17 December 2015

An Awesome Winter Haircare Pair

One winter woe when it comes to my locks is the shockingly static state it can get in when the central heating gets turned up a couple of notches - it lays low but clings to anything in sight and isn't willing to co-operate when it comes to any kind of styling. I like to lock in the moisture as it tends to dry out, but not so much so that things become too weighed down to do anything with - that's where my recently discovered awesome winter haircare pair comes into play. I've dabbled into Macadamia's range before and came out with all good results, not to mention some insanely, amazing smelling strands and so I couldn't wait to see what their Weightless Moisture duo would do for me and my unruly lengths...

Aimed at thin, limp and lifeless heads of hair, the Weightless Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner inject a whole load of nourishment without the weight, strengthen and repair using a blend of avocado and walnut oils whilst adding a bit of body and lift at the same time. Even without the addition of SLS, the shampoo lathers up nicely to give my roots a good deep cleanse - I massage it right in and let the rest run down the lengths before rinsing out and slathering the tips from my ears to the ends in conditioner. The results? My hair is left silky smooth with some 'oomph' at the roots minus it being left laying flat and isn't a struggle to work with, plus the scent is just incredible. Bonus point shoutout for the fact the line is sulphate free, gluten free and most importantly cruelty free and vegan friendly - I'll definitely be back for more of where these came from.

Speaking of which, you can find the Macadamia Weightless Shampoo, £10.99 and Weightless Conditioner, £11.99 at JustMyLook for much purse-friendlier prices that you'll come across anywhere else. Healthy hair for winter, done - now I'm just getting to work on my skin, lips and fingertips that it likes to wreck havoc with...

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