12 January 2016

Beauty Trend Predictions for 2016

Beauty trends can vary from seriously weird to very wonderful - the whole makeup 'baking' and strobe highlighting being a few tricks and trends of the past year for example. I personally love to hear what's new and different, but I'm not usually too fussed about following anything myself unless it's real good. That said, I've plucked three beauty trend predictions out of the air for the new year ahead and I think these are a few that could go big, and in fact, are the kind that I could get on board with but I'll let you decide whether you would or not for yourself on these ones...

Blogger Beauty Lines. The past few years have been pretty huge in the way of blogger's/YouTuber's releasing beauty ranges - I can only see it as an ongoing and growing trend from here and this excites me large amounts. It's so awesome to see everybody succeeding and more so, their launches being some of the most purchased to date causing complete sell-outs as soon as they hit the shelves. Personally, I'm super excited that the Jaclyn Hill X Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop made it to Space NK in the UK just recently, the fact that Beauty Geek by Marlena is available online at BeautyBay - her shadows have been deemed incredible quality, plus her line is completely cruelty free and also Estee teaming up with one of my most-loved brands, TBS to create the Estee Lalonde Nail Art Kit.

Raw Skin Food Beauty. Skin foods seem to be taking over in every way, shape or form but within the beauty world is where it's starting to grab attention - I recently stumbled across the brand Sister & Co who have just made it to Space NK, and their entire range is raw ingredient based. Two products at the top of my list to try are the Raw Coconut and Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Polish, a regular treatment or daily toothpaste which naturally cleans up the colour of your teeth and also the Oil Pulling Rinse with Spearmint, a coconut oil-based mouth wash which comes with a plethora of benefits. I predict big for this brand and feel many more will jump aboard, which leads me onto...

Drinkable Facials. Treating the skin from the inside out, brands are bottling up their best kept secrets in the way of teas, juice and supplements. Kiki Health have landed their loose teas in a Radiance giving and a Rejuvenating boost blend, as well as a healing Aloe Ferox Juice which delivers many health benefits. I've dabbled into Fountain's skin drinks before with nothing but noticeable results, but they've just launched a few more in the way of The 10x Hyaluronic Molecule, a hyaluronic acid supplement and The Glow Molecule, a concentrate which brings out a bright, youthful looking glow to the skin in just a weeks use. 

Your thoughts? Give me a shout in the comments if you'll become a sheep for any of these - and what beauty trends you think will take off in 2016 (this could get interesting...)

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