3 November 2015

Cruelty Free Replacements for My Old Favourites

There's been a boat load of upsides that have come from going cruelty free with my cosmetics and whilst I've has to strike off a lot of things I had a whole lot of love for, one of those positives is discovering replacements for my old favourites. True say, it hasn't been easy and there's been a mix of hits and misses along the way, things that haven't quite matched up and others that have worked out to be even better, and I feel I've accumulated a good lot for my first round of substitutes to makeup for the loss of previous loves - let's compare...

I'm not really a primer kind of gal but when the time was right, Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer came into play. Nowadays, the This Works In Transit Camera Close-up does just the job, working as an all-in-one leave-on mask, moisturiser and primer - it's great for travel and for photo taking as it makes skin camera ready. The struggle was real to come across a powder that set my makeup in place without giving me 'cake face' and even harder to find a replacement for the only powder that did the job, that at the time was Bourjois' Healthy Balance Powder. I've since been dusting on Soap & Glory's One Heck of a Blot, a creamy, silky setter which minimises shine at the same time and it's got to be said, no love has been lost.

One product I was gutted to be waving goodbye to were the Clarins Lip Perfectors - I'd never  glossed on anything quite like them, but my new go-to, Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Lustre's tick all the similar boxes; glossy without being sticky, creamy and sweetly scented, the only difference here is the doe-foot applicator, but I'm okay with that. My fave shade is Seduction, a peachy-pink nude - the most perfect MLBB hue with a sheen to its finish. CT's Full Fat Lashes has also stepped in, in replace of my old drugstore mascara, Max Factor's False Lash Effect. In terms of formula, they couldn't be more different, but the results still provide me with volume and length whilst holding a curl, essentially giving me that false lash look.

We all know that my kind of eyeshadow is anything neutral, but to take over my L'Oreal Mono Eyeshadows, I've been going for Sigma's individual shades. As a powder formula, they are different to the creamy texture that the latter give, but when it comes to pigmentation and longevity, it's all there. As a relatively new brand discovery, Eye of Horus' Liquid Define has blown my old go-to, Bobbi Brown's Gel Eyeliner out of the water - again, a different formula it is, but it lasts just as long, doesn't dry up and is easier to wing with. Lacquer wise, I didn't think anything could come close to my AW favourite shade in the way of Chanel's 'Frenzy' polish, but 'Ta Da' from Butter London's RSVP Patent Shine set is a near match and if anything, I've got even more love for it. The brush is wider, it applies a whole lot nicer and lasts at least 7 days longer than the latter lacquer, plus it's slightly more lilac in tone and looks all kinds of beautiful painted on as it does in the bottle.

It's an ongoing project and mainly so in the makeup department, skincare I'm pretty much already there with, it's all good but I'll keep you posted on further discoveries - if you too have any favourites for which you'd like to discover CF replacements, question them my way...

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