10 January 2016

Five Steps Closer to Cruelty Free

Making the switch to all cruelty free was a huge achievement for me not only in 2015, but also in life - you see, for a product lover to cut so many beauty ties is a pretty big thing to do, it's completely changed the way I look and think of things as a whole, but I'm here to confirm it's not as scary as it may seem. For me, it wasn't a decision that happened overnight, but baby steps in the right direction will get you there - it's also important to take note that what might be cruelty free for me, might be a different route for you, whether you chose to go the whole vegan only way, or whether you chose to support parent companies of CF brands that still test on animals or not - the decision is ultimately yours, but these five steps should help edge you a little closer to becoming cruelty free with your beauty...

Research. I went through a stage of being glued to my laptop researching when I switched to cruelty free - borderline obsessed comes to mind in fact as I really couldn't get enough of finding out so much information. Even 6 months and more down the line, it's still a complete learning process for me as laws change all the time and you constantly have to keep on top of it. I highly recommend checking out LogicalHarmony and MyBeautyBunny as awesome CF blogs, and Leaping Bunny and Cruelty Free International as great sources of info. It can be extremely confusing in terms of the EU ban on animal testing, animal testing in China and third party testing - if a brand says it's cruelty free, it may mean the final product wasn't tested on animals, but the ingredients and process along the way could well of been, you have to dig so much deeper.

Cosmetics Sort Out. Take a step back and reassess your stash, remove what's not cruelty free and keep what is. Post-research and plenty of it, with a long ol' list of brands to hand I went through my collection to remove those that are not classed as cruelty free - it turned out to be over two thirds of my mass and I was left with barely anything.  That said, those products are now kept under my desk and I'll continue to use them up or donate them, it's important to not be wasteful here by simply binning them, but it does lead me onto...

Boycott Non-Cruelty Free Brands. Now once they're gone, they're gone, instead of making a repurchase, do some research and find a replacement that's animal friendly. Unfortunately, I've waved off a lot of my favourite brands and products, but until they're able to change their status, I won't be lending my support. If non-cruelty free brands realise the support and love that cruelty free brands receive, they might have a re-think. The amount of brands that still test their products on animals is pretty shocking and I can guarantee many of your most-loved will be up there - scroll down to the Brands to Avoid section on LH - Tashina seriously knows her stuff and has gone to all measures to ensure these brands truly say what they mean. Whilst that's super disappointing, it's also really exciting to...

Support Cruelty Free Brands. Not only does it feel so good to back the brands that don't test on animals, but the best part about it is discovering new ones to rebuild your stash. Whilst a few of my favourite brands turned out not to be cruelty free, many of them are and I didn't even know it - Hourglass, Pixi, The Body Shop, LUSH and Anastasia Beverly Hills to name but a few - but again, you can scour through Tashina's full Cruelty Free Brand List to see what else makes the cut - hands up if you were secretly surprised too?

Spread the Word. The next best thing is to share with those around you, friends, family - kind of like what I'm doing now *winky emoji* and get as many people on board as possible.  With the tech that's around now there's no need for animals to suffer for the sake of our vanity. There's been so many of you that have come forward to say you're making the switch and it hugely excites me - we've got this guys.

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