protect against free radicals using a blend of bio-actives, nutrients, plant oils and florals, including turmeric, my go-to skin healer. I've already noticed big changes; smoother, softer, and thirst-quenched, my skin really laps this stuff up and sees it as a bit of a treat. Stepping in every night, it's the last part to my routine and once a week I'll use it post-exfoliation with their Micro-Exfoliating Balm, a thick, rich treatment with the finest of grains to slough away dead cells leaving the skin newly rejuvenated - always a vital step to get things on the right track. 

8 times a day. Water intake is my skin's BFF when it comes to clearing up, and I'll aim to get my recommended number of glasses, one large serving times eight throughout the day. I store a big ol' bottle in the fridge, which works out to be said amount and get my way through it as I work.

Twice a day. When it comes to cleansing from the inside-out, ThinTea's Detox Tea is a great all-round cleanse, but it truly works wonders for the skin. Using a blend of natural ingredients, it taste is a refeshing wakeup call but I'll maybe have another mid-afternoon too. For something a bit more chilled, I'm all over my green juice, though this one leans towards the more orange side of things - I always have apples, carrots and fresh ginger hanging about my kitchen and the three make for the tastiest refreshment. It's like a facial in a drink and I aim to down one a day, if not two.

All day, every day. And then there's the super foods: turmeric for said healing properties, chia for essential Omega 3's, acai for anti-oxidants, greens for nutrients, then fruits, nuts, seeds, and everything else in between - I try to incorporate all the things into cooking or as  snacks - all are great for the complexion, what I label as 'skin food', and always refer back to my Kate Somerville Complexion Perfection book, the ultimate clean skin bible, for further superfood reminders.

That's my daily good skin plan set out, let's see how things are shaping up one month down the line - I'll be reporting right back...

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