13 November 2015

A New Facial Oil Find

Usually there's a lot of skincare that's coming and going in my bathroom cupboard, but for a while and for one item in particular, there’s only really been a lot of going - bottles of facial oils are finishing up as I've been making the effort as part of my evening ritual, partly due to them being from non-CF brands that I've simply wanted to use up but there hasn't been a lot new coming in to take over in their place. That said, there's been one bottle of the stuff on my beauty radar for some time - finally, it's made its way in, there's definitely no reason for it to go out and so I've got a feeling this new facial oil find is here to stay...

I'd seen nothing but good write-ups over on LoveLula regarding Ad Skin Synergy's Nourishing Night Treatment Aromatic Facial Oil (I think the fact that's on and off out of stock says something); a lengthy name okay, but hear me out on this one. It's a brand I'd never previously delved into, nor had I even heard of, but I'll go there again - one of the best parts about going cruelty free is getting to discover new lines I may not have had the chance to before and this right here is your example. All natural, organic ingredients and cruelty free, it ticks all my main boxes - this oil in particular using organic rose, organic rosehip seed and organic lavender; an anti-aging concoction which, when used pre-sleep works at its best whilst skin cells regenerate. With those scents  together alongside an abundance of other essential oils, you can imagine the end result here has a pretty glorious aroma - something that you'd expect to come from a spa facial, dreamy and soothing, which sends me snoozing. Lightweight, fast-absorbing but non-greasy, it's a beautiful oil all-round, leaving my skin feeling replenished like it's had a well-needed drink, soft and with a whole new level of radiance.

Packaging wise, it comes in a pretty chunky glass bottle - my favourite bit about it? A spray pump. I feel we’ve all got a thing for pumps when it comes to makeup and skincare packaging - amirite? Where oils are concerned, it’s a whole lot neater and with pipettes I tend to get a bit squeeze-happy and probably slather my face in way more product than I really should, this way I’m served with the right amount in a single pump and at £38.00 a bottle, you sure get your pennies worth as such little goes a seriously long way and if this is anything to go by, that Cleansing Balm of their's will joining my skincare shelf too...

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