5 November 2015

My Favourite Custom Cover Drops Combos

It's no secret that the Cover FX Custom Cover Drops have won me over - I think they've popped up at some point in my past three videos and I've even gone as far as crowning them my favourite foundation to date. It doesn't stop there as I'm going to continue to sing my praises, letting you in on my most-loved custom combos so far. As a quick heads up, these colour pigment drops have been designed to be mixed in with your fave foundation or skincare item and should not be used alone - so I've got to work experimenting, there's been some failed attempts along the way but these are the concoctions that have come out tops so far...

The tinted moisturiser: This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle - Paired together this duo delivers a hint of sun-kissed with added coverage and colour (pictured above). The formulas blend beautifully, I love to work it with my Beauty Blender - the shimmery caramel colour of the tinted moisturiser warms up the CFX drops just nicely seeing as they're still a touch too light. The results? Healthy, radiant skin that glows. I've got a feeling this'll be my go-to base combo come spring/summer months with an SPF layered up underneath; it's light and although the PLSM doesn't provide a whole lot of coverage, it perfects and brightens the complexion and hydrates whilst one dot of the drops give a sheer dose of coverage.
Good for: Dull or dehydrated skin types. 

The Foundation: Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation - It's been given this name for good reason - because there's not a lot to it. Combined with quality Perricone skincare, this foundation is sheer with virtually zero coverage, but somehow it veils the skin in a natural, glowing-from-within radiance. Mixing up the two together creates more of a tinted moisturiser, the coverage coming from the drops which can be built up into more of a light foundation and with both formulas so silky, it turns out to be the dreamiest of textures to work with and blends lovely with the likes of RT's Buffing Brush.
Good for: Normal skin types.

The Lightweight Moisturiser: Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser - With a  slightly matte texture, look and feel on the skin, this cream provides the perfect 'face finish' for a base and paired up with the drops almost acts as a bit of a primer to ensure it lasts day-long on. The end result is a lightweight-like foundation, I've been applying it with fingers - it smoothes over the skin evenly for a seamless look, sits just nicely, and that I'm putting down to the extra dose of hydration.
Good for: Oily skin types.

The Rich Moisturiser: Nourish Argan Skin Renew - Compared to the latter, this cream is incredibly rich and when blended with the drops, gives results like that of a standard foundation. A little goes a long way with this moisturiser, as with the drops too - it takes a bit more blending and fingers work best again here but the look of it is just lovely and being such a rich mixture, keeps the skin hydrated day long and ensures it doesn't cling onto any dryer patches.
Good for: Dry skin types.

If you need me, I'll be in my makeup mixology lab (aka my dressing table) rustling up some more Custom Cover Drops come skincare concoctions...

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