8 December 2015

Have You Heard? I'm Doing Vlogmas!

Since we're already a week in to the festive-centric daily vlogs for the lead up to Christmas, I thought I'd give you the chance to have a catch up on what's gone down so far in case you've missed out on any uploads or you never realised I was taking part in this YouTube tradition at all. Things haven't been all too crazy as of yet; the boy's birthday kicked off the start of the week and I've only really been working from home ever since with a ton of recipes thrown into the mix, including a vegan banoffee pie, mushroom 'sausage' rolls and a bruschetta selection. I've popped everything that's already gone up into a playlist for you to watch in order - it might have got off to a slow start, but I'll soon be flying home for Christmas where things will be getting a whole lot more festive...

1 comment:

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