29 November 2015

My New Favourite Nail Shade

I've dropped a few hints here and there that I've been on the look-out for a polish replacement for an old favourite that I will no longer be repurchasing - more on that in this video. I've been swatchin' non-stop on the hunt for a close match, and there's been some near hits and some very clear misses along the way, but I think I can now safely say I've come across the winner for this one, and if anything, it could just have turned out to be even more of a love than my last - allow me to introduce what has to be my new fave nail shade...

The shade in question comes from Butter London as part of their 6ml each, four-piece RSVP Patient Shine 10X Set, a limited edition edit that I found online at Boots and is worth noting that it's available on site and on site only. All three other offerings are definitely my kinda hues when it comes to lacquer; Dearie Me!, a cool, rose creme, Her Majesty's Red, a true, vibrant crimson and Posh, a warm, nude-creme, and to be fair, they have all been layered on in rotation. That said, there has been one that's already showing the half full/half empty mark inside the bottle and it goes by the name of Ta-Da - a cool, grey creme with a hint of a lavender-lilac undertone which just looks b-e-a-utiful painted on. I've been loving all the nude hues as of late, so this one, whilst still pretty neutral, throws a little something different into the mix. Formula wise, these are some of the best I've worked with - streak-free, easy to apply, wears without chipping for days on end with incredible opacity and gloss, even pre-top coat, which FYI, has been the Butter London Hardwear P.D.Quick Top Coat as a final layer. Ta-Da is the closest match I've found so far to my old favourite, and if anything with it's pretty soft purple hints going on, I think it might have even blown said previous polish out of the water.

Unfortunately, Dearie Me! and Posh come as exclusives to the set but you can find full-sizes of Her Majesty's Red and my most worn as part of the main Patient Shine line and come in at £15 a pop - the mentioned-above set is priced at £24 which in fact turns out to be pretty decent value considering the luxe-sized minis inside. Now BRB, I'm off to paint my nails in you know what for the third time this month...

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