24 January 2016

What's in My LoveLula.com Basket?

Rewind to around this time last year where I popped up a post on my discovery of a certain beauty site, a new find that got me asking where it had been hiding the whole time. The product haven in question is LoveLula.com, an all natural, all organic edit of beauty bits, a wide majority falling into the vegan and cruelty free categories too across an incredible selection of brands including a few of my very favourites. It's now a site I log onto a few times weekly, browsing the 'just in' goodies and dropping the products I lust in my virtual basket along the way. Whilst things in there are constantly being added and replaced, I thought I'd give you an insight to my basket contents as of now and where I'm looking to make my purchases...

21 January 2016

A Day on My Plate as a Vegan

If there's any excuse to cook food, eat food and talk about all things food I'll take it and so I'm back to serving up my day on a plate as a vegan in video form to show you what goes down for breakfast, lunch, dinner and the snacks in between. There's been a few major changes since my last version like this one but I'm hoping it goes to show just how easy, delicious and nutritious it really is to go down this lifestyle route and being the biggest foodie myself, I like to make my dishes as tasty as possible. From energy shots, to juices, salads and stir-frys, you can find a little bit of everything from this one day and if it goes down a treat, I may just make them a once-monthly thing...

19 January 2016

The Best Beauty Offers Around as of Now 19.01

New week, new start and a new batch of the best beauty offers around as of now. I've hunted down the discounts, deals and free gifts with purchases that come out tops this week and there though I couldn't track down as many good'uns as usual, there's still some pretty sweet offers - so whether it's to stock up on some of your favourite loves, a gift to self or for someone else, here's where to save a bit of dosh or to get a little complimentary treat thrown in for good measure...

18 January 2016

My Bridesmaid Makeup Plan

After what feels like a year of counting-down, it's now only next weekend that my best friend finally walks down the isle and I have the absolute honour of being her one and only bridesmaid. It's my first time, and I'm not going to lie, my only worry is a clumsy stumble as I make my entrance but other than that, my excitement for her big day is currently on another level. Not only that, I'm delighted to be doing her makeup and whilst her bridal bits have been purchased - we pretty much spent a whole day shopping for it and it was the ultimate dream - a trail has taken place, and is soon to be followed by another, so she's sorted for that side of things. That said, I've only just had a think about my bridesmaid makeup plan, but with years of wedding makeup application in the bag, I've got a feeling I've got this one sorted...

17 January 2016

Beauty Favourites of 2015

It's a given at this time of the year to round-up every favourite from the last for the biggest beauty ramble I could deliver to you over the space of the last twelve months. Think of it as one rather large monthly favourites if you will, that includes all the beauty things I loved to discover in 2015. That said, considering my switch to cruelty free 6 months in, some things that were maybe mentioned at early part of the year won't be re-featured nor repurchased - it means things are probably a little more limited than usual when it comes to these yearly beauty gatherings as my collection is now a heck of a whole lot more condensed. However, I did come across some incredible animal-friendly brands and I'm looking forward to the new discoveries to come. We nearly hit the 20-minute time stamp on this one, don't say I didn't warn you - so grab yourself a cuppa and I'll meet you there...

13 January 2016

Brand New Beauty Launches

The 'What's New' and 'Just-in' sections to any online beauty haven are my most visited and to say I don't refresh those pages on a daily basis would be a little bit of a lie. As of lately there seems to have been some pretty awesome looking launches landed - I've had a hunt about and rounded-up a bunch of some of the best brand-spanking new beauty releases. Best of all, everything you see above is cruelty free and so following my Five Steps to Cruelty Free post, should lend you a helping hand if you're making the transition to re-stocking your stash, or to simply introduce you to some new skin, hair and home-fragrance brands...

12 January 2016

Beauty Trend Predictions for 2016

Beauty trends can vary from seriously weird to very wonderful - the whole makeup 'baking' and strobe highlighting being a few tricks and trends of the past year for example. I personally love to hear what's new and different, but I'm not usually too fussed about following anything myself unless it's real good. That said, I've plucked three beauty trend predictions out of the air for the new year ahead and I think these are a few that could go big, and in fact, are the kind that I could get on board with but I'll let you decide whether you would or not for yourself on these ones...

11 January 2016

The Best Beauty Offers Around as of Now 11.01

New week, new start and a new batch of the best beauty offers around as of now. I've hunted down the discounts, deals and free gifts with purchases that come out tops this week and there is a real mix, so whether it's to stock up on some of your favourite loves, a gift to self or for someone else, here's where to save a bit of dosh or to get a little complimentary treat thrown in for good measure...

10 January 2016

Five Steps Closer to Cruelty Free

Making the switch to all cruelty free was a huge achievement for me not only in 2015, but also in life - you see, for a product lover to cut so many beauty ties is a pretty big thing to do, it's completely changed the way I look and think of things as a whole, but I'm here to confirm it's not as scary as it may seem. For me, it wasn't a decision that happened overnight, but baby steps in the right direction will get you there - it's also important to take note that what might be cruelty free for me, might be a different route for you, whether you chose to go the whole vegan only way, or whether you chose to support parent companies of CF brands that still test on animals or not - the decision is ultimately yours, but these five steps should help edge you a little closer to becoming cruelty free with your beauty...

8 January 2016

How to Build a Skincare Wardrobe

My skincare wardrobe started from the bottom, now we're here: three shelves of products that's got to the point of boarding ridiculousness. The struggle is real to use everything evenly on rotation and I could definitely do with bringing things back to the basics, however, a new promising skincare product is my ultimate weakness . Alas, I'm here to help you build your skincare wardrobe, and a cruelty free one at that, if you really are starting from the bottom - the basics should always be to cleanse, tone and moisturise, if you're only at that point, you can revert back to this post to build upon it later down the line, but if you're ready to add in a few more items, here's hoping this will give you a little bit of an idea...

7 January 2016

Supercharging Skincare

Forgive me if this is one party I'm a little on the late side to, but it has to be said the genius idea around skincare supercharging seems to be really taking off and I for one am all over the idea of adding shots of goodness to my favourite treatments. Concentrated doses of vitamins, nutrients and instant sun-kissed colour are beginning to make appearances from my most-loved skincare lines - I'm yet to get my paws on the Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops since falling for their foundation variation - but most recently, two from This Works have had me hooked, one rediscovered oldie and the other a discovered newbie...

6 January 2016

My One Month Quick Skin Fix Plan

Gone were the bad skin days (well, almost) when I switched up my diet to all-diary free, it didn't bode well with my breakouts and things have been a whole lot clearer since seeing the back of it, however, stress still seems to play a pretty large part in any problems I now run in to and I've sure enough had a rough time in life recently, hello all the blemishes. In a little under a month, my best friend finally ties the knot, I'm her only bridesmaid, my skin is the worst it's been in a good while and I'm in need of a fast turn-around - The plan? A good bunch of products, juice cleanses and an inside-out detox to get my complexion back on the road to clear skin recovery...

5 January 2016

Insta-prints with Cheerz!

Count me in as one of those people who has the ability to clog up all devices with a backlog of snaps, and I have to admit I'm pretty awful at getting round to saving them somewhere safe as a back up and all - I guess that's a challenge to set myself for this year, eh? It's a work in progress but I've made some baby steps in the right direction with hardcopy print offs (something I haven't done since the days of disposable cameras) of my favourite Insta-pics using Cheerz; a site that brings your memories to life in many ways, from strips, to boxes, magnets, to frames, posters and then some, not only from your favourites over on Instagram, but from your Facebook, your Flickr, your Dropbox, your phone and computer too...

4 January 2016

The Best Beauty Offers Around as of Now 04.01

To break in the first full week of the new year, I'm coming at you with a brand new round-up of the best beauty offers about as of now. Following the seasonal festivities, there really are some bargains to be found; discounts off, gift with purchases and new additions to the sales have come out tops in my discoveries from a few of my favourite online beauty havens. Whether it's a treat to ease you into the fact that we're well and truly back to reality or just for a chance to stock up on your supplies, these deals and discounts are where it's at...

1 January 2016

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 & Thank You

What better way to kick off the New Year with a reflection of the last (even if you are probably sick of the sight of this style of post by now). Whilst the past year hasn't been the best for me personal life wise in any way, shape or form, it was the first year I went in full throttle on my little corner of the interwebs and some pretty amazing things have come from it. Let's start this whole thing off by taking a little look back at some of my favourite posts from the past year, followed by my plans for what's to come in the next and a little thank you to all of you...
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